Dear Crazy White Guys – Please Stop Reinforcing Our Racial Stereotypes!

There are just too many things that fit predictable patterns.

For instance, we have this video from an incident in Baltimore 2 weeks ago:


An armed robbery suspect got off a bus and started shooting at cops in broad daylight — striking one of them — before being shot and killed himself…

I’m a white guy. I know a lot of white guys.

Except for wartime, none of us have been in any wild shootouts. But here comes this circus clown with a two handed shooting style, perfect for continuing the narrative of the “white nut with guns.”

Dear Mr. Un-named dead white shooter,

Thanks a pile.

14 responses to “Dear Crazy White Guys – Please Stop Reinforcing Our Racial Stereotypes!

  1. This goes to prove two things, Dumba$$es come in all colors and police don’t take color into consideration when they have to shoot a dangerous thug trying to kill them! Don’t want to get shot by the police, don’t try to kill them first!

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  2. I suspect this is a case of suicide-by-cop.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Looks like just one more fake shooting to me. Just to well dressed for the part of a crazed lunatic…(muslim…may be).

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  4. Music t my ears, the more I say it the more I like it “redneck”.

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  5. The shooter was a muslim, and a wigger. A wigger is a white _igger, ie a white who pretends to be a _igger. A ginger muslim wigger. On a bus. With stallard pistols whose fame is their ability to jam often, as they did in his shooutout.


    • traildustfotm

      Josh, do you have a source on the muslim connection? I can see by his clothes why you would use the term, “wigger.” And a shooting on a bus in Baltimore would make one expect an act of black racism like the riots there last summer.


  6. I can’t remember the place I saw where he had muslim related posts online, but you can see he was in full jihad dress in the videos.


  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Really??…If he meant to kill any body, he could have open up on the people on the bus.


  8. The fact that they’re running with it is a dead giveaway. If he were black they’d first tell us that “black lives matter”, he was involved in a drug deal so it doesn’t count, it’s Whitey’s fault.

    Unless they’re white (which is relatively rare), mentioning their race or showing video is verboten.


  9. I was surprised the cops chased him through an urban area, shooting several times in his direction with pistols (not real accurate on the run), which means anyone in the crossfire was endangered, including anyone in the white van or other cars the guy ran between/behind. Hardly standard police protocol. Were they not considering where all the bullets were going to end up?
    I also saw video of a black man wielding a knife outside in an urban area this weekend (it occurred a while back). Police swarmed him, but then actually walked him away in a “protective cocoon” until they could disarm him a few blocks away (via taser). Kinder/gentler. Interesting difference in treatment.
    If only we white folks mattered, or just stuck together in defiance of the law…


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