Hillary claims her new memoir is ‘my most personal’ yet as she tells of turning to books to make up for losing


Save your money – here’s a brief synopsis of her book: Sexism, resistance, racism, ageism, resilience, blah, blah, blah.

From Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton divulged details about her third memoir, out this fall, and shared her post-election reading list to attendees at the American Library Association conference in Chicago on Tuesday.   

‘It is the most personal book I’ve written,’ Clinton told the crowd of the yet-untitled book, which will chronicle the 2016 election and address ‘ongoing threats to our democracy.’ 

It will give readers an idea of what it’s really like to run for president. Especially if you’re a woman. There’s a lot to that – not just hair and makeup – but ultimately it’s about resilience, how to get back up after a loss. And I think that’s something we can all relate to,’ the former Democratic nominee said.

Speaking to librarians at the conference, she talked about the profound role reading played in her life especially in the aftermath of her loss to now-President Donald Trump.

‘Over the years, my love of reading has seen me through good times and hard times,’ she said. ‘After the election one of the things that helped me most, aside from long walks in the woods and the occasional glass of Chardonnay was, once again, going back to the familiar experience of losing myself in books.

The former secretary of state had already made headlines, and even inspired a Big Foot-themed Saturday Night Live short, for being seen walking in the woods near her Chappaqua, New York home in the weeks after her defeat.  Speaking at her alma mater, Wellesley College, in late May she added: ‘I won’t lie, Chardonnay helped a little, too.’

On Tuesday she added reading to the list, ticking off a number of things she had paged through since November 2016.

‘I finished Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, I devoured mysteries by Louise Penny, Donna Leon, Jacqueline Winspear, Charles Todd. I re-read old favorites like Henri Nouwen’s The Return of the Prodigal Son, the poetry of Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver,’ Clinton said.

‘I was riveted by the Jersey Brothers and a new book of essays called The View From Flyover Country, which turned out to be especially relevant in the midst of our current health care debate,’ Clinton continued. The latter is a self-published book by St. Louis-based journalist Sarah Kendzior, with essays like ‘Mourn the fall of the mall’ and ‘The peril of hipster economics.’

Clinton’s supporters prescribed books as good medicine for their fallen candidate too.

‘And I’ve often enjoyed making my way through the glowing stack of books that people have sent me,’ Clinton said. ‘Often with notes that say things like, “This one helped me, I hope it will help you,”‘ she divulged.

Clinton leaned in to her election loss almost as soon as she got onstage, commending the group’s female president, Dr. Julie Todaro, for her leadership. ‘I saw her backstage and I said the phrase “Madame President” is still one of my favorites,’ Clinton quipped to laughs.

In promoting another new Clinton book about to hit bookshelves, the children’s version of her 1996 tome, It Takes A Village, the ex-candidate said, ‘I really do believe we are stronger together,’ repeating her 2016 campaign slogan. ‘Now that may not have carried the day in this past election, but I think it does stand the test of time,’ Clinton said.

‘We have to come together in our communities, in our villages, if you will, and we have to set priorities about what’s really important. Not the passing fancy on reality TV, but what’s really important to us as human beings, as Americans,’ she advised.

She added that she was excited to read the children’s version of It Takes a Village to grandchildren Charlotte and Aidan.

‘And then I have to do a shameless plug for my daughter’s own wonderful children’s book, She Persisted,’ after bringing up Chelsea’s kids. ‘About 13 American women who overcame the odds stacked against them,’ she said of the book.

Clinton also made a broader point about reading – it opens doors and suffocates bigotry. 

Read the rest of the story here.


16 responses to “Hillary claims her new memoir is ‘my most personal’ yet as she tells of turning to books to make up for losing

  1. Hillary, you’re way, way past your 15-min. of fame; even your fellow Demonrats wish you’d shut up up.

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  2. Ghostwritten between seizures and episodes of ranting…

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  3. Oh my, how many trees will get the ax because Killary Rotten Clinton wants to write the shit about her we already know!!!

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  4. I can understand that people really fear becoming irrelevant, but I think Hillary has begun to crack here. Too bad Rod Serling’s not around to make another Twilight Zone episode—“The Obsolete Mrs. Clinton.”

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  5. “…her THIRD memoir…”

    Three strikes, you’re out.

    She should have stopped after the first “memoir.” She seems to love to talk about herself, but without an audience there’d be no one for her to ramble on re her commie-village ideas. So the bozos who continue to invite her to speak are just as bad.

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  6. When Killary states . . . “Chardonnay helped a little,” that just about confirms to us what we heard about her drunken stupors. The real question that any of us need to ask ourselves is . . . . “DO WE REALLY CARE?” I have little doubt that the answer for the majority of us is . . . “NO, WE DON’T, WE DON”T CARE!” I am only hope that this book goes over as a tremendous flop. How could it not when based on such a boring subject?

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  7. Okay, the media did not slander Trump enough, but what difference does it make now?

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  9. OMG. PLEASE, SOMEONE, tell me why we need THREE Hillary Clinton autobiographies????????? I’m sure there’s a 4th or 5th one in the wings 😦 Now, I would have LOVED to have access to mythical 3 autobiographies of, say……George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, forGodsake even Jimmy Carter, or for sure, Ronald Reagan……but WHY O WHY the marginal, personality-disordered, failed HILLARY CLINTON that we hated as a First Lady and ignored as a senator, and gritted teeth against her service as Secretary of State? SHE is the POSTER CHILD for how to NOT serve as a Secretary of State……..and somehow, she thinks anyone is interested in her life, her thought processes, her “legacy?” NOT!

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