Gay Pride 2017: Corruption of children

It’s that time again.

This month, cities across the world hosted what used to be called “Gay Pride” parades, now renamed simply “Pride”.

The following are some of the more sanitized scenes from “Pride” parades, showing just what they’re so proud about:

As in prior “Pride” parades, parents brought their little kids.

A comedian named Jim Gaffigan (who identifies himself as Catholic) and his wife, Jeannie, brought their young children to the parade in New York City. Gaffigan tweets:

This is what little children saw at those PedoPride parades:

In the video below, you’ll hear a man’s voice say, referring to the little girl: “It’s her dad dancing”:


29 responses to “Gay Pride 2017: Corruption of children

  1. Key West they say, no “man’s land”! Queers, butches, stark naked people walking down the streets during gay pride, yes, you read it right, Key West. Ernest Hemingway’s paradise on earth! Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville!

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    • Back in 1979 when I was living in a town in the Rockies, a homo workmate who had already worked/lived there 10 years, decided to move on. He said he was considering three cities to move to: Either Key West, San Diego, or San Francisco. Finally, he decided on San Diego. I asked Why San Diego? (Never ask a homo Why anything!) He said he decided upon San Diego due to the Navy base there with their ships coming ashore, that “fresh meat” would always be available (I kid you not. Gross me out).

      Point being, that was the first time I had ever heard that Key West was a favorite of the homo crowd. Later on, when moving back to FLA, my mother, grandmother, & myself took a car trip up & down the A1A coast of FLA since we had never done that. We did go all the way down to the very end, ie, Key West. What a cutesy little town, somewhat like Old St. Augustine, small, quaint, old FLA houses, etc.

      The homos were not so visible in Key West that I noticed … UNTIL !!!!! … the city was having fireworks or something down by the water’s edge. So we walked down there & shocker!!! There were a TON of good-looking young guys (all fully dressed normally, not the naked, body-painted raunchiness of today) BUT !!! they were as couples, in two’s, walking holding hands or arms wrapped around each other, kissing each other, like girlfriend/boyfriend. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like being in the Twilight Zone. Freakiest dang thing I ever saw, & that was enough. No need to ever “see” anything like it again.


      Those parents who take their kids to those faggot parades are pure evil. In their selfish quest to prove they are A-OK to be fags themselves, they are screwing up their own kids psyches. How utterly SELF-CENTERED of them.

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  2. Helene Pineau

    Sodom & Gomorrah is alive and well. May God have mercy on us all.

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  4. Richard Raymond

    Shameless Bastards!
    God will not be mocked forever!

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  5. I am very careful when driving to avoid these events when they occur. New York City’s Gay Pride Parade this year was last Sunday. Luckily, I was far away from it.
    Not only is this another attempt to institutionalize—or normalize—mental illness, it is also an attack upon heterosexuality and marriage. Why ANY parent would bring his children to witness this is beyond me.

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    • Steven . . . You have made the point that really needs to be considered . . . “Why ANY parent would bring his children to witness this . . .” Truly, a parent who does not protect their little ones from knowledge which is beyond their years, isn’t a whole lot better than no parent at all!

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  6. Goals #25 and #26 are fully being realized…

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    • Breakdown cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and T.V.
      Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.

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  8. God said all children are innocent. Remember how many times God sent Israelites into battle reminding them to kill all, young and old? That was because children were being taught to accept evil. The children will be in God’s Kingdom. This will be in our future if we don’t repent and change as s whole nation.

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  9. Why would anyone bring their children to witness this perversion ? There is no way the sights could not have a lasting impact on their spiritual development .

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  10. despicability….debauchery….degeneracy….deviancy….all on display with “parents” encouraging little children to watch…pure evil.

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  11. Talk about some children that should be taken from their parents, here are some examples. What is in the future for those kids? Where will they end up?
    The guys in those pictures look like escapees from a Chippendale convention.
    No one has ever been able to explain to me why these people have taken one of the most private moments between two people and made it so public.
    Why, we don’t care, what are they trying to prove? They have taken dignity and tossed it out the window. Nothing is sacred between couples with these people.
    I have worked with lots of gay people over the years and none ever had public displays of their affections. If you weren’t a close acquaintance, you would never have known.

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  12. MomOfIV,..

    You got it right,..


  13. Edmund Burke’s often misquoted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” evolved (in its myriad forms,) from his original words, “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle,” in “Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents.”

    Maybe it’s time Straight Pride Parades start being organized all over the world. I have a feeling the LGBTQ crowd would try to disrupt these, but numbers would speak louder than queerness. Time to take a stand and push back.

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    • I can appreciate your sentiment Pat, but I doubt the city councils (being corrupt themselves) would ever allow such an event to get off the ground or out of the planning stages. People don’t seem to realize that even down to the local level corruption and evil has entrenched itself to protect and further it’s own due to people being lax and ignoring the threat, if a town has a “pride parade” it is probably a good indicator that its already compromised in key positions by terrorists (which is truly an accurate description of those fostering this garbage), and will react to any attempts to correct the problem with hostility, and I would suspect an organized terrorist effort to scare & suppress, probably with a veneer of “plausible deniability” to avoid the town council being implicated in any misdeeds.

      I remember one town in southern oregon has a “pride booth” during the 4th of july each year, and at least some of those running it engage in open provocation, and harassment, of other booth-runners, at least if they’re Christian or affiliated with anything that opposes the homosexual movement, I’ve seen them personally antagonize the mormon booth, which has since not been present at the events as far as I know, and apparently one year they managed to get the street preachers forcibly removed by either some private security detail or police, despite the preachers paying for a presence there. I had heard local papers subsequently didn’t cover the incident in any level of detail aside from saying there was some kind of disturbance involving the groups.

      Another year I went to the event there, and another booth-runner was pretty openly militant to “Christians”, and did admit to purposefully trying to cause trouble with them upon presuming those that I and those with were associated with “their” group. This same town also has hard drug users openly approaching people on the street to request LSD… shows what “progressivism” breeds. Needless to say that town relies heavily on tourism for income, and is grotesquely progressive rather like a clone of Portland only without the finances, to any other readers here, avoid “Ashland” in southern oregon, unless and until they start supporting goodness. The homosexual movement has nothing to do with love, and everything to do with hatred, and it destroys or corrupts what it comes into contact with.

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  14. The d’evil is laughing his behind off…how many he’s fooled right into the pit. What a filthy thing to expose these young minds to and the perversion is unbelievable. Can you imagine our WWII vets and what their generation would say about this filth?

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  15. Often wondered: would these same people take their kids to a “heterosexual pride parade” with the same sorts of nudity and “acting out?”


  16. traildustfotm

    This is so sad. 😦


  17. “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”
    Matthew 18:6 , Douay Rheims Bible

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  18. An amazing display of pedophile grooming, if there ever was one. Where are all of the girls who were victims of genital mutilation? No? Or all of the foster and adopted children abused by gay couples? Still no?

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  19. OK sure, not the best place to leave a kid, but what exactly did the kid see that she wouldn’t see on any pop princess video clip any day of the week? The comments above are variously referring to same sex attracted people as pedophiles, mentally ill and depraved. Never mind there is no evidence for that. What you are seeing people is the liberation of repressed and discriminated human beings. Of course it’s going to burst forth in rainbows and sequins. And it’s beautiful. Ask your god how you should treat them. Good night.


  20. This is exactly why people think homosexuals are pedophiles.

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  21. Found another pic of children in a “pride” parade:

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