Fecal bacteria found in cold drinks of UK’s top coffee chains

Europe is reaping the rotten fruits of multiculturalism, specifically the opening of their doors to Muslim “refugees” and “migrants”:

Then there’s hygiene:

The latest assault on public hygiene is the discovery of fecal bacteria in drinks sold by Britain’s three major coffee chains — Starbucks, Caffé Nero, and Costa.

Kim Hong-Ji reports for Reuters (via RT), June 28, 2017, that a BBC investigation found that ice drinks from Starbucks, Caffé Nero, and Costa all had traces of human fecal bacteria:

  • 7 out of 10 samples from Costa, voted Britain’s favorite coffee shop for the third year in a row, were found to contain the bacteria.
  • 3 out of 10 samples from Starbucks and Caffé Nero were found to contain the bacteria, known as fecal coliform.

Tony Lewis of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health called the results of the investigation “concerning” because such “opportunistic pathogens” are the cause of “human disease” and “should not be present at any level – never mind the significant numbers found.”

All three chains said they are now investigating the issue.

The news follows a similar scandal earlier this year in which human waste was detected inside Coca-Cola cans arriving in Northern Ireland from Germany.

The contamination was traced to the Lisburn Coca-Cola plant and is believed to have been caused by illegal immigrants hiding inside the vehicles that transported the empty cans. The cans arrived without tops at the Lisburn plant, where they are filled with Coca-Cola. A source told the Belfast Telegraph:

“It was absolutely horrible, and the machines had to be turned off for about 15 hours to be cleaned. It’s really shocking – and beyond the shock of finding something pretty disgusting in the cans is the thought there could have been poor people in that situation. And if they did make that journey, where are they now?”

Fortunately, the fecal contamination was discovered before the Coca-Cola cans were sold — or so we’re told.

Coca-Cola said they take the safety and quality of their soft-drinks “extremely seriously” and launched an investigation in collaboration with Northern Ireland police.

See also “Why the Left encourage the cancer of Muslim migrants”.


25 responses to “Fecal bacteria found in cold drinks of UK’s top coffee chains

  1. A cholera or typhoid epidemic is not far off, I’m afraid. At least that would help guarantee the 2020 election for Trump!

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  2. If there was ever a need to HALT all immigration, this is it. I’m disgusted beyond belief, but sadly not surprised.

    I tried to use the lavatory in a U.K. Starbucks about three years ago. It was filthy beyond imagination. I complained, but was not allowed, by the store management, to take photos – “against store policy”. This is what Howard Schultz wants to bring to the U.S.A.? A Shareholders revolt is needed, NOW.

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  3. Just sayin’…

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  4. Wonder how much crap is in Starbucks US coffee shops…

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    • DCG . . . Great question! I’ll just bet that we have that same problem here in the US. This information needs to be disseminated, and folks need to STOP buying coffee that someone else has prepared for them . . . I remember when folks made coffee at home . . .

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    • We’ll know that when the first victims of cholera are reported!

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  5. isn’t “diversity” great? (sarc)
    bring people to your country and instead of assimilating them into your culture, your culture assimilates to theirs…what a PC nightmare in the names of “multiculturalism”, “love”, and “diversity”.
    how do they spin this one?
    …..maybe they’ll call the fecal matter ‘muslim probiotics’ and say they’re fortunate because it’s been blessed by allah

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  6. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Every time I hear about these types of incidences and just want to puke. Wow.

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  7. Haven’t been a Starbucks customer for years. But, this isn’t happening just with coffee, restaurants around the world are hiring these people and to heck with sanitation, they are saving a few bucks.
    It is getting where travel is no longer a desired option. So very sad, because there is such an education to be had.

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  8. Sh*tty moooooooooooooooooslims.

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  9. The motto for the PC crowd is, “What does not kill you will make you strong.” By being exposed to fecal matter you will develop natural defenses; I think they might be right! Natural defenses such as .45 and such will protect all who carry such antibodies a way to stay healthy and protect those around them too. Antibodies also tend to be contagious, given the right environment to live in. Stock up on the right meds. We will need them for sure, and might be sooner rather than later. In the meanwhile, look out for another plague in Europe; may end up being the solution for world overpopulation. Them European libtards are like lemmings, looking for a cliff to jump off. Let’s just make sure we keep the PC idiots from doing the same to America.

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  10. Dr Eowyn;
    In answer as to your question, as to ,..WHY,.. the left ‘encourages the cancer of Muslim immigration’,.
    The answer is,.. that ,..’the lef’t,.. is a creature of World Jewry, who’s aim it is to destroy Western Civilization & genocide the White Race,.
    in order to further the Zio/Jew goal of world domination, as outlined in the Torah & the Talmud.

    As per the,.. ‘kalergi Plan’,…

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  11. traildustfotm

    Wow! This thing is cascading downward in ways we never anticipated.

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  12. We have to understand that we are being INVADED by monsters who, Abbie Hoffman would say, are practicing “monkey warfare,” those insidious things that pose real threats.
    Another real threat—this time from the animal kingdom, comes from the urine and feces of rats and mice that fall atop unopened soda and beer cans. LEPTOSPOROSIS (check spelling or word) is a real threat, and can be fatal. (A woman in the Bronx died of this four months or so back). So WASH OFF ALL soda and beer cans and bottles!

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    • Steven . . . I had never thought of that. You have given us an extremely good tip for staying well. I plan on giving this tip to all my family members, and friends. Thank you.


  13. Thanks Steven—we all need periodic reminding about cleaning the tops of soda and beer cans! This problem has been around as long as the marketing in cans has been used.

    On another note—adding the plagues brought by this recent wave of 3rd-world is more on top of more lately: I started growing my own vegetables and got my own laying hens maybe a decade ago when Californians started dropping dead from marketed vegetables contaminated with fecal material (various—once it was thought to be tomatoes, but I think it turned out to be peppers; apples, apple juice, cantalope, cheeses….on and on….and we can guess WHERE that fecal material came from here in the CA produce business. And on still another note—this year 3 hospitals within a 30 mi. radius of me have found active TB in their employees…..Hansen’s disease (leprosy) was found in a nearby elementary school in 2 students. GIRD your loins for MORE and MORE.

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    • Be careful of produce grown in Mexico, too!


    • CalGirl . . . Each of us is responsible for maintaining not only our health, but that of our family members. Although it may seem prejudicial . . . I do not purchase any produce that was grown outside our 50 states. The rest of the world does not adhere to the same standards on hygiene or practices when growing and processing produce, meats, etc.

      Parents should be allowed to bring legal proceedings against school officials and governmental agencies if they or their child is exposed to, or becomes infected by any of these diseases that we thought were killed off in our land . . . only to be reintroduced by illegal aliens, or state sponsored immigrants.

      To all . . . please use the sanitary wipes to clean off the handles of grocery karts when you go shopping . . . we must all be vigilant in protecting our lives and health.


  14. Top coffee chains in the UK are unsanitary because of the musloid additions to a low paid, minimally trained workforce.


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