Eye bleach alert: Angela Merkel’s snake dance…

Apparently, this is Angela Merkel dancing her butt off in Greece back in 1995.



25 responses to “Eye bleach alert: Angela Merkel’s snake dance…

  1. Its really not her, right?

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  2. Where’s the burka when we really need one?
    I found a pic of a naked Angela Merkel, when she was 18 years old in East Germany. Click here.

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  3. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Angela is no “angel”. She is from the east side.

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  4. traildustfotm

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  5. Oh no, it’s Lena Dunham’s mom!

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  6. The horror… the horror….

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  7. LOL at the comments! Merkel was born 7/17/1954, so in 1995 she would have been 41. Does that dancing pig look 41? I don’t know. But either way, whoever would sling around their body in a bikini with a fat belly like that has NO SELF-RESPECT. Good grief, gaaahhh!


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  8. AAAAHHHHH!!!! Whether it is Merkel or not, for shame! No one should have to look at that!


  9. That any grown woman would display herself in that manner after about the age of 30 is truly a mystery! Unbelievable!

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  10. Frau Hitler is reprising her great uncle’s role as the destroyer of Germany, and my eyes. Put a toothbrush mustache on her and she looks just like him. Gee, I wonder why there weren’t any nafis/rapefugees near her?

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  12. You have to wonder if her sick twisted destruction of her country is some kind of payback. Her kind failed in the transformation and now it is her chance.
    Most Germans were very proud of their country, culture, family and foods. Why are they letting her do this? Is it some kind of guilty conscious or just no stomach for a fight to save their future? None of it makes sense. I don’t think she has had children, might explain her lack of compassion for her people.

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  13. Wow, time has really taken a blow on noAngel Angela!

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  14. Bikinis are fine IF you have a body worth flaunting. Frau Merkel’s body should remain clothed at all times.

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  15. She’s 63 now. I’m not sure that’s her at 41 year old in the video.
    It’s her right to perform in that fashion, but IMO not as the head of a major world power.

    in any case, it indicates to me self promoting and a narcissistic personality which we expect from individuals who put themselves into the spotlight.
    Like Obama and Clinton.
    And using “the snake” for the soundtrack IMO creates an association with Donald Trump which he didn’t do and doesn’t need.
    We all know the context into which he used “The Snake”
    And I think I learned this week that the snake was a ripoff of the frog and the scorpion, but who knows?

    All the feminists and overweight women of the world will unite against Trump for making fun of her weight issues.
    Obviously a medical condition caused by hormones a lot of food and no exercise. Many of us are not in great shape and avoid looking in mirrors much less put ourselves on the stage.

    But wait, this is the commie who has thrown Germany to the Muzzies.
    I’m of Jewish & German heritage

    screw her, the fat bastard.
    Lock her in a shipping container to hell with Michael Moore.


  16. As much as leftist women get in front of cameras you’d think at least one of them would be a looker. But nnnooo!

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  17. DCG, I can not follow your command, no normal person could “Enjoy! “

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