Yazidi sex slave forced to eat her son after ISIS butchered him

isis sex slaves

Pure evil.

From NY Post: A sex slave captured by ISIS was forced to eat her 1-year-old son with a side of rice, according to a gut-wrenching report.

The unnamed Yazidi woman — who was starved for three days in an Iraq basement — unwittingly ate the boy after barbaric guards cooked and served him to her, an Iraqi politician said in a TV interview Monday.

“One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from ISIS said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water,” Iraqi MP Vian Dakhill told the Egyptian TV channel Extra News.

“Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry,” he said, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute. “When she was finished they said to her: ‘We cooked your 1-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate.”

The brutal jihadists believed the woman was a devil worshiper because she practices the Yazidi religion, according to the report.

ISIS has carried out horrific atrocities against members of the religious minority, slaughtering thousands of people and forcing women and children to become sex slaves.

In the gut-wrenching interview, Dakhill also claims a 10-year-old girl was raped in front of her father and five sisters, according to the UK Sun.


33 responses to “Yazidi sex slave forced to eat her son after ISIS butchered him

  1. FB prohibited me from posting this. I had to copy the URL and paste it in – and still, no imagery appeared, just the URL. Obviously a ban on information about radical Islam and ISIS.

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  2. Sick perverted scum! Need to wipe them out! Every single one of them.

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  3. muchmadness, FB stand F***ng Bastards. What can one expect? I am sure they don’t block postings about Christians being persecuted by the LGBTQ crowd. FB is just more scum!

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  5. If anyone can think of a reason not to bring ISIS/ISIL to complete ruin, let me know. All I have been doing (without even trying) is think of reasons to bring about its complete destruction.

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  6. “The brutal jihadists believed the woman was a devil worshiper because she practices the Yazidi religion, according to the report.”
    ironic that they believed she was the “devil worshiper” considering everything they have done to people in the name of their cult leader.
    Also, considering how long the yazidi have been held captive (without the usa seeming to care as much as they do about syria), islam probably fathered that baby through rape which would mean islam sacrificed its own child to cannibalism….but she was the “devil worshiper”

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    • MomOfIV . . . . Amen and Amen! It is unbelievable that we have such evil people treading this Earth. The blood of the innocent cries unto the Heavens for there to be recompense for these acts of savagery.

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  7. And there are so-called American( IDIOTS) that would invite more of these savages into America to live and carry on this type of insanity! The travel ban only exist to make sure only good muslims and not the savages like this are allowed into our country. Maybe these liberal idiots here ought to organize an army and go there to stop these savages so we won’t need a ban! NO , these same liberal would run to Canada if we were invaded and had to fight for our country saying the war isn’t fair.

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  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    What is ISIS doing, trying to make Assad appear worthy of a Nobel Prize for Peace?

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  9. Brought to you by the grand US of A. Remember when John McCain bragged about his access to Isis?

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    • Yeah. The DOJ should be looking at his McCain foundation that was set up to provide funds to fight sex trafficking (which BTW has given a tiny amount of money to fight sex trafficking) to see who is funneling money to the foundation. It smells like another Hillary and Bill foundation.

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    • Yes, absolutely. “ISIS” is a proxy army. What they would have difficulty doing with “normal” armies they sic “ISIS” on. How can anyone believe that this phony outfit suddenly comes from nowhere, is armed to the teeth with brand new, expensive weapons and enjoys quite a bit of success.

      As to the run of the mill Muslims, consider them along the same lines as the “New Left”. Totally mindless. The conditioning works because people are lazy and weak.

      Just like “Al Queda”, “ISIS” is the NGO that is wholly owned by the NWO. For example, it would be difficult to invade Syria directly and unseat the duly elected leader. So……., they arrange to have “ISIS” there allegedly to set up a caliphate. Israel wants Al Assad gone so…….., “ISIS” miraculously fills the bill. Notice what happens when Russia calls their bluff. Now they have to explain why they are bombing Syrian forces illegally and protecting alleged “terrorists”.


  10. Their definition of a peaceful people is surely not the same definition I have. I believe we need to stop ALL immigration from the Middle East. If we don’t we will never be able to keep them out. When they get here they breed like rabbits and those of us that have to work to support these immigrants cannot afford to have a gang of kids. This is a very dangerous slippery slope we are embarking on and I fear for the grandchildren and great grandchildren I leave behind.

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    • brakenkaren . . . You have hit the nail on its head. How indeed can we support one man with four wives, and who knows how many children per wife???

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    • You are on the mark about all that. Part of their plan, and it is well underway in the U. K., is to increase the population of Muslims to the extent that they will gain political control. Even worse is the fact that leaders, royal and elected, in Western industrialized countries know that and are promoting the influx. Mortal Marxist Muslim Merkel Mania is just one evidence of it. Sorry about the M & Ms.

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    • Bracken, you are absolutely correct. We have to stop all immigration. Just hearing their comments that they are coming here and will take over our country by the thighs of their women should be enough to stop it. They admitted a takeover. Then to let them in when they claim to have no way to support themselves, but somehow they are building massive mosques. Someone is sending them money and with all the mosques and Saudi built schools, my money is on the Saudis. They have training camps and nothing is done. What are we waiting for, a full war here?
      In the meantime, we are paying for our own demise
      They have no intention of assimilating and many are committing crimes with their social services they receive. Some are into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud.

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  11. Many graphic reports of ISIS are fake news, done by Jews like Katz
    to inflame anti-Muslim feelings while at the same time criticism of
    Muslims, especially Europe, is suppressed. We are being played for

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    • What you mean WE,Paleface?

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Just as with our own media, one must take care what they accept for truth.

      It has been fairly well established that isis is really our own c.i.a., and m.i.16 (british intel), and mossad.


    • So, Gary, you are sayin’ the ISIS beheadings and burning of people alive/drowning people in cages is “Fake News?” I guess Disney and Pixar are workin’ overtime these days. So realistic. And, the relatives of the slaughtered will be happy to hear that this is all staged and they will be reunited soon with their loved ones. Please notify us when it all resolves and ISIS makes a release with the title, “Just Kidding.”

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  12. Gary-are you saying ISIS is NOT doing these horrible things? Well I prefer NOT to take that chance with ’em,so I have to agree with brackenkaren on this-stop ALL Middle-Eastern immigration until there’s a SOLID way to vet them,which,if we start NOW,would take at LEAST one Generation to begin to become effective. Anyone who chooses to disbelieve the reports of their barbarism should feel free to move to one of the ISIS-controlled Countries and live the life.

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  13. Mooooooooooooslims are scum.

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  15. Arab-Muslim culture needs to END. Why do we ally with barbarians like this? We need to get the hell out of there, or kill them all. This kind of practice must be eliminated from human behavior. Cruelty MUST be outlawed planet-wide.


  16. Patrick Cornell





  17. Killary supporters and rinos voted for this, not conservative, patriotic Americans. The continuation of Wall Street (US) forces being involved in the region tells me Trump really isn’t our man but theirs. That and the presence of so many nwo operatives in the Trump cabinet.


  18. @Patrick & @Josh – Agreed. So how do we change people’s “hearts & minds”, when there is so much stupidity, ignorance, lack of education, dysfunction… Maybe 2029 IS the best time to end the planet, rid the universe of the asshats called controlling, greedy, violent Earthlings. No wonder ET doesn’t land – we’re such a bunch of hypocrite assholes…


  19. One wonders, why the focus on the yazidi in recent years, and why would isisrael target them? Especially considering that they are not an ethnicity so much as a gnostic cult of devil worshipers. No I’m not kidding, the yazidi belief system is a sect of gnosticism, that see the devil as having repented, they refer to him as “melek taus” or “the peacock angel” and venerate him.

    I’m sure this emotionally charged story is meant to get people to feel sympathy for the sect and such, but I do wonder how legitimate it actually is, no victim was named, the culprit is the usual, and it seems geared to try to solidify the villainousness of the subject, much like having “the joker” kill a puppy to illustrate how bad he is. Not that isisrael isn’t capable of such, of course, but it seems like no media, mainstream or alt can be trusted these days, and needs to be taken on a case by case basis to evaluate if they’re being truthful or not. Perhaps this is a beta-test run to see how the public’s reaction goes, for when the other gnostic cults come out of “the closet” and claim persecution by Christians, to end with applying the “isis” label to the Christian groups that oppose the “gnostification”? As it seems the overall message of these stories (and there are lots more of them. Also not that DCG has any part in this, of course, in case any were thinking that.) is to garner sympathy for the yazidi cult, not so much for the actual people, and conflating the two.

    If the event did happen, its certainly not surprising, the guilty should be held accountable and punished accordingly, but in this day and age, I’m not sure that any major (or even minor) news story can be trusted to be even half real.

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