From the masters of fake news, CNN’s latest hit piece: ‘Trumpcare’ would send California couple to Mexico for birth control


CNN doing what they do best: fake news.

From CNN: All Ariana and Kevin Gonzalez want is birth control.  As far as health care needs go, that’s pretty simple. But the California couple says that if the Republican alternative to Obamacare becomes law, they’ll be driving over the border to Mexico to get it.

It’s not that the Gonzalezes don’t have insurance; they have very good insurance through Ariana’s job as a high school teacher.

The problem is that “Trumpcare,” as Ariana calls it, would probably run her health clinic out of town. It’s Planned Parenthood, which the Republican health care proposal defunds because it performs abortions.

The Gonzalezes live in the Imperial Valley, an agricultural area two hours east of San Diego, with a severe doctor shortage. On average in California, there’s one primary care physician for every 1,341 people. In the Imperial Valley, there’s one physician for every 4,170 people, according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

For Ariana, that means it takes well over a month to get an appointment with her gynecologist and then four or five hours in the waiting room to see him, which means she has to take the day off work. At Planned Parenthood, she gets an appointment the next day and is in and out in about 30 minutes.

If the Republican plan passes and Planned Parenthood leaves town, Ariana says, her best option would be to cross the border, where she can see a gynecologist immediately. It’s an option she doesn’t want to take but will if she has to.

Ariana has a message for senators as they contemplate whether to pass the law, also known as the American Health Care Act. “If (Planned Parenthood’s) doors are shut, you’ll be driving your own constituents to an entirely different country in search of health care, and that’s not America,” she said. “I don’t think that’s who we are as a country.”

Ariana, 23, knows what life would be like without Planned Parenthood in her town because she’s lived it.  Before Planned Parenthood opened in the Imperial Valley two years ago, she became pregnant when she didn’t want to, and then later she couldn’t get pregnant when she did want to.

Without easy access to birth control, Ariana became pregnant at 15. A doctor tried to convince her to have an abortion, saying she was one of countless teen moms he’d seen just that week. “He said it would be better for me, and we could have it done in 10 minutes if I just said the word,” she remembers. But Ariana, now 23, says her “maternal instinct kicked in,” and she never considered termination.

In the summer of 2011, when her son, Oliver, was 18 months old and she was 18 years old, Ariana met her future husband.  She wasn’t looking for love — in fact, she’d shunned dating to focus on caring for Oliver and preparing to study at San Diego State University in the fall.

But one day, she was visiting a friend when Kevin and his brother showed up to visit. They were hanging out in the front yard, and she excused herself to go inside and check on her napping son. “I was expecting ‘you have a child?!’ “she remembers. “But he just said, ‘OK, no problem.’ He didn’t blink an eye.”

Kevin proposed a few months later and adopted Oliver. They tried to have another child so Oliver would have a sibling close in age, but Ariana suffered three miscarriages, including one with twins. Then, an ectopic pregnancy permanently damaged one of her fallopian tubes, and she was unable to get pregnant for nearly two years.

With each medical failure, Ariana sought advice from her gynecologist, and each time, the wait for an appointment was about six weeks. The Gonzalezes’ hope for another child seemed to be stuck in an endless cycle of complications and long waits to see the doctor.

They say they wish Planned Parenthood had been in their town then, as the clinic, unlike her gynecologist’s office, treats infertility without long waits.

Finally, after nearly four years of miscarriages and infertility, Ariana’s doctor prescribed steroids, and she became pregnant with their daughter, Bailey. She wanted to see her obstetrician immediately, but again she faced a six-week wait. “We needed to make sure that this pregnancy was going to stick and it was going to be healthy, and in order to do that, off to Mexico we went,” she said.

Read the rest of the story here.

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16 responses to “From the masters of fake news, CNN’s latest hit piece: ‘Trumpcare’ would send California couple to Mexico for birth control

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    All so sad……But still no explanation why the tax payers are responsible.

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  2. The problem is the Imperial Valley is dominated by Medcaid receipents who
    under Obamanation increased from 7 MILLION TO 12 million in California.
    Doctors flee Medcaid like the plague.

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  3. traildustfotm

    Great cartoon!
    “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it fifty million times, ‘Stop exaggerating!'”

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  4. Heare is some birthcontrol for ya,
    PULLOUT !!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. By not keeping her legs closed, Ariana became pregnant at 15. There, I fixed that sentence.

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    • Leslie . . . I can tell, there’s no pullin’ the wool over yur eyes. Women do not need Planned Parenthood if they just “keep their legs closed.”

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  7. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels is alive and well. He works for CNN. When your healthcare statistics are provided by the Alan Guttmacher institute, you can be sure any story attached to it has a pro abortion stance. Otherwise, the loving, caring, unborn child body parts to order selling Planned Parenthood wouldn’t use it. It is 1984. George Orwell knew what was coming.

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  8. This is a gooney, sweetly-sick & convoluted story line. First of all, if you can drive to Mexico (2-hours? Wait at a border crossing on the way there and the way back?), why can’t you, in one of the most populous states in the country (yeah, the one in which you were GOING to travel to San Diego in order to “go to college”), find a Dr. or clinic a 2-hr drive away that has no 6-month wait, no 5-6 hr waiting room—say, that sleepy little town of SAN DIEGO? AND, how did Ariana become a teacher with good medical insurance without that San Diego State degree—did I miss something? In CA, getting just a preliminary teaching credential takes at least 5 years—a 4-yr undergrad degree (if anyone can complete it in that time these days without stopping to work or taking part time so you can work, too) and then what they call the “Fifth Year,” wherein you earn the credential. Then, student teaching and then a year or two of “internship.” I can’t find any of THAT stuff in this storyline and timeline for she and Kevin.

    And secondly….why try to find birth control in Mexico? There is no evidence that there is now or has ever been birth control in Mexico.

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    • CalGirl . . . Bless you darling you picking up on exactly what I was thinking! This cockamamie story, as you say is, nonsensical, convoluted, and down right stupid . . . unless you have the reading skills of a fourth grader. The fact that she cries “Now, all we need is birth control!” I thought she had a daughter who by all inference is still not eligible for medical insurance in her own right. Don’t this Mom and Dad provide medical coverage for her . . . good grief, as a school teacher, she probably has access to excellent medical benefits . . . do they deny medical care to their daughter, or their son, providing he is still young enough that he requires it. No, this story has been concocted in a specific way to tell a story that some might find extremely sad . . . . the horror, the extreme distress of this horny husband and wife. This story seems like so much fertilizer to me! People who are school teachers, with all the benefits they get, don’t drive to Mexico for birth control! If they do, then they or at least she is far to stupid to be teaching anyone’s children. As you have pointed out, CalGirl, why would a school teacher who has medical benefits in their own right be using a clinic who gets Federal Funds . . . I don’t want my tax dollar subsidizing this lamo! Perhaps others do, but I don’t, it is ridiculous at best.

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  9. Well, you know CNN…

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  10. LOL – Mexico is a long drive just to get a party hat you will still have to pay for.

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