Spring break in North Korea – What could possibly go wrong?

Besties Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

FOXNEWS: North Korea ‘amazed’ by Spanish beach resort known for drinking binges, plans knock-off

North Korea plans to create a large beach resort in one of the country’s port cities, a knock-off of a Spanish getaway that’s a hotspot for drinking tourists, a report said.

The beach resort, planned to be built in Wonsan, will mimick the Spanish city of Benidorm, The Telegraph reported. The secretive regime became infatuated with Benidorm after 20 North Korean officials took a fact-finding trip to the beach resort and were “amazed by the dimensions” of the towers and holiday parks, a spokesman for the North Korean embassy in Madrid said…


Yup, you read that correctly

The military nightmare that is actively threatening all its neighbors now has plans for a relaxed ocean getaway. Perhaps they see this as a way of persuading their kidnapping victims pay their own airfare into captivity.

Is it possible President Kim Jong Un saw a way to move toward peace when living in Switzerland?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the ski resort at Masik Pass in 2013. – Getty Images

North Korea has a ridiculously luxe ski resort

By Associated Press March 17, 2016 | 10:24am

MASIK PASS, North Korea — To view the humbling limits of round after round of international sanctions against North Korea, come to Masik Pass. It isn’t a secret military facility where Kim Jong Un’s best and brightest are hard at work developing nuclear warheads and long-range missiles.

It’s a ski resort.

Read more at http://nypost.com/2016/03/17/north-korea-has-a-ridiculously-luxe-ski-resort/

So let’s sum this up

North Korea is hoping to get people to book vacations to their country, and to feel encouraged to let loose and party and drink with complete abandon. Will they have Ibiza styled disco parties? Will Jimmy Buffet add North Korea to his yearly Coral Reefer Band tour?

Let’s ask Otto Warmbier what he thinks.

What’s that? Oh… sorry.

Well it seems that Otto is in no condition to comment.

Go figure

14 responses to “Spring break in North Korea – What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Been tried already– I’m sure they’d got the heavy drinking part down already though…

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  2. Wait till they find no one wants to go after what they did to Otto. Who ever does go will have money and the tourist could be arrested for sneezing. They are probably in need of slaves after all their money went to fines. Restful vacation, right?

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  3. Do you think Dennis [the real menace] Rodman traveled to see Piggy Kim’s stubby body and shoot pool? Dennis is making good with his travels there, in turn, Kim will use him as his “good will American travel agent” to promote visits to the Korean coast. Guess what? There are lots of stupid people on this planet that will travel to say I was there first……….and last.

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  4. Stay far, far away!

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  5. Americans who actually go the North Korea for vacation will give new meaning to the term “useful idiots”.

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    • And yet, I will just bet that we will have at least some “useful idiots” step up and indulge themselves . . . if they get into trouble, let them rot there!

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  6. I think someone should set up an agency. They could send Barbra Stiesand, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Brad Pitt, you name it. They could get ’em all real drunk and encourage them to steal the red banners.

    After all, this Marxist “paradise” is what they all long for. Just imagine the joy they’ll feel as they’re absorbed into The Entity.

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  7. You can bet there will be many that participate in things of danger that will go. They will be expecting a rush for the thrill of the danger. They forget our military won’t be there to cover their sorry rears.
    Another way to make money for his country. Expect kidnappings and ransom demands to the families of the rich.

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  8. North Korea was never on my spring break radar.

    The beer probably sucks, and there are definitely no hotties in teenie bikinis – two elements that were essential. 😀

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  9. Ski Resort … & now a Spring-Breaker Beach Resort?

    If Kim wants to attract anyone, please build a Faggot Paradise Resort specifically for these people… (from your other article):

    Once they arrive, never let them leave! 😀


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