Actors in Caesar-as-Trump assassination play in tears and fear

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The Left can give it, but not take it.

New York Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the [Central] Park this summer staged a modern “re-imagining” of the Bard’s classic Julius Caesar play, in which Caesar is stabbed to death by conspirators in the Roman Senate, but with Caesar portrayed by a Donald Trump lookalike, sporting reddish-blonde hair, wearing a suit and a tie that hangs a few inches below his belt.

To make the allusion to Trump unmistakable, Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia – who begs “Caesar” not to attend the Senate because she had a premonition about his murder — is a Melania Trump lookalike, complete with a Slavic accent. (See DCG’s post on the play here.)

In other words, the Shakespeare’s play, which ended on June 18, was “re-imagined” by Leftists into an assassinate President Trump porn.

One of the changes that became clear in the 2016 presidential election is that America’s Right really have had enough. Thus, the birth of the New or Alternative Right, who are distinguished from the traditional Right or Conservatives in that the AltRight champion American nationalism and populism, and refuse to be passive, but instead are assertive, even combative if need be.

On June 16, AltRight activists disrupted the Caesar-Trump assassination play. Laura Loomer dashed onto the stage, shouting, “This is political violence against the right!”

When Loomer was escorted by security from the stage, AltRight journalist Jack Posobiec, DC Bureau Chief of Rebel Media, who filmed the disruption from the audience, stood up and told the crowd: “You are all Nazis, like Joseph Goebbels. You are inciting terrorists. The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands. Goebbels would be proud. You are Nazis.”

Posobiec was also escorted out by security.

During a subsequent performance of the assassinate Trump play, another AltRight protester, a man, rushed the stage shouting, “Liberal hate kills!” Indeed it does, as seen in Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson’s shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and three others at a Republican baseball practice on June 14, 2017. (See “Pedogate and the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise”)

Police charged Loomer, Javanni Valle of Brooklyn, and Long Island man Salvatore Cipolla with trespassing.

By that time, Delta Airlines and Bank of America had withdrawn their funding of the play. Even the liberal National Endowment for the Arts distanced itself with a statement saying that no federal taxpayer dollars had been used in the production of the play.

In a June 24, 2017 article for The Guardian, decidedly nonobjective reporter Oliver Milman who calls Posobiec “a rightwing conspiracy theorist” as if there are no real conspiracies (see “Operation Northwoods: A true U.S. government conspiracy for those who mock conspiracy theories“), writes that Corey Stoll, the actor who played assassin Marcus Brutus in the Caesar-Trump play, said the protests made him “sob” and the cast “exhausted and nervous”.

BooHoo. Poor babies.

Corey Stoll, one of the Tribe, has acted in the Netflix series House of Cards and the Marvel film Ant-Man. In an essay for Vulture, Stoll moaned that the Caesar play “had become the target of hecklers and online vitriol”. Despite those evil Trump supporters, the actors pushed bravely on:

“The protesters never shut us down, but we had to fight each night to make sure they did not distort the story we were telling. At that moment, watching my castmates hold their performances together, it occurred to me that this is resistance.

When I signed on to play the reluctant assassin Marcus Brutus in this production, I didn’t know Caesar would be an explicit avatar for President Trump. I suspected that an American audience in 2017 might see aspects of him in the character, a democratically elected leader with autocratic tendencies.”

While acknowledging that Caesar was “an explicit avatar for President Trump” and that “A nontrivial percentage of our liberal audience had fantasized about undemocratic regime change in Washington,” Stoll nevertheless disingenuously proclaims that he “had little fear of offending people” and did not think anyone would see the play “as an endorsement of violence against” a duly-elected sitting President.


Stoll continues:

“The Wednesday after our opening night, a gunman opened fire on the Republican baseball team, injuring four, including Representative Steve Scalise. Of the more than 150 mass shootings so far this year, this was the first that appeared to be aimed at a politician. Like most Americans, I was saddened and horrified, but when the president’s son and others blamed us for the violence, I became scared. [,,,]

Our final show. Exhausted and nervous, we took our places. Before I could make an entrance, someone started screaming and was led off, as the audience angrily turned against him. [,,,] During the assassination, another person sprinted to the stage, yelling, ‘I’m sick of your bullshit!’ He was tackled almost immediately. Forty-five minutes later, we finished the show, and our run, as scheduled. Backstage, I exhaled and sobbed.”

Everyone and altogether, say:


24 responses to “Actors in Caesar-as-Trump assassination play in tears and fear

  1. traildustfotm

    He is a Covfefe poster child.

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  2. Stephen T. McCarthy

    The poor thespian couldn’t find a Safe Space on stage. My heart breaks for him.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  3. Its is people like this that keep political HATE alive and well. They blame the “Right” but I don’t see people from the right shooting up democrat meeting and baseball games. If these idiots get their way and they destroy the First Amendment, like they are trying to do, when the full effects sink in the will be the to cry, ” WHAT HAPPENED to the right to free speech?” They need to talk to people that have been blessed enough to escape from places like Cuba or North Korea!

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  4. Seems to me that actors/actresses in this play are really in need to make money. The less ticket sales will bring down the show to cancel.

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  5. Why are these or any other actors complaining? Have they no idea of what the history of theater is about? Have they never read a single account of what happened at just a few of the most notorious opening nights? Methinks they need another life.

    Take a look at Stravinsky or Ravel if you want to see what can happen when ‘highly cultured people’ lose it on an opening:

    “A scuffle eventually broke out between two factions in the audience, and the orchestra soon found itself under siege, as angry Parisians hurled vegetables and other objects toward the stage. It’s not clear whether the police were ever dispatched to the theater, though 40 people were reportedly ejected. Remarkably, the performance continued to completion, though the fallout was swift and brutal.”

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  6. So Stoll & Co. can mug history in Central Park but get upset when they are both mugged back? Pshaw!
    100% of the hatred in this Country comes from the Left, and they’re extremely dishonest about it, too. I have to watch my mouth now, because Lefties in my cab try to ferret me out, and complain when they get upset!
    I have tried to get people to snap out of their trance, to no avail. Rare, indeed, has been the leftie who actually was tolerant. (One pro-choice woman asked me my opinion about Planned Parenthood; I told her it was an evil organization. I told her to check out Alex Jones, and she actually said she would.)

    The latest anus to blow wind was John Cusack—an actor I really liked—who begged someone, in so many words, to “assassinate Trump immediately.” It’s one thing for the Democratic Party and Hollywood to go Full Commie, but, apparently, a lot of people in Manhattan seem to me to have done the same!

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  7. creativesafetyblog

    Its really a Fun . Isn’t It ?

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  8. So the show has gone away off Broadway. What would have happened were it produced a year ago and involved the then current occupant of the White House? As for myself, I would have been pleased to see that show close. An irony here: Caesar still lives, he is behind a curtain that is being drawn open by a man trying to maintain the government and Constitution he took an oath to uphold.

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  9. As Lisa Durden would say: Boo hoo hoo.

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  10. Why not publish the cast’s addresses and phone numbers so they can get fan mail?

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  11. Stoll saying he’s scared? Another case of a Jew screaming help! help! while he is throwing fists into someone else’s face.

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    • It’s all part of the game. Trust me, some of these lunatics are so far gone that they don’t even see the hypocrisy. They are ALL that matters. They are MUCH smarter than us, remember that.

      Does that sound like Jew behavior? I thought so. What they’re saying is, “surely you don’t consider yourself my equal?”. Fact is, according to their “Bad Book” we’re cattle. The only value we have is in how well we serve them.

      So the snarky Shabbot Goy of today will come to recognize his true worth later, when they’ve enslaved us. “That putter looks awfully dirty to me, Mr. Goldfarb. Here, let me lick it clean for you”.


  12. Who are these fruit cakes gonna run screaming to when some nutjob starts shooting up their little play? If it can happen to the right, it can happen to the left. And it’s mostly the right who are going to be in position to save them.
    The problem is, they DON’T THINK before doing and speaking seriously retarded stuff. They just regurgitate the same leftist/anarchist crap they’ve heard others spew in their drunken orgies, and think they’ll be thought “just as cool” if they repeat it. Witness the numbers of “entertainers” coming out with their own rants for the media to spread like STDs.
    I think what the protesters did here in the video was spectacular, both for saying/doing what NEEDED to be done, and for the courage to do so. I wish I had been there… I pray at least SOME on the left, or in the middle, or on the fence or wherever, will take it to heart and re-consider… and then spread the word to their friends, and they to theirs. Like that shampoo ad from the 70s… They’re more likely to listen to each other than to someone from outside their circle. But the way the crowd reacted really saddens me. Neanderthals.

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  13. The next storming of the stage needs to be Secret Service agents with guns drawn.

    Enough of this crap.

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  15. FYI – I just recently read in MS King’s book “Planet Rothchild” (volume 1), the following: in Oct. 1800 the Communist Jacobins (aka the NWO) whose “Directory” Napoleon had blocked, openly called for the death of Napoleon. An “agitator” by the name of Metge, published a pamphlet comparing Napoleon to Julius Caesar and called for “the birth of thousands of Bruti to stab the tyrant Bonaparte.” The plot was called the “conspiration des poignarde” which meant to stab Napoleon at the opera house. That plot was foiled. In December of 1800 another plot (plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise also known as The Infernal Machine) was a bomb that killed about a dozen bystanders but did not kill Napoleon. What’s old is new again.

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