’60 Minutes’ Australia report on VIP pedophile network in UK and Australia

60 Minutes (Australia) is an Australian current affairs program based on the U.S. 60 Minutes of the CBS network.

On July 14, 2015, Australia’s 60 Minutes TV program broadcasted the first episode of a stunning exposé of a global VIP pedophile network involving the highest government officials of the UK and Australia, including members of the British Parliament, cabinet ministers, judges, diplomats and spies.

And yet, nearly two years later, the broadcast caused nary a ripple. Certainly, we in the U.S. did not know about it. Heaven forbid that CBS’ 60 Minutes or any other network would actually report this or rebroadcast the Australia 60 Minutes report.

Below is the video, followed by my summary and transcripted excerpts from the first segment.

Reporter: “Without question, the biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced will be exposed tonight. It involves a secret network of the highest office holders in the land — past and current members of Parliament, cabinet ministers, judges, diplomats, even one of the country’s top spies. These men are accused of some of the most sadistic child sexual abuse imaginable, on hundreds of victims, some as young as eight. More confronting still are claims that children were killed in order to protect this network of predators, including one boy whose father worked at the Australian High Commission in London. For over 40 years, the evil child-predators acted with complete impunity, hiding behind the façade of respectability, but no longer.

They were children, often the most vulnerable, placed in the care of the state only to be betrayed, systematically trafficked to the most powerful men in the land. […] Tonight, three victims speak out. Claims of a monumental cover-up that children were murdered, one of them the 15-year-old son of the Australian High Commissioner’s chauffeur. […] A sex scandal at the very highest levels of the British government. Child sexual abuse victims come forward to point the finger at very powerful men — serving members of the British Parliament, cabinet ministers, lords, spies, even senior police, incriminated in a VIP pedophile ring for the privileged and powerful. […] British police are now investigating compelling evidence that dozens of children suffered similar fates.”

(1) Richard Kerr

Kerr, now 54 years old, whom the reporter describes as “a clearly damaged man,” said his life began to fall apart when at the age of nine, he was sent to the now infamous Kincora Boys’ Home in Northern Ireland, run by men who would later be convicted of the frequent rape of children in their care. He said the sexual abuse started a week after he arrived in the home. Within a few years, Kerr and other boys from the home were being trafficked around the UK as “playthings” and “boy toys” for pedophiles.

See: Ian Drury, “MI5 ‘hid’ child abuse at boys’ home: Former Army intelligence officer claims security chiefs told him to ‘stop digging’ when he reported possible paedophile ring,” Daily Mail, April 7, 2015.

When Kerr first came to London, the first place to which he was taken to meet “the men who ruled the country” was Dolphin Square, an upmarket apartment complex just minutes from the Houses of Parliament. Kerr recalls, “I was taken here, I was told to sit down on the bed. They started to take my clothes off.”

Reporter: “Richard was brought here to have sex with politicians and other high ranking members of the British establishment, including members of the House of Lords,” some of whom (“older, very old lords’) are still in politics. “Richard was one of dozens of boys and girls, almost all from state institutions, brought to the homes of the rich and powerful to be forced into sex with adults.”

Kerr: “My soul at that time was being destroyed and they took away everything I had, everything I had.”

(2) Esther Baker

Baker, now 32, was sexually abused since she was six years old, when a family member took her to pedophiles, who “would basically single out the girls, pick who they wanted, and then [the girls] would be abused.”

Shown their photographs, Baker positively identified two British politicians who were among her abusers in the early 1990s, saying “We don’t forget those faces, no way”:

  • A “very senior” British politician, a lord, who Baker said to have sexually abused her over the course of 5 to 6 years.
  • A “fairly senior member: of a British political party in the House of Commons. Baker positively identified this second man as having sexually abused her, saying “We don’t forget those faces. No way.”

(3) Darren

Darren, not his real name and with his face concealed, was 15 years old in a care home when he met Peter Righton, “a senior adviser to the government of child development and secretly a member of the pedophile information exchange — a group campaigning to lower the age of consent for child sex.” Righton supplied boys like Darren to pedophiles in Dolphin Square.

Note: According to Wikipedia, Peter Righton was a child protection expert, social care worker and a convicted child molester, who died in 2007. In 2013, the Metropolitan Police launched Operation Cayacos to investigate claims that Righton was part of an establishment paedophile network.

Darren and “other witnesses” identified one of the pedophiles as Leon Brittan, a former MP and British Home Secretary, who “raped children.” Son of Lithuanian Jews who migrated to Britain before WWII, Brittan died in January 2015.

The reporter says these pedophile cases are now being “taken seriously” by police and by “a new generation of political leaders,” among whom is Conservative MP (Member of Parliament) Zac Goldsmith, who says “There has to be an element of coverup, conspiracy, call it what you want…. I think there is very compelling evidence that very senior people engaged in terrible acts and are protected by the establishment. I have no doubt at all about that. I think the genie is out of the bottle.”

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19 responses to “’60 Minutes’ Australia report on VIP pedophile network in UK and Australia

  1. From the very beginnings pedophilia has existed, most cases not prosecuted. Some backward villages have executed pedophiles. The United Nations should redact a law, Worldwide, to give the rights to all the abused children/adults to come forward and identify the pedophiles, and let them take the law into their hands.

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    • Alma, I think you mean “enact,” not “redact”.
      The UN actually does have the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the provisions of which include that every child “be protected from abuse or exploitation”. The word “exploitation” includes sexual exploitation.

      But the UN does not have the coercive power to enforce its treaties — nor should we want the UN to have that power, which would only promote a NWO and one world govt., at inestimable costs to national sovereignty.



  2. Struggling against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world … Ephesians 6: 12 reference, The New Jerusalem Bible. Hopefully, forces of light that are appearing will bring that to an end. Otherwise, globalism will bring absolute power and corruption when successful.

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  3. traildustfotm

    It’s starting to crack open. The monsters who have been deeply embedded in the system are losing their cover. Thank God.

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  4. 60 MINUTES IS ON RECORD of attempting to hide and cover for Pizzagate and organized Child Trafficking as all the major outlets of ‘FAKE NEWS’ are guilty of-it will be interesting to see what the motives of this story are, we see a lot of noise about pedophilia arrests but they are low level street arrests and do not even address the fact that the CIA MANAGES AND CARRIES OUT ORGANIZED CHILD RAPE TERRORISM PEDOPHILIA INCLUDING LUCIFERIAN SACRIFICES make sure and check out Comet Pizza/James Alefantis-
    yes folks, take a second read-why this organization is not seeing massive arrests/Gantanamo says a lot about who is in power and who they work for

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  5. These pedophiles/satanists are becoming more devious in how they abuse/rape/murder children. I think a pedophile’s/satanist’s dream is to have unfettered access to children that no one ever knew existed.
    If scientists are successful in further blaspheming God’s creation by creating “babies” from test tubes using donor eggs and sperm in a fake uterus (incubator) or even making hybrids with animals, then we have the potential for the creation of an entire anonymous population of people who will never exist in society. These poor souls will only know abuse from cradle to grave. They will be created for the sole purpose of pleasure for satanic deviants…..they will be used and disposed of like trash.
    So much evil.

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  6. Helene Pineau

    May these wounded and betrayed victims find justice and peace. It makes my blood boil that these sickos prey on the most vulnerable, orphans or wards of the state and throw them away like so much garbage. There must be a special place in Hell for those who abuse God’s little ones, unless they repent. Unfortunately for some of the victims, their tormentors are now deceased so justice might only come to them in the afterlife.

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    • Helene . . . . I can only add Amen and Amen to what you have written. The saddest of all tales, is that those who have been abused, often lose their way and lives of quiet desperation . . . that were it not for the trespass inflicted on them, their lives might have been far better and brighter. The sorrow I feel for all of those who have been victims is just immense. I suppose that in many cases, the only true healing they will receive will be from Our Savior in the realms of Eternity.


  7. Dr Eowyn, you have hit it out of the ball field with this most Excellent article!!!! Thank you.

    It is a travesty that CBS did not allow this same show to air here in the United States. No doubt, they were compelled to “protect certain persons in the US who were guilty of these same egregious acts.”


  8. You can bet those in high places involved in this in this country were on their hands and knees praying for a Clinton victory. I would also bet they are now shaking in their boots just about now.
    As for 60 minutes, I expect nothing from them, they are an extension of the Democratic Party and could possibly have members of their own involved.
    A decade or so when all the same crimes were exposed about the UN there was nothing but crickets.
    Crimes committed against innocent children are some of the lowest, may they all rue the day they ever became involved.


  9. More from Fb friend, Fiona Barnett, on elite pedophile ring in Australia and the operations of MK Ultra {32 min.] [if this does not come up, just search her on You Tube].


  10. This article was just published apropos Fiona Barnett, John Podesta, Nicole Kidman and other matters…


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  16. I found this post on Facebook.
    A woman had sent it to an Anonymous Facebook group. She was worried something would happen to her.

    I’ve been able to confirm some names/details. I believe its true and is the missing link/info that explains so much of what it wrong in our country.

    Project Bethlehem is a child kidnapping and trafficking operation.

    It is managed by the Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove.

    Its Australia wide but is based in the Australia Capital Territory (Canberra) and South Australia.

    Children are kidnapped and abused by pedo’s within the states and territories of Australia, then smuggled interstate and provided to government department specialising in child protection services.

    The children are then on sold to foster care agencies

    Peter Cosgrove manages this project under Her Royal Highness (me: fucking bitch) and the project also occurs in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

    People serving under Peter Cosgrove are:
    Charles Thompson
    Matthew Inkleson
    Andrew Butler.

    Under this is Lady Burley Griffin

    Each Premier (state leader) in Australia is involved except for NSW.

    Politicians are paid off each month and paid a cut by the
    Department of Child Protection Services and the
    Department of Child and Social Inclusion.

    Evidence: politicians are receiving cheques directly from the departments, which are then cashed overseas.

    Politicians receiving money are:
    Jay Wetherill
    Tom Koutsatonis
    Peter Malinalskis
    Stephen Conroy
    Julia Hillard
    John Howard
    Peter Costello
    Malcolm Turnbull
    Tony Abbott
    Malcolm Fraser
    Ian Hunter MLC

    They all receive cheques each month paying them substantial amounts based on each child sold.

    Members of “The Family” Child trafficking ring are:

    Stephen Evans
    Melissa Evans
    Russell Evans
    Sandra Evans

    Gabrielle Schiemcheque?
    Stephen Humphries
    Andrew Worthington
    Melissa Giardi
    Charles Franklin
    Ian Fetridge
    Michael Hurley Senior
    Ian Hunter

    Bevan Spencer Von Einem – gaoled
    Paul Kitchener
    Mike Rann
    Julie Priest
    Natalie Simons

    Ian Weatherall
    Ian Goodings
    John Goodings
    Will Goodings
    Graeme Goodings

    People who have been killed are:

    Rob Kelvin
    Tamara Heading
    John Lomack
    Rhianna Bateau

    Apprehended by the Australian Federal Police are

    Ricardo Rodriguez and Feliez

    Which were involved in the disappearance of Maddy McCann


    In relation to the UN, it has demanded that pedophillia and trans be made legal and acceptable in all nations.


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