Who’s grieving? This dog or these Sandy Hook parents?

Molika Ashford writes for Live Science, Dec. 28, 2010:

“People often assign feelings to animals […] But scientists haven’t determined whether these human-like expressions really mean anything. […]

Scientists believe that certain brain cells in humans called spindle cells are responsible for human social behavior and the interplay between thoughts and feelings. Studies have revealed that chimpanzee, dolphin and whale brains also possess spindle cells. Although these are all animals that can act people-like, the presence of these cells does not mean that the animals have feelings.

Even animals that don’t have spindle cells, such as dogs, have shown behaviors that can suggest a human-like social sense. In recent experiments, dogs have shown that they know to follow a human’s pointed finger to find a food treat. Scientists report that this shows dogs are sensitive to human social cues and are able to correctly interpret them. Still, this only proves that dogs know how to find food, not that they have feelings.

[…] In a recent study, a Barnard College researcher tested dogs to see if their guilty looks were linked to actual bad behavior. Dogs were tempted with a treat and told by their owners not to eat it.

The dog’s owners weren’t allowed to see whether their pets had eaten the treat or not, but were told either that they did or that they didn’t, and were then instructed to scold the dogs that disobeyed. The experimenters noted that scolded dogs showed a guilty look whether or not they had actually done wrong.

This illustrates the difficulty in accurately interpreting animal behavior as a marker of human-like feelings. A guilty look suggests a feeling of guilt in a human but not necessarily in a dog, according to the Barnard research. Similarly, even apparent mourning or empathy behavior might not actually mean these feelings are present in the brains of animals.

Oh yeah?

Tell me this dog, grieving over the death of a companion, doesn’t have feelings. Note his repeated gasping/choking toward the end of the video, his entire body shaking.

And yet we are to believe Christopher and Lynn McDonnell are grieving parents whose child, Grace, was killed by Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

I don’t need “scientists” to tell me the meaning of what I can see with my own eyes, which is that the dog was overcome with feelings of distraught and grief, whereas the smiling and tearless McDonnells were acting.

If the McDonnells were grieving, they sure have a strange way of showing it. I’d sure like to see “scientists” explain their peculiar display of “feelings” over their 7-year-old daughter’s murder.

By the way, Christopher and Lynn McDonnell are among the Sandy Hook residents who purchased their home on December 25, 2009, for $0.


34 responses to “Who’s grieving? This dog or these Sandy Hook parents?

  1. I had a weird thought after reading this article. What if the purpose of all these ‘reality’ shows with their fake emotions and scripted banter were created to get the American public accustomed to staged ‘reality’ so when fake news is aired, they can’t tell that it’s fake?

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  2. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    Compare real canine grief to fake human grief. Note that the dog couldn’t care less about the camera pointed at him; he is beside himself with grief ; whereas the “bereaved” parents are camera-ready, smiling, articulate and 100% in control of themselves.

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  3. Well, scientists haven’t really determined whether these human-like expressions really mean anything in people either. (Can’t actually peek inside someone’s head and objectively verify they’re actually feeling what they look like or say they’re feeling.) It’s a safe bet that if a person can be reliably observed to be happy, sad, scared, angry, hungry or tired, then any generally similar mammal can be, on the same basis, too.

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  4. Friends, parallel to this discussion, I had a very sad petition from Care2 in my emails today.

    This Mexican animal psychopath is alive & well: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/takeaction/825/139/925/?z00m=29245446&redirectID=2434233835. He is a completely failed human, –completamente fallito umano– who has to be first stopped, then punished.

    That it happened in a nation that is primarily RC is especially disturbing, in view of Church teachings on our responsibility for all animal life.

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  5. Call me a tin-Foil hat conspiracist all you want but I believe Sandy Hook was either a training exercise gone wrong or a total fabricated incident.

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  6. love the comparisons Dr. Eowyn…
    I also noticed how Lynn McDonnell constantly shifted her eyes to the left whenever she was asked a question…signs of deception.
    I had a a massive eye roll watching the girl wipe away her “dry” tears.

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    • Good one about Lynn’s shifting eyes and wiping the “dry” nonexistent tears!

      I began this post as a simple “dog grieving” post. Then something prompted me to look up what “scientists” say about animals not having feelings, which then led me to recall the Sandy Hook non-grieving parents. 😀

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  7. Hadenoughalready

    “spindle cells are responsible for human social behavior” THAT explains a lot.
    I used to think they had a few screws loose; I was close. Their upstairs wheels were missing spindles, instead.
    Thanks, Doc!

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  8. Hadenoughalready

    Sorry…post too quickly…

    I couldn’t handle watching the dog video. Too many tears. As for the Sandy Hook, my blood pressure pinned at “RAGE” a few seconds in.

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  9. Something about the McDonnells seems off to me. Perhaps it was their lack of blinking…

    How do you spot a lie? It’s all to do with the ‘blinking’ obvious …


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  10. I know only too well for dogs grieve; my parents had a beautiful Springer Spaniel named Lucky. After Mama died, Lucky would roam the house, and he would howl . . . there was no consoling him. He was used to having Mama at home with him during the day. My Dad moved to a smaller house, which my parents had purchased before my Mother had passed away. Dad was still working at that time, and evidently Lucky would howl all day long, to the point that the neighbor’s were very unhappy. Lucky was an old boy at that point, one day he got out of the fenced yard, and he would lay down in the middle of the street, he was deaf, so he wouldn’t move no matter how long a driver honked at him. As sad as it is, Dad made the decision to have him put down, since he was inconsolable. I am happy that his spirit was reunited with that of my Mother’s.

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  11. Wow! My heart is breaking after the video with the dogs.

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  12. Unfortunately the sound would not work on the dog video but I could still see his chest heaving. Those Sandy Hook parents look like they are trying to hold back from laughing to me. I thought they were strange when I first saw them when it happened. Who smiles 4 days after their small child is murdered?
    As an aside I mentioned to a liberal acquaintance that Sandy Hook was fake and they retorted that they knew a doctor who knows the families and that it is certainly not fake. Interestingly this same person believes 9/11 and all the Muzzie terrorist inciden’s are fake. Conclusion: liberals think only the right is capable of false flags/ deception.

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  13. I know people handle grief in many different ways, but, come on. I’d be bawling my brains out if my kid died.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      I certainly wouldn’t be painting flowers on the kid’s “white coffin” and smiling about it.
      These people are either sick or liars – likely both!

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      • I think the”painting the coffin” thing was intended to be a “humanizing script” that was drafted by some script writer in Hollyweird for them.


  14. Animals are like children in the sense that they wear their feeling on their sleeve, so to speak. They cannot hide how they feel, so what you see is what you get, Whether they have spindle cells or not may not mean much. But the thing to remember is that the will and the intellect of animals is restricted to its sense-knowledge: They are sincere, but they cannot abstract principles from events. And they do not have free will.
    As for Sandy Hook, this fish rots from the head down so bad, the whole State of Connecticut reeks, as does the Obama Administration and its intelligence agencies. Given all the B.S. that went down, from the joking coroner and the crisis actors to the free houses and all the skullduggery, I am of the opinion that no children died in the false flag event. Maybe the truth will come out 50 years after all the conspirators are dead!

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  15. If you watch the Sandy Hook video with the sound off, you would never in a million years guess those were grieving parents.

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  16. What parent could even begin to give an interview 4 days after the violent death of a child? In the back of their little pea brains, they were probably counting their profits to be made. This was not grief. May they rot in hell.

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  17. I have to disagree with the researcher on the dogs. I used to raise and show dogs in obedience. Dogs react more to how you say something and your body language. The connotation of your voice gives them the cue. You can use the word shame to get an reaction from them, but depending on how you say it you can get different reactions.
    Just like in the Thai language and some other Asian languages, you can say the same thing several different ways, all meaning something different.

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  18. ‘Grieving parents’? Fake, fake fake fake fake!

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  19. Dogs are animals. Humans are animals. To assume that because an animal that is not human can’t have feelings is human hubris. We no longer attend a particular church because it is their belief that animals don’t have a soul and therefore don’t go to heaven. If my dog can’t go, then maybe I don’t want to either.


  20. Thanks Doc Eowyn. Many people agree. This is one of the many reasons I do NOT believe SH was real. Here are the others:

    Coroner W Carver says, “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later.” It comes at 4:48. Said when talking about how his staff behaved so professionally, what could he have possibly meant?

    An unconscious slip of the tongue, or an intentional clue placed, to give him an out when the fraud is exposed?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVLCSqoZYqY

    NO HazMat vendor assigned for 3 months to collect blood, brain medical waste: http://insanemedia.net/sandy-hook-evidence-where-is-th…/4557
    NOTE: This vendor was NOT assigned until 3 months after the shooting, which would be either impossible or illegal, or a conspiracy.
    Robbie Parker’s smiling behavior – did he just earn Millions, or was his child just killed? See his natural behavior pre-speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EArjNnrpbk
    The McConnell family behavior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMEJshK4lEo&t=9s
    The police dashcam does not match police written reports; also, Google shows driving from Newtown police to SHES would take NO LONGER than 5-8 minutes in traffic, and the cop drives around for over 15 minutes before he arrived. Newtown cops.. (Sandy Hook is exit 10, a part of Newtown, Newtown is exit 11. However, from the police station, it’s only 2 1/2 miles to SHES. This is a major problem, taking over 5 minutes to get to a place that would normally take 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4SibzqUlPw
    Too many homes – some owned by SH victims’ parents, that were sold for $0, $1, and $100 – for homes/ properties valued at $300 – 500K. They claim this was a data setup error, but this is a lie (as an IT expert with systems just like this, you CAN set a default value, if the real value is missing, but having (3) defaults is NOT possible.
    The Fake FBI agent doesn’t know how to properly hold a firearm (Barry Soetoro’s Sloppy Sniper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPdFoEE4_A0), plus, this may also be fake grieving parent, actor David Wheeler.
    SHES Real School, or closed down, according to the Wayback Machine (internet archive): https://archive.org/web/
    Also, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1kk0L2DOFo
    AND: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/…/was-sandy-hook-elementa…/
    Of course, I have even more problems, like the behavior of the CT State police, who threatened reporters & researchers asking questions. BIG PROBLEM, Corrupticut Cops.
    The truth WILL out, but we must keep up the vigilance. So much disinfo around this event that it cannot be real. Statistically, too many inconsistencies and aberrations.


  21. Great article as always, Dr. Eowyn!

    Due to the recent campaign by YouTube to delete (or force to be private) all Sandy Hook videos that reveal what I call “dangerous” information, I’m guessing that your site has suffered some broken YouTube URLs in recent months. If so, I’m sure that you’re already aware that you can check for the video having been archived to the Wayback Machine at archive.org (sometimes YT videos are archived there, sometimes not). What you might not realize is that if a YouTube video of the “.be” form isn’t archived (for example, you get the error, “Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.”), its “.com” form might still be archived. For example, consider this YouTube video:

    This is actually a video that is referenced on another page of your website but it’s currently “broken”. Trying to access the video using the above form (from the Wayback machine at archive.org) results in the error mentioned above but converting it to the “.com” form results in an archived video:

    For this particular video, there were only a few archives to choose from. I chose the Jan 10, 2013 archive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play the video. The video player was “blank” and there was no play button. In actuality, this may be just a problem with how my system is configured. Others can likely play it just fine.

    Anyway, I’d normally give up at this point but I recently stumbled on another trick. There’s a third URL form that you can try if the above doesn’t work. Simply try replacing the text, “watch?v=” with “embed/” and see if that helps. Be aware that if this third form works, it’s my understanding that it’ll be at the lowest resolution (perhaps 360p). Again, something is better than nothing. So, continuing with the example above, this third form is as follows:

    This form worked for me.

    The final tip is, if you want to save the video (which I highly recommend you do if it’s an important one in support of your Sandy Hook hypothesis), then you probably won’t be able to use your usual “save YouTube video” solution (say, a browser add-on or whatever). Instead, you may need to install an app to allow you to record your desktop. Start the video playing full screen from archive.org and then start recording…

    Hope this helps!

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    • Thank you, postman!

      Just so you know, WordPress dumped both of your comments (this one and an identical second) into FOTM‘s spam comments folder. It’s a good thing I was deleting the spams one by one, instead of en masse, and so caught and retrieved yours.

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