Lena Dunham Gives Away Her Rescue Dog After Four Years With Him


Bye, bye Lamby…

If you’ve ever gone to a shelter to adopt an animal, you know the process is intense (in most major cities). You are thoroughly scrutinized about your pet ownership background, your home, and your ability to care for a pet – especially a rescue animal that may have issues. After all, it’s a lifetime commitment. Well, in most cases…

From Yahoo: Lena Dunham has been showing off her two new puppies, Susan and Karen, everywhere from Instagram to the Tonight Show. So her fans were wondering what was up with Lamby, the rescue she adopted in 2013. The Girls alum gave them an answer on Wednesday: She gave away the troubled pup (a four-year old pup?) in March.

“A lot of you have been asking where Lamby is these days since he’s always been the star of my gram and I’ve been posting pics of my poodle girls,” Dunham wrote. “Well, you know honesty is my jam but this one has been really heartbreaking to talk about. But I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles @matt_thezendog where an awesome person named @therealdanishay (who is educated in a rescue dog’s specific trauma) loves him so hard.”

“Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others- we needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors and especially our beloved boy. Jack and I will miss him forever but sometimes when you love something you have to let it go (especially when it requires tetanus shots and stitches.)

“Someday I’ll really write about the pain and relief of letting Lamby go off and really be Lamby, biting and peeing in his own mouth and all,” she wrote. “There were so many lessons in it, about forgiving myself and loving with an open palm and giving in to a larger plan. Shout out to @jennikonner for listening to endless hours of Lamby pain, and especially my partner @jackantonoff for loving him even when he ruined floors and couches and our life. Jack knows what Lamby means to me and he let me come to the decision in my own time even when it made his days challenging. Susan & Karen will never be my first loves, but they are fuzzy and hilarious stuffing for the hole Lamby left and we cherish them deeply.”

Dunham adopted Lamby from the Brooklyn animal rescue BARC, and it made headlines at the time as he started showing up on her social media accounts. Oh, and in Vogue magazine spreads. The dog had an Instagram account with 17,500 followers, including fashionable ones like the editor-in-chief of Glamour mag, Cindi Lieve.

Issues arose almost immediately after Dunham brought home the dog, however, which she detailed in a piece for the New Yorker in March 2013. Lamby, which she described as “a golden sausage with the most human eyes I’ve ever seen on a non-human” and “perfect,” didn’t like her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff. The first night the dog, which had three homes before Lena’s, met the musician, he bit him.

“Tears stream down my face. What have I done?” Dunham wrote of having doggie regrets just two months after adopting the pooch. “We had such a nice life. The first real comfort I’ve known in so long. Nights were quiet and sweet, and we slept until whatever o’clock we wanted, then sat on the couch in our underwear and planned the day.” Nonetheless, she vowed to take care of the troubled pup. “‘I’m not going anywhere,’ I tell Lamby,” she wrote.

A year later, Dunham posted a photo on Instagram of her bleeding behind, which Lamby bit. She revealed that it was the second time the dog had bit her. Gawker ran a piece blasting the actress, saying the dog should be taken from her due to insufficient care. She defended her doggie care on social media.


30 responses to “Lena Dunham Gives Away Her Rescue Dog After Four Years With Him

  1. She didn’t give the dog away, it ran from HER as fast as it’s paws would carry it. And who wouldn’t??? #ugly inside and out.

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  2. On the brighter side, Lamby is better off without Dunham.

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  3. I personally do not like Ms. Dunham, but it looks like she tried. Some dogs are aggressive and you can not train them not to be. Especially if they came from an abusive home or two. She said the dog bit someone in the first two months yet she keep him 4 years trying. To keep a dog like this in a home with children is wrong. She at least found him a home and did not just put him down. So if you want to pick on her, chose a topic that doesn’t include this dog!

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  4. Yes, she’s hideous. But if it went down at all like she’s describing, she did her best.

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  5. It’s might be tough to be a dog of a psychopath couple. Poor dog.

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  6. I sympathize with her and agree with Dave but, why did she keep him for four years? Woof, woof.

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  7. Perhaps I am prejudiced, but her “boo hooing has a ring of insincerity to it . . . poor me, I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, I tried to the extend that I have sustained injuries, ruined furniture, ruined floors . . . but I’ve really tried!!!” Perhaps IF SHE WERE NOT SUCH AN ATTENTION HOG, she would have thought long and hard about taking in an abused animal, but then she would have lost out on all that great PR which indicated what a humanitarian she is!” I agree, as screwed up as she is, the dog is better off with someone else.

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  8. This individual does not deserve one line of print,

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  9. David, you are spot on. This is one situation that unless you have had a dog like this, you do not know of what you speak. I am glad she found a good home for him, but it sounds like his life will be cut short anyway. For a 4-H project years ago, I did a thorough research on ”Canine Rage Syndrome.” Yes it is real. Yes, it is awful. Yes, they are a threat to themselves and the humans that love them.

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  10. Virtue signaling by getting the dog, virtue signaling in getting rid of it: “Someday I’ll really write about the pain and relief of letting Lamby go….”

    Reminds me of a 20-year old I knew who killed her fetus, and the moment anyone would confront her on the issue, she would snap, “Don’t you say anything to me! You don’t know how much I struggled with making such a painful and difficult decision!”

    Freaking leftists. Shameless narcissists, all.

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  11. I don’t buy the idea that the dog couldn’t be “healed” of its behavioral issues. She SHOULD have contacted Cesar Milan,the “Dog Whisperer”,for at LEAST a consultation;in his entire career,he’s only had one dog he couldn’t help-that one was found to have an inoperable brain tumor and had to be euthanized. I honestly don’t think her “character” or lifestyle was healthy for any sort of pets. (She should be using her Dog’s instincts to choose her friends-Dogs can read Aura’s,and can tell if people are good or bad.)

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    • To Jurist , I will do you one better than that. In the early 70’s my sister was baby sitting for a young woman that had had a child out of wedlock, a term the public refuses to use any more. The baby was only about 4 to 6 months old but was a really sweet baby. He seldom even fussed or cried. A joy to babysit for. Mom(??) was going to give him up for adoption. She was about 20 yrs old and quite pretty. I asked her why she was giving her child. She told me, ” He is interfering with my SOCIAL LIFE!!!” At that moment she became a very ugly person to me. I did not get to follow up on her story as she stopped using my sister to babysit him. We were all in our early 20’s! Of course as I got older and had my own children I learned that it was probably the best thing she ever did for that child!

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      • David, indeed a sad and depraved story. The lefties howl about abortion in the cases of rąpe and incėst (what, those kids deserve death because of someone else’s crime?), when almost all abortions are (1) to get rid of an annoyance or embarrassment, or (2) to cover a cheater’s actions. Evil!

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  12. Hard to fool dogs with BS…

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  13. My dog, who died when she got old, only ever bit two people in her life. One was a man who was walking past me in the park – and for no apparent reason, she ran up to him and chomped on his leg. I was horrified, but he mumbled something and kept walking. Upon leaving the park, I saw him again – in handcuffs being led away by police – apparently he was finally apprehended for previously assaulting women in that same park.

    Dogs can just smell evil a mile away. People like Dunham should be tagged as unfit to care for or take ownership of a pet. Poor dog, a four year nightmare.

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  14. The dog got the best deal of its life.

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  15. david and MAinMO, you are BOTH spot on:
    “unless you have had a dog like this, you do not know of what you speak.”
    i have had pets all of my life: but that ‘one’ long, painful failure broke my heart. it happens.

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  16. I’m not a big fan of Dunham, but I can’t find fault with her on this issue. Dogs are animals, not humans. They deserve good treatment, and loving care. But they are not human, and do not have rights. If the poor dog was so abused and maltreated that it can not be socialized, then it should be put somewhere where it can get care without causing harm, or is should be put down. While that is distasteful, it is sometimes necessary.

    Poor dog. I hope things go well for it.

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    • David, you’re TOTALLY wrong to say that animals have no rights, because they are not humans. They have the right to be treated with respect, care and love. To say they are not deserving of fair and decent treatment is nasty.

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      • It wasn’t me saying animals don’t have rights, but in realty they don’t have legal rights. I personally believe that mistreatment of animals should be criminal and treated under criminal laws. My two dogs are treated as if they were my children since my natural children are grown and out on their own. I take them to the vet regularly. Their shots are up to date because I want them healthy. I buy them GOOD food and not some garbage full of corn or grains that has NO nutritional value for them. I do NOT leave them locked in the house for long hours where they can go on the grass. They are loved and treated as if they were, and they are, part of my family. I do with out some extras so they can have things they need to keep them happy. In return they give me lots of love and PROTECT my home from intrusion by undesirables.

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  17. Is that a picture of him waiving from the toilet again? Lena, close the door. Signed: your mother.

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  18. Animal Shelter Disputes Lena Dunham’s Story About Lamby, the Dog She Gave Away: A spokesperson for BARC Shelter in Brooklyn — where Dunham adopted Lamby in January 2013 before going on to make the dog a star by detailing his adoption in a New Yorker article, showing him off in magazine spreads like Vogue, and spotlighting him on her Instagram feed — has a different story though. For starters, the pet didn’t have a long history of abuse prior to Lena bringing him home.
    “We checked the records for Lamby,” Robert Vazquez told Yahoo Celebrity via email. “He was ‘owner surrendered, not enough time,’ so we do not know where she got ‘multiple owners that abused the dog.’” (In her New Yorker piece from March 2013, Dunham said the dog had “three other homes, three other names, but now he’s mine mine mine.”)
    At the time of his adoption by the star, the dog was just 1 “nearing 2-years-old” — and he didn’t have a history of being aggressive.


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