Navy Vet: ‘CA City Told Me to Take Down American Flag on D-Day’

galt ca flag pole mess

A big no-no in Galt, CA: Two flag poles. Oh the horror!

Why does it cost $4,400 to file a petition to amend this law? Insanity.

From Fox News: A California Navy veteran and his wife expressed disbelief at the city of Galt telling them to remove a flagpole on their property or face a fine.

The couple was informed that the second of their two flagpoles violated neighborhood code, which allows a maximum of one flagpole per property.

Ron Raeta and his wife, Sherri, said on “Fox & Friends” they were furious that someone in the neighborhood “with nothing to do” reported the violation to the city council.

Raeta recalled that he received notice to remove the flagpole on June 6, which is the anniversary of D-Day.

He said the city council tried to help, but since the code was clearly being violated, they said the flagpole would have to come down.

Raeta said he feels a sense of pride and patriotism to have the two American flags flying high in front of his house.

Sherri said the city council plans to review the code and that it would cost $4,400 to file a petition to amend the law.

Watch the interview above and read more, here.


10 responses to “Navy Vet: ‘CA City Told Me to Take Down American Flag on D-Day’

  1. This is more proof that California is, in myriad ways from what I’ve read over the past two years, institutionalizing mental illness. I don’t care for New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, at all. But Jerry Brown belongs in a mental institution for what he’s done! Why should it cost any money at all to file any sort of petition?!

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    • Steven . . . You have named this malady correctly. We see an extreme escalation of mental illness being exhibited in our Southern left coast state . . . and unfortunately, the bad air is creeping Northward along the left coast up into the state of Oregon.

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  2. Contact info. for Galt’s city government:

    Marylou Powers, mayor
    ph: 209.366.7114

    Lori Heuer, City Council member
    ph: 209.366.7117

    Curt Campion, City Council member
    ph: 209.366.7113

    Paige Lampson, City Council member
    ph: 209.366.7121

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    An attack on the U.S. flag is a attack on the the true citizens of this United States. Any agency or officer of that agency that would deny the right to fly the U.S. flag any where with in this nation, for any reason, is themselves in violation of our Constitution on multiple grounds. They should be resisted to the full extent of ones conscience an courage. Obviously the monetary expense is intended solely to deter justices.

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  4. I’d be telling them I’m exercising my Constitutional Rights,and if they want to remove the flag and pole,I’d ask them, “Do you feel lucky today? Well-DO YA,PUNK?” I’d make that town a pariah to America-,I’d have Fox News,One America News,News Max News,let’s see-who else would cover something this Un-American?? Funny thing-people like this lose a lot of their courage when they’re being televised screwing with an American’s RIGHTS…

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  5. Point proven as to why you never buy a house in a neighborhood with HOAs and the mentally deranged in charge.

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  6. I won’t post what I would have told those goobermint goons to go do to themselves.

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  7. If the BLM or Rainbow (GLBT) flags were raised on that second pole, this would never have been an issue.

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