Hasbro CEO: ‘We Eliminated Gender’ for Our Toys

gender is in your headFeeeeeeelings now trump science!

From Heat Street: Unlike Mattel and Lego, Hasbro hadn’t caved to modern sensibilities by separating its business units by gender. But suddenly, the third biggest toy and board game company, whose brands include Star Wars, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe, considers gender a very dirty word.

Last January, Hasbro reported its revenue by type of brand rather than by “Boys/Girls/Games/Preschool” categories.

And now CEO Brian Goldner boldly claims that gender doesn’t even exist.

“We look at our brands more inclusively than ever. In fact, we eliminated the old delineation of gender,” Goldner tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview.

“And if you think about a brand, be it My Little Pony, where 30 percent of our global TV audience is boys, or Star Wars, where we are launching [all-female animated series] Forces of Destiny with Lucas and Disney, you’re seeing people who want to be engaged in these stories.”

Historically Hasbro has done better with boys epitomized by sales for Star Wars and Jurassic merchandise. But last year it bought the Disney Princess and Disney Frozen licenses which boosted its sales among girls no we can’t use the term because Hasbro has ‘eliminated the old delineation of gender’.


26 responses to “Hasbro CEO: ‘We Eliminated Gender’ for Our Toys

  1. CEO Brian Goldner, a member of the Tribe, is also a Hollywood producer/executive producer.


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  2. Another step toward making all humanity the same…

    If you want perspective, YouTube Pink Floyd’s The Wall to see the children rolling off the production line…the song is from the 80s but the activity is in full throttle today

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  3. Hasbro, another company committing cultural suicide.

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  4. Well, with the new Ken doll, this seems to be an industry trend… although kids tend not to be into androgyny, trans-o-rama or whatever they call it now.

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    • Anonymous . . . When I saw the blurb showing all the “Ken” dolls . . . I thought I was seeing likenesses of all the basement dwellers (you know, those guys living in their folks basement because they cannot seem to get a job and get a real life on their own.) To me they did not depict upwardly mobile young men. I would not purchase one of these dolls on your life.

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      • Welcome to the new “normal”– adolescence lasts until 35- 40 or something now…

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        • Here’s the interesting P.S. on these Ken dolls: NONE of them are interested in the slightest in Barbie. They prefer each other’s company.
          And they all own at least 5 or 6 “participation trophies” for their days in Day-Care “intramural sports activities”…
          Which is, I believe, where this generation or 2 got its confused ideas about gender and lack of privacy and morals. “What’s wrong with being completely naked (and more) online, we’ve all seen each other before!”
          “Everyone’s the same. Nobody’s exceptional. If one does better, it’s not because of hard work or superior effort; therefore, share it with the rest of us while we get high or stoned or do whatever turns us on.” – Obama-ism
          I heard their sales went up 7% after “diversifying” Barbie. Let’s now watch how long that bump lasts before dying and going south in profits.

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        • Dang, that pic worked when I got it… well, here’s another:

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    • Tragically, I see a lot of young guys with that crap on their heads.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    When you treat boys like boys, they will grow up to be men. Treat young male minds like girlies, well, they will grow up to be wusses. Works both ways with girls too.

    Nothing wrong with a strong woman, just as all men are not equally masculine, but their gender is just as sure as their sex, regardless of what is planted in their minds by the perverted vultures who mean to prey on them.

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  6. I’m curious as to the quote “Gender is in your head, not your pants”. So if I think I’m a man (but genetically a woman) and I go to the doctor, because I have abdominal pain, will he immediately rule out feminine problems, because I’m a “man”? He should, because my brain tells me I’m a “man”. Technically, I should be allowed my delusion, because that’s my reality and no one should tell me differently. What will they call ovarian cancer in “men”? This will be a fantastic time to be a doctor.

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    • if he treats you as a man and the problem was gyn-related then you could sue him for malpractice….isn’t this “new world order” great? (sarc.)
      dmned if you do, and dmned if you don’t….satan’s world of confusion.

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    • And what happens if you take a Midol? Women can zip up their jeans without a tuck and push, men just don’t casually pull up the old drawbridge. Never saw a chick wear a cup for baseball, either. Infield pop ups can hurt like nobodies business.

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  7. I’m SURE they remembered to cancel or modify their Company slogan,BOY oh BOY-it’s a HASBRO TOY!

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  8. HMmmm-What would be the PC replacement?
    ” oh -it’s a Has-Sibling Toy!?”

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  9. Could somebody out there tell me what that doll is? Looks like……..what????

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  10. Do any of these intelligence deprived adults truly think for one minute that children ever use the word gender or even care what is unside the pants and dresses of these dolls?
    Having once been a child, baby sat for children, raised brothers and sisters and having raised my own children, I can promise you, Gender never crossed their lips when playing with dolls or GIJoe.
    This is all show and self serving for those with a different agenda than those wanting to bring enjoyment in young ones lives.
    I can’t wait to see what their next project is in destroying civilization.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Your comment is so right on. Todays “toys” have nothing to do with giving enjoyment to children . . . it’s just more drivel to push the agenda of todays libtards. How unfortunate that it is ruining the children of today.

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  11. Sweeping Away Gender-Specific Toys and Labels

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  12. I think Ken and his ilk were gay from get go. He was always in the state of transitioning. Then again, once Barbie discovered feminism she probably Lorena Bobbitted him and hung it from the rear view mirror of her pink Vette.


  13. Funny thing is that most of the kids know better. My 11 year old girl and her friends laugh at the adults who spew this vile crap. My daughter tells them she identifies as a black attack helicopter, and her friend Braden says that he is a bologna sandwich. Lol
    I tell them to tell them that your colorless genderless and you never need to use the bathroom.

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  14. Eliminating gender is an essential part of the plot to weaken and enslave the brainwashed young for exploitation in the New World Order.

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