Disney movie merchandise is a penis-shaped bubble wand for kids

The 1977 movie Star Wars is notable for several reasons, one of which is that it marked the beginning of Hollywood’s extremely lucrative movie merchandise business. In fact, Star Wars holds a Guinness World Records title for the Most successful film merchandising franchise. In 2015, the total value of the Star Wars franchise was estimated at $42 billion.

Tweeter Tim McInerney @sharpedge42 found a Disney “Frozen” movie merchandise — a penis-shaped bubble wand toy for kids.


Here are the Google translations for the non-English words on the bubble wand card, which suggest the penis bubble wand is aimed at the EU market:

  • seifenblasenschwert = German for “soap bubbles sword”
  • Bacchetta magica bolle = Italian for “magic bubble wand”
  • Baguette magique a bulle = French for “magic bubble wand”

Fashioning a child’s toy in the shape of a penis is a way for pedophiles to “groom” — train, accustom, habituate — children for sexual predation.

H/t Voat

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23 responses to “Disney movie merchandise is a penis-shaped bubble wand for kids

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Sick and twisted bastards!

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  2. They go to new depths to introduce kids to sexual themes. I’m disgusted with most of society.

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  3. Other than Mary Poppins, I never cared for the Disney brand. It always seemed to promote a worldview that was nothing short of a glucose tolerance test. I’ve felt like this ever since I was a kid.
    But this is way over the line. I boycott Disney in that they haven’t gotten any of my money at all. I don’t know what can be done at this point. This is absolutely despicable.

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    • I could not believe what I was seen! Perverts, emancipators, children’s mind rapists. How can anybody be so corrupt?

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      • “How can anyone be so corrupt?” This is how: Uncle Walt and all the rest of the Big Players were or are FREEMASONS. Get red-pilled now: There is a movement to normalize pedophilia, and they’re pushing for it. (This is not to blame the individual Blue Degree Mason: They’re kept in the dark as to the organization’s big aims.) Read Henry Makow!


  4. Well, this does give a new meaning to Frozen Stiff. Good grief people, a simple internet search on the history of Disney will scare you to death. WAKE UP.

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  5. Endorsed by Angela Merkel

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  6. Dysney has become PREDATORY to our children

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    • sunaJAcon . . . I certainly agree with that. It is high time for people to revolt . . . . don’t attend their movies, and don’t buy their crap movie toys, etc. I wonder if the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t need to be made aware of this creeping business of porn toys aimed at children.

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  7. traildustfotm


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  8. Once again… the Soros/Podesta/Democrat elitist/creeper crowd strikes again for trans/global/diversity/whatever freakiness. (Someone in that crowd influenced or approved this idea– a “business thought leader” or buddy on some corporate board or chain of command, they all party together because it’s “good for business” or something.)

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  9. Get one autographed by Kathy Griffin and Johnny Scissorhands Dip.

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  10. elm lightworker

    I’ve watched analysis of pornograhy in Disney movies. It is mind boggling subliminal messages – so easy to not see it, but on a subconcious level the young audience is definitely being ‘groomed’. Hollywood is a pit of pure evil. Pedophiles, satanists and lunatic democrats. I cringe when I hear the rubbish spoken by actors I liked. Paul Watson has a brilliant video on the disgusting crap that is called modern ‘art’ – covering singers, painters etc. Why are parents so blind that they do not investigate the stuff they allow their kids to watch? Maybe it is just easier to take out a DVD to keep the kids busy while they do their own ‘thing’. Little do they realise that a big bad wolf in the disguise of a ‘cute’ Walt Disney film is waiting to pounce on and defile their kids. We are supposed to be the protectors!

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  11. Goodness, that can’t be unseen. You have to wonder what sick mind did this. Was it really meant for a porno store and was mislabeled?
    And the conditioning continues.

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  12. Who of us knew weenie waving could be monetized?


  13. …which suggest the penis bubble wand is aimed at the EU market:

    Well, Europe is pretty much screwed, after all.

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  14. The really creep part is that you KNOW they had to spend hours discussing the release of this. What sort of discussion could that have been? Truly one has to be some sort of twisted creature to even think of a toy like this.

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  15. A DILDO is what it is,

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  17. Concerned mom

    Omg! How can this be allowed!? Who approves this? How can this be taken off shelves

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