Muslim migrants in Denmark torture and kill cats for fun

It grieves me to post this, but I do it because we need to know.

Faithful readers of FOTM know that we regularly publish posts on animals — those whom St. Bonaventure called God’s “creatures without sin”. For indeed, it was humans, our first parents, who committed that first sin of prideful grandiosity, wanting to be “as gods,” which left its indelible mark and legacy on all subsequent humans. We are born with the Original Sin — as tinder for sin (fomes peccati).

It is bad enough that Muslims hate dogs and are forbidden to have a dog as a pet or allow one in their house. (See “Why Muslims hate dogs”)

It’s even worse that Muslims intentionally and deliberately are cruel to not just dogs, but others of God’s creatures. See, for example, my 2016 post, “Muslim Animal Abuse: Iran injects stray dogs with acid; Arabs push donkey over cliff”.

This post is about how Muslims in Denmark inflict unimaginable torture on cats — tearing out their legs, gouging out their eyes, stripping their skins, decapitating, eviscerating and crucifying these innocent, defenseless creatures.

Nicolai Sennels reports for 10News, June 8, 2017:

“I’ve seen cats being played football with. I have seen cats with their legs torn off and their eyes gouged outWe see cats that have had their heads torn off, and ones that had skin ripped away, or had their legs and back broken.”

This is how a women working with the Danish Animal Protection describes some of the horrible treatment of animals in the Muslim dominated area of Vollsmose, a suburb of Odense, the third largest city in Denmark.

“The worst thing I saw was a bunch of kittens crawling around with their bowels hanging out because they had their bellies cut open,” she says.

Therese S. Wilbert, Director of the Danish Cat Protection agrees that the area is unsafe, especially for cats:

“In Vollsmose, the degree of abuse for cats is worse than elsewhere in Denmark. It is usually children below ten years of age who abuse the animals,” she says. Wilbert says that in 2016 alone Cat Protection received 20-25 reports about animal abuse in Vollsmose, “but many cases are not reported, so the amount of animal cruelty is probably far greater.”

It is difficult for authorities to help the animals, since the area is very unsafe [even for humans]. When a volunteer from the Danish Animal Protection agency entered the area to save an abused cat, she was attacked by local residents of migrant backgrounds. Coincidentally, the assault was filmed.

“A group of young men attacked a female worker from Animal Protection services when she entered Vollsmose to pick up a cat that had been injured.

The young men stopped the animal ambulance, opened the ambulance door, stole the ignition key, tore at the woman’s hair and shouted in her face. The car’s taillight was smashed and the car was bumped .” The woman had to leave the cat and flee for her own safety.

Since this attack the Danish Animal Protection agency no longer sends people into the area to help abused animals.

The attack on the animal ambulance in Vollsmose was filmed, showing locals attacking the Animal Protection woman, tearing at her hair, and forcing her to leave the area. You can see the video here.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video, showing a Muslim kicking the van as the woman hurriedly drove off:

BareNakedIslam posted the following images of what Muslims do to cats, not just in Denmark, but in Sweden, France, and Malta. Live cats are thrown against a wall; decapitated; skinned; eviscerated; and crucified on a cross. The images are graphic, unimaginably terrible and evil and, if you have a heart, will make you cry.


Calling them “savages” is an understatement. There is no place for these Muslim devils in any civilized society. But European governments and America’s Democrats invite them in. There’s a special place in Hell for these devils and their enablers.

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46 responses to “Muslim migrants in Denmark torture and kill cats for fun

  1. Its just kids having fun!!!!! Maybe the locals should have fun also. But use these pieces of crap to have fun with. Bet that would stop some of this crap! I see it a these a-holes honing their skill to use on CHRISTians someday!

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  2. Just sayin’…

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  3. Bast*rds. Just horrific.

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  4. It really pains me to see these pictures—but it’s necessary. We have to know what these DEMONIC GOONS are capable of.
    I just cannot understand it: Women in Germany raped in public—and the police do nothing. Women in Sweden copulating with these VERMIN out of some warped desire to identify with them, or be otherwise left alone.

    What, IN GOD’S NAME, could provoke and nurture this suicide pact? Was Nietzsche correct about the Will to Power?

    It’s peculiar: A number of nations have been the incubators of horrible ideas: The French Revolution served as the prototypical communist revolution. England gave rise to Fabian socialism. In the United States, Topanga Canyon gave the Crowleyian impetus to the hippie generation.

    Islam predates these eruptions of evil.

    This horror will continue until—and unless—we come to our senses and, in the words of Conrad, “Kill all the brutes!” What will it take for the West to snap out of its trance? I simply do not know.
    I certainly agree with St. Bonaventure, and I hope animals have an afterlife.
    (We will have to wait for an answer to this Question). Pray to Our Lady of Fatima: The conversion of at least some Muslims may well happen, in the future. One thing is certain: They have the demographics on their side. The Showdown is coming….

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  5. I feel so ill after viewing this . . . . these (I cannot even think of a word that is bad enough to describe them) need to be flown back to their native homeland and dropped, minus a parachute! I can scarcely believe that any person of any degree of humanity could perpetrate such deeds. The deepest depths of Hell await them.

    Dr Eowyn . . . although this subject is ghastly to contemplate . . . it is better that we be aware, than that we remain ignorant of these acts being committed. Thank you for broaching the subject.

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  6. This is what they will do to us and our kids if they have their way.

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    • Josh . . . AS much as I wish that I could disagree with you . . . in my heart, I know that is true. I fear for the young people we are bringing into this world. Our world was left a much better place due to the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation–those who lived through WWII. I fear my generation, or at least part of them are not worthy of the sacrifices of bygone generations of Americans.

      God Bless Our Nation and Give Us the Strength to Fight All the Forms of Evil that Prevail in Our Land!

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  7. I didn’t look at the pictures (Sitting here with 2 cats wandering across my desk…) but I don’t doubt for a second that they do these horrible things. First instinct would be to treat THEM in a similar way,but we’re better than that. Maybe we should push for a Law that makes this stuff an offense suitable for Execution for a FIRST (only) offense-there’s nothing ambiguous about this-if a person is present during this behavior,regardless whether they participate or just watch,they’re guilty of NOT trying to STOP it. A law such as this would probably have to be carried out by the dreaded Useless Nations,some time before we step out of their little “club” and evict them from our turf. Knowing where behavior such as this leads,we cannot allow it to be continued unfettered.

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  8. Leeann Springer

    I would love for all the Christians to be removed for safe harbor, and then nuke those filthy disgusting Satan indwelt pieces of trash off the face of this earth. It would not bother me in the least to volunteer for a firing squad or to drop a nuke on them. Send them all to Hell where their daddy Satan will welcome them. I couldn’t watch any of the videos as my mental bearings can not take it. Leeann

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    • I wonder how tough it’d be to get all the Christians out of the Country-you know how stubborn some people are…
      Also,aren’t the Military Research Facilities working on a bomb with nearly the same power as a nuke,but without the fallout? Seems I read that somewhere a few months ago…..


      • truck . . . . after seeing the horrible things that were done to those creatures, and then petting my Baby (female cat) I can tell you it really hits one in the gut. I wholeheartedly agree that people who are so depraved that they would commit this kind of wanton butchery need to be sent to the next world. I cannot see that there is any hope of redemption. When you glory in the commitment of these kinds of acts, you have already become a child of Satan.

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  9. It was excruciating to even quickly scroll through the images, some of which I’ve viewed before. If I were to personally observe this, I’m not sure I could control myself from attacking the savages. I will NOT allow innocent animals to be tortured and killed if I’m in a position to do something about it. I’m 60 now……and can conceal carry. When I was 21 and working a job out of state, I was driving through a neighborhood and saw a little boy of 6 or 7 pulling the tail of a puppy so hard it was crying out and it could’t get away from him. I stopped my car on the side of the street, go out, and went into the yard and talked with the child and told him sternly he was hurting the puppy and to never pull their tails. The parent(s) didn’t observe me, evidence of the lack of parenting skills, including not teaching the child how to treat animals and not being monitored with the puppy.

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    • greenworxx . . . perhaps you were a voice of sanity in that child’s life. Heaven knows, we have far to many feral children running around with no moral guidelines. Bless you for taking that action.

      I had never seen these pictures before, and they have been in my mind all day. I am left to wonder, what if anything are the Danish police or government going about allowing this to go on in their country?

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  10. Dr. Eowyn,
    I had to skim over the photos quickly and even then I am holding back tears. I have never read anything on your site that has brought me to tears before.
    I want to write something but cannot even think of any words that express the horror at this profound evil. And now if we were in the EU I guess I would be charged for hate speech but with all my heart I feel these Muslims are human detritus, and it is an insult to call them monkeys, or any other animal. In fact I think maybe they should have some of what they have done to these cats done to them. They are subhuman scum, and God forgive me, I hate them and the effing Satanist scum politicians who are causing this to happen so as to destroy our once beautiful and humane European cultures. Islam is a Cancer. I said it, and I will say it a thousand times!!!! Islam is a Cancer!!!!

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    • Lana . . . You have only expressed what all of us are feeling. These evil being will not be permitted to dwell with the righteous in the hereafter. Although that gives some measure of comfort, it does not take away the horror of such evil acts.

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      • Auntie, I truly hope I did not offend anyone here but I could not hold back. It helps to know there are others that feel the same. It is now hours since I posted my previous comment and the story is still haunting me. I was thinking about it further and it occurs to me…… we all know man’s inhumanity to man, people killing people over ideologies and the like, but it takes a special kind of coward to do this to a helpless innocent animal. To think this is not an anomalous action by a deranged individual, but a sanctioned cultural act is beyond my comprehension. Sometimes I hate being on this planet. I can only hope they do get their just desserts when they move on, but as you said, it’s small comfort in the presence of such monstrousness. I don’t hold any hope of any conversions for these creatures as one person mentioned above. I think they are too far gone save a few rare souls.

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  11. Just exactly how much evidence does a country to need to come to the realization that these barbarian invaders will never assimilate?
    They are conditining themselves by doing this for more horrific things to do down the road.
    They have so much inbreeding and lack of education and brainwashing done to them since day one, all opportunities to try and teach them will never succeed.
    God help me, but I don’t think they will ever absorb anything, but the same being done to them. They don’t care, and they have no hearts or feelings.
    Even the six or seven richest Arab nations know this and have taken in zero. The Saudis could right now, this minute, could house millions and refuse to do so. This is very telling. The Saudis still think it is okay to frame your wife and stone her to death or behead her in downtown traffic. And yet, they think these invaders are even worse.
    Oh, how I wish we would never hear another thing about any of the Muslim countries again.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I agree wholeheartedly with those sentiments! How is it that the Saudis are smarter that Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, USA, etc. etc. It really defies one’s imagination.

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  12. Sick to my stomach. But this is not new, nor exclusive to Muslims. And this is why we need to be ready and be able to defend ourselves. Lock and load because it will happen to you sooner or later it you are not!

    In some places in Asia you will observe similar practices, and it’s not only Muslims. Go to a Chinese food market in HK for example, or a restaurant, and you will see pigeons immersed in boiling water, and skinned alive, and thrown in a plastic bag for the buyer to take home; or a turtle’s carapace removed with the animal alive; same with eels and snakes; monkey’s brains are a “delicacy” and the animals have their skulls cracked open and their heads inserted from under the table through a round hole and eaten with the animal still alive; fish is fried alive, with head wrapped in a wet cloth, to show freshness, then vinegar is dripped on the gills, that will move as the animal gasps for air; and on and on it goes. Right now I think there is a dog meat festival going on where thousands of dogs are slaughtered for meat – not humanely killed and butchered; some are beaten with clubs to tenderize the meat, skinned alive, etc.

    There are cultural differences that simply do not allow for people to share the same country, let alone the same state or city.

    Just be ready. If you do not carry a firearm, consider doing so and getting training. God forbid one ever has to shoot another person, take a life, but if needed, if needed to defend self, a loved one, a neighbor, another individual, better to be ready than to be sorry.

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    • What Chinese do to animals is reprehensible and revolting. The difference between them and these Muslim animal-abusers is this: The Chinese do it for food and profit; the Muslims torture for fun — which on a scale of evil, is penultimate because the most evil is taking pleasure from causing harm, suffering, and death to another.

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  13. “By your fruits you shall be known.” The world has come to know these heathen reprobate sewage rats due to their myriad cruel and inhumane practices upon their fellow human beings, their wives, daughters, children in general, their neighbors in their country of birth and the world at large, as well as their “host” country….and toward the least of God’s creatures, such as this post sickenly illustrates.

    Just wish more leadership in the world outside of President Trump (including our own deadheads, bleeding-heart liberals, and Dumbocrats) could grasp this and launch defense against it coming into our country, their country….force it back into the filthy, heathen Middle East cesspools & deserts from whence it came……also wish our lower courts would CEASE and DESIST with “practicing/enforcing” US foreign policy (the travel “ban”) and follow the Constitution as written, which does NOT give them the perrogitive or right to do so….but clearly states that it DOES give it to the POTUS. Period.

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  14. CalGirl . . . Amen and Amen! God inspired The Constitution . . . yet we have men and women of evil intent who wish to subvert it.

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  15. I could not finish reading this post. I’ve got a six shooter. At least that would take care of six of ’em.

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  16. Forward it to people who think moslems are just misunderstood.

    Post it wherever Linda Sarsour spews her rhetoric.


  17. traildustfotm

    How I wish I hadn’t seen those pictures!


  18. Another reason to keep them out; they are cowards who prey on the defenseless animals but can’t stand up to ISIS…..


  19. These are not real Muslims. Muhammed loved cats. These men might think they are Muslims, but they are not. The fact that Muslims, real Muslims, love cats was their one good quality, the only good quality, in my eyes. These people are just inbred Arabs who find cats too small to have sex with. I wonder what Muezza would think of these inbred Arabs. Muezza was more Muslim than they ever could be.


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  21. These are not real muslims because cats are to be cherished in Islam. They will go straight to hell

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  22. Let me leave no doubt in anyone’s mind. These 7th century barbarians would be DEAD,DEAD,DEAD,if ever I would witness this torture to a human or animal. Too bad for the people of Sweeden,they invited them in,and now they will reap the whirlwind. Good for them.


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