Animal instincts and the Fall of Adam and Eve

Animals often put humans to shame.

In the elephant compound in Grand Park Zoo, Seoul, South Korea, a baby elephant, accompanied by an adult (mom?), was drinking water at the edge of a pool and fell in.

The baby was drowning.

Watch how mom and another adult elephant immediately sprang into action to save the baby.

Watch how a very brave mother woodpecker furiously fought a big snake who was stealing her eggs.

Scientists say the adult elephants and the woodpecker are merely acting from their maternal instincts.

If so, then I say human beings can use more of those instincts, which really are attributes endowed by the Creator.

The Genesis account of the Fall of Adam and Eve is shrouded in mystery. The interpretation that makes sense to me is that our first — and very narcissistic — parents succumbed to the Devil’s temptation to be “as gods” and so ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Wanting to be “as gods,” of course, is a violation of the First Commandment.

As philosopher Francis Bacon explained, what precipitated our first parents’ fall was their supposition that “God’s commandments or prohibitions were not the originals of good and evil but that they had other beginnings which man aspired to know, to the end to make a total defection from God, and to depend wholly upon himself.”¹

¹Francis Bacon, Selected Philosophical Works, edited by Rose-Mary Sargent (Indianapolis/Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company, 1999), p. 31.

And so, Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s explicit command, and ate from the tree because they wanted to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong, when God had already implanted that knowledge in them, which He had written “in their hearts”. (Jeremiah 31:33)

The results of humans’ rejection of God’s laws and of our moral instincts are evident all around us. See, for example, my earlier post today, “Muslim migrants in Denmark torture and kill cats for fun“.

For more examples of animals behaviors (“instincts”) that put humans to shame, see:


12 responses to “Animal instincts and the Fall of Adam and Eve

  1. I fail to understand when humans have an inward idea of right and wrong . . . . why is it that Muslimes, such as depicted in the earlier article posted by Dr Eowyn . . . have completely turned away from God and have chosen to be the children of Satan. I am profoundly troubled by anyone who would perpetrate this kind of evil. The only conclusion I can possibly come to is that all righteousness has left their souls, and we see them revel in their unrighteousness. It is a spectacle that is so ugly, so hideous, to unabashedly evil to behold . I shudder at the very thought of one being capable of committing such evil.

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    • When Adam and Eve chose to be their own gods, they spurned the knowledge of good and evil (or conscience) that God had already written in their hearts, for self-determination. Isn’t that what satanists, whether in name or not, do when they seek to “Do as they will”?

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      • Actually, the fault, or the blame of this knowledge, was placed squarely upon Adams head. Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned: Eve, of course, was not blameless in the matter, having been as the Bible called it in the King James, beguiled, or tricked, by the serpent, into eating of the fruit, and then Adam knowingly eating of it. And soon after this we find the first promise of the coming of a redeemer, or the Christ,in the book of Genesis. 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. The seed of the woman is none other than Jesus Christ. I went to Bible college, only for one year, but it was fantastic. I learned tidbits like this. The first promise of Jesus. And also, if you want to know the Bible, you have to know the Old Testament, and to know the O.T., you need to know the Book of Genesis. And if you really want to know the Book of Genesis, you have to know Genesis Chapter 12, which deals with the call of Abraham. So, basically, if you want to know anything about the Bible, you need a foundation about Abraham. In other words, the foundation of Christianity is also the foundation of the Jewish people.

        And I was looking around the site tonight, and looking at some of the things written about Vladimir Putin. I think that he is a man to watch, as he will have a place on the world stage as events unfold. I don’t automatically think that he is one to be feared, but he is for sure to be watched. He has seen what has happened with two world wars, to his motherland. It has been decimated, to where it is now not even the USSR, but simply the Russian Federation. I don’t think that his goal is to rebuild the USSR, to it’s glory days, as he knows that is not realistic. But I think that he wants to make it so that the Russian Federation gains enough strength that it stands strong and never again has to worry about being reduced to a pile of rubble or has to be taken over by other countries. And that, I think, is not unfair of him to have as a goal. He is very smart, and while he was a KGB officer, he was not a field officer, but instead a desk officer, if I recall. But that doesn’t mean that he is any less ruthless. He is underestimated at a countries own peril, as he rarely makes mistakes, and never the same one twice. Trump is a deal maker, but not on the world stage, and certainly not with the kinds of people who are used to dealing with such high value poker chips. Trump is used to dealing with only money, while the Putins and the Kim Jong Un’s deal with lives and territories. Much greater stakes involved and hopefully the new president is up to the task. These are certainly interesting times we are living in.


        • “the foundation of Christianity is also the foundation of the Jewish people.”

          Don’t you know that for religious Jews, the Torah (OT) is decidedly secondary to the Talmud — the collection of the sayings and writings of rabbis, i.e., humans? You really should acquaint yourself with the vile Talmud before you lecture to us about the Jewish people — that Talmud that portrays Jesus as a bastard, charlatan, and fool; His mother Mary as a prostitute; Christians as idolators and, like all Gentiles (non-Jews), subhuman animals; and Jews as superior, godlike beings.

          I recommend Michael Hoffman’s excellent, carefully researched and sourced book, Judaism’s Strange Gods. I DARE YOU.

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  2. I believe it was St. Ignatius of Antioch who wrote that the sin of eating of the fruit of the tree was not what got them expelled from the Garden of Eden, but, rather, their self-righteousness to God when He confronted them about it. For inbetween the eating of the fruit (literal or figurative for some other deed, perhaps sexual (?)) and their self-righteousness, they COULD HAVE chosen to apologize to God, to repent. In other words, they still had that power in their free will. But they became self-righteous, and God had the Angel (St. Michael (?)) expel them, and keep them out with “a flaming sword.”
    I also have no problem with the Book of Jeremiah, either, for God has “written,” in some way (most likely in the DNA, somehow) His Law “upon the heart of man.” St. Augustine has more or less said that sin darkens the intellect and weakens the will, so it would seem that the repeated calamity of sin can darken the Heart of Man to the point where he becomes a Beast: Nero was such a beast, crucifying men along the Appian Way, soaking them with pitch and lighting them in the night to illuminate the path! Nero, who pulled the first false flag and had his men set Rome ablaze and blamed it on the Christians! Nero, who copulated with his own mother—and son!—and had his son killed!
    (And if you think Nero was wicked, fast forward to Caligula!)

    So it comes as no surprise, regrettably, that the Heart of Man is “tinder for sin.” It comes as no surprise that some Muslims, most of the men of whom were raped as boys, develop a deep hatred for their own sexuality and women, are capable of depravity straight out of hell!

    Yes, sin will land us into Hell. Evil is a terrible mystery. But what usually follows sin is a warped and perverted self-righteousness, and this seals or confirms one’s commitment to sin. Very few who sink this low ever make it out. (The same of which can be said of insanity: Isidora Duncan was one of the few who made it out of madness!)

    The late Dr. Nathaniel Branden (“The Psychology of Self-Esteem”) was an atheist, and he carried on a ten-year-long affair with Ayn Rand. He considered religion to be nothing more than mythology. Yet he says some true and interesting things. Man is an “animal” of reason, and yet this correct reasoning is not automatic. In his book, he gives, in my opinion, the best defense of Original Sin given in the 20th Century (TPOSE, around p. 71, ff).
    At any rate, the animals have intellect, and they have will: But those powers or faculties are strictly limited to their sense-knowledge: They cannot abstract principles from their sense-knowledge. Hence, they remain innocent. Man, on the other hand, has an intellect that can and must abstract, and his will remains free—but not unlimited.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that the truths of the Catholic Faith can be demonstrated or argued conclusively by the philosophy of phenomenolgy, as developed by Edmund Husserl and his student, St. Edith Stein. I believe it is this ignored and undeveloped discipline that offers non-Christians the best hope of discovering and experiencing the truth of the Catholic Faith, where intellectual assent, minus prayer, is concerned. (Obviously prayer and right liturgy being paramount where acceptance of Revelation is concerned).

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  3. (Funny: I posted a rather long reply here, and I had my new WordPress site signed on, but when I tried to Post Comment, it disappeared).

    I believe it was St. Ignatius of Antioch who wrote that Adam & Eve’s sin, in and of itself, did not get them expelled from the Garden of Eden; Rather, it was their self-righteousness to God, once He confronted them, that got them expelled.
    St. Augustine says, in so many words, that sin darkens the intellect and weakens the will. So it seems only a natural progression of things that one is usually self-righteous after sin—or is naturally prone to.

    Comparing another matter I did not think of originally, Dr. Eowyn, I thought of the neighborhood car service I used to drive for. The dispatchers in the office, so all the drivers said, “hated each other, but they all worked so well together.” For a number of years, I could not understand this. Many drivers said so. And I knew they argued and fought with each other: They were all ex-jailbirds, drug addicts and degenerate gamblers!
    But then I read something, years back. And then I noticed the same about the high schools I used to teach in. The administrators and many of the teachers were the same. I had read a review of Hobbes’ “Leviathan,” in which he basically illustrates much the same thing.
    And the review said much the same as you have: The desire to “do one’s thing,” carried to its logical conclusion, is, simply, Satanism.
    The intellect and will of animals is strictly limited to its sense-knowledge. The intellect of man abstracts principles, and his will, although not unlimited, is free. This is why man is “tinder for sin” while animals remain innocent.
    Great post.

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  4. I am not convinced that this is just instinct as the scientists would say. After all, we have seen many times the love that animals have for humans- just as recently as Dr. Eowyn’s article on those dogs showing terrible grief and mourning for their masters and other doggie friends. Why should an animal mother have any less love for her own offspring? For that matter the video above cannot be explained as a mothers instinct because the other adult elephant who was not the mother sprang into action as well. The pure love of animals is something to behold. Thank you for this piece Dr. Eowyn -a nice offset to the other sad article on cats.

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  5. Instinct is often more reliable than intellect. We should use both, but when things don’t work out, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard ” should’ve gone with my gut”, or the equal number of times I’ve heard “I should’ve known better”. Animal behavior seems to be much more reliable/predictable than that of humans.

    The Elephants are amazing, and how quickly the second adult rushed to aid the first. I confess I couldn’t bring myself to read the torture post, especially after just reading about the horrendous Chinese habit of capturing 800 domestic dogs/cats to slaughter for food. Truly backward behavior. Wilbur’s new trade deal on U.S. beef exports to China, includes the U.S. importing Chinese cooked, canned chicken. So please be aware and on the lookout – why anyone would buy Chinese cooked, canned “chicken” is a mystery to me. I’d sooner starve.

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