A demoralizing blow for demorats: 0 for 4

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15 responses to “A demoralizing blow for demorats: 0 for 4

  1. Demoralizing blow? C’mon, nothing demoralizes the demos. Start from the top, first went Harry Reed, to be followed by Nancy Pelosi, and down to the end until the party is sanitized. And now we hear that ERIC HOLDER WANTS TO RUN NEXT ELECTIONS to unseat PRESIDENT TRUMP? Hey Eric, go help the people in the Bronx, they need you!!!

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  2. Looks like these mercenaries of doom need a plutonium enema!

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  3. I am tickled pink over this loss by the Dems! I was so afraid that they might pull off a win. Not only do we get stuck with some smuck who has shacked up with his girlfriend for a dozen years; the Dems had to demand of him that he become “engaged” to the woman; he doesn’t even live in the district that he was running for. All round, he is a big fat nothing!!! Although, we glory in this loss on their part . . . the real cherry on the whipped cream here is that they spent sooooooooooo much money trying to pull off a win, that these dollars are G-O-N-E, they have absolutely nothing to show for this money and they cannot use these wasted monies in any other race, or to further any other of their perverted aims. I am laughing myself silly over that fact! So we actually have two big wins for the Republicans. It is always good if your opponent hemorrhages their war chest, particularly when they lose. Oh! Happy Day.

    After reading the story of the evil being perpetrated on cats in Denmark, I have to say I really needed something to cheer me up, and this certainly helped to in a small degree.

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  4. Gosh-what a SHAME for them. Okay-I’m over my sensitivity for their pain now. There is SO MUCH they’ve INTENTIONALLY screwed up in America,it’ll take the WHOLE ADMINISTRATION,working full time,to start things back on the right track. Any losses they suffer from here on,they’ll get no remorse or apologies from me. They,as a political entity,have earned whatever ass-kickings they get from now on.

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  5. It doesn’t matter how they present their plan it’s still socialism and everybody, in their hearts, knows it won’t work. They want to be winners? become conservative….if that’s possible.

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  6. YouKnow–AGREE whole-heartedly! AND—They haven’t figured out that the people they run for office & the Hollyweird people(rich & famous who would NOT share money/mansions EVEN IF they managed to help elect someone who tried to “redistribute” their wealth—EVEN Bernie Sanders owns 3 expensive “vacation homes.” What pure FAKERS.)—these people who pour in money/endorsements for them are the VERY PEOPLE whom the American electorate REJECTED then– & continue to reject…..WE, the USA are NOT JUST LA/San Fran/NY/DC….WE, the USA are NOT wealthy in riches like most of our coastal political & entertainment goonies—but we ARE wealthy in our family & work & spiritual & community lives & we can NOT & never will identify w/Hollyweird 85-IQ highly-managed & “trainable” celebrities —-esp the ones in pink uterus hats who spew hate/violence against the POTUS, the intsitution of the White House, who call for death, beheading, burning down the representatives & the architectural icons of our Republic…& then….they SHOOT US if we are Republican……or vote Republican….

    OK with me if “they” never figure out where they are going wrong. The evidence is Olympian in quality and quantity, yet they are blind. And, additionally, Americans have given them the boot….and they are STILL sticking to the same talking points no matter what……and so, for now, I’m enoying watching them roil around and around in their political “death throes.” I don’t think they are extinct…or even on the way…but the Dems are right now seriously in denial and short-sighted about their tactics and chances for the future. Right now, they have at least ONE foot in the grave, and they are paying off & encouraging their OWN grave-diggers.

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  8. Actually, in special elections since November, they are 0-5.

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