Pro-life Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special Congressional election

Despite the despicable machinations of the liberal media, pop culture “celebrities,” and the deep state against President Trump, and the very real terrorist violence in acts and speech against a duly-elected, sitting President and his supporters, the Democrats continue to lose — deservedly.


Kathy Griffin wants to decapitate President Trump

Last night, the Democrats lost again in the hotly-contested run-off election for Georgia’s sixth congressional district, which was vacated when President Trump appointed former Rep. Tom Price to be Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Despite millions of Democrat dollars poured into pro-abortion John Ossof’s campaign, pro-life Republican Karen Handel won the election. With 100% of precincts reporting, Handel had 52.7% and Ossoff had 47.3%.

Just days before the election, on June 15, Handel and her neighbors were victims of the Left’s terror when they received threatening letters containing a white powdery substance in their homes’ mailboxes.

Karen Handel, a Roman Catholic business woman, was Georgia’s Secretary of State from 2007 to 2010.

Claire Chretien reports for LifeSiteNews that Karen Handel had fought Planned Parenthood Abortionhood. In 2011, as senior vice president of public policy of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Handel advised the breast-cancer charity organization to cut ties with Planned Parenthood (PP), which the charity did in early 2012. That led to PP and its political allies viciously attacking Komen and forcing it to reverse its new policy. Handel resigned and documented PP’s actions in a book, Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

In the special run-off election, Planned Parenthood endorsed Ossoff and poured six figures into his campaign. The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List endorsed Handel, as well as contacted more than 65,000 voters with information about her opposition to taxpayer-funded and late-term abortions, and her battle to defund Planned Parenthood.

During their first debate, Ossoff attacked Handel over the Komen/Planned Parenthood incident. Handel defended herself, pointing out that the Komen Foundation’s grants to PP “were not effective” and that:

“It doesn’t matter how many times you say it, it does not make it true. Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. Period.

Handel then detailed how she has spent her career fighting for women’s health through anti-breast cancer advocacy and awareness:

“I am gonna be at the frontline of fighting for women. I am not going to be lectured by you, John.”

“Reporting” for The Guardian, former Daily Beast reporter Ben Jacobs archly observes with barely-contained frustration: “The race was the latest in a series of special elections in Republican seats where Democrats managed to deliver moral victories – rather than actual victories – as they proved unable to notch a major electoral win in the Trump administration.”

“Moral victories”? What moral victories?

The election actually was a farce because, as President Trump pointed out in a tweet, John Ossoff couldn’t even vote for himself because he lives with his girlfriend outside the district.



27 responses to “Pro-life Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia special Congressional election

  1. So pleased to read this. Godspeed to Ms. Handel.
    Ben Jacobs is a tribe member, preaching about “moral” victories. What else would we expect him to write?
    And lastly, YES, let us stop using the enemy’s new-speak and stop referring to Planned “Parenthood” as such. Let us use the correct terms for what that corporate organization is in reality—PLANNED ABORTIONHOOD.

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing additional information about newly elected U.S. Representative, Karen Handel! I didn’t know about her influence in getting the Susan G. Komen organization to cut ties with Planned Parenthood. I admire her even more today!

    Years ago, I became a last-minute “sub” in a Walk for the Cure, Susan G. Komen event in Washington, D.C. I was SO DISTRESSED when I later found out that the Komen organization funneled money (through some sort of 3rd party organization?) to Planned Abortionhood! From that point on, if any cashier at a grocery store asked for breast cancer research donations, I asked whether or not it was the Komen organization. Then, I would tell them about Komen sending money to an abortion organization, and since I am pro-life, I could not support the Komen organization.

    It is good to hear that Karen Handel was monumental in getting Komen to distance itself from PP!

    This is a serious subject with me. I believe in:

    Choose Life, Your Mother Did

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    • I do not give to any of the so-called charities that claim their mission is ‘research’. Since no cures have been found after hundreds of billions of dollars have been funneled into these organizations, to my mind, their aim isn’t finding a cure. If it’s ‘re-search’, then the search has probably been done and the cure is likely known but not disseminated. The money train would stop moving if we were given cures.

      I personally think the NGOs (yes, all of them, to one “degree” or another) are a part of the black budget that funds the state-within-the-state or, the super state. It’s a (legal) nest of vipers who are interrelated and funneling money around for agendas that their contributors don’t know about because the NGOs are not telling contributors what the money is actually used for. Everyone feels good throwing a few dollars in the pot, but those dollars are actually hurting the average citizen, not helping.

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      • Dear st….LONG ago I quit donating to organizations “searching for a cure” for anything an everything. I, too, reasoned that there was no accountability for how these funds were meted out, and to whom, and for what purpose. Once upon a time in history, when Lincoln wanted a design for an “ironclad,” he established a nationally “open” contest for the best design (I think the prize was $12,000) and that’s how he solved that problem. He got his ironclad. I think all those “donations” would bring more solutions to our various researches into “curing” whatever ails us if they were paid out in “prize monies” for actual SOLUTIONS…OR EVEN new drugs or procedures that advance the causes at hand.

        I do donate to charities….but locally and for specifically stated goals/amounts that are publicly reported.

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  3. So much winning!

    Suck it Hollyweird! Celebs such as Debra Messing, Alysa Milano, Samuel L. Jackson and Rosie O’Donnell endorsed Ossoff. Hahahahaha!

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  4. So glad to hear it. This proves again that we’ve got something bigger than just Trump: We have a movement that is awake and is not “going gently into that good night.” Kudos to Mrs. Handel!

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  5. Congrats to Mrs Handel, the message is loud and clear, the time is right for MAGA.

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    • I do hope that when President Trump slips into a state of despondency, which I cannot imagine that he does not due to how much guff he has to take . . . . that he will remember that he has a large constituency who wishes him nothing but success, peace and safety!

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  6. Seems like I read the Democrats blew something over $2,000,000 trying to beat her. You can’t override quality with money….

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  7. Liberal tears…such a sweet thing:

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  8. Only the commie-libs would run Assoff, a Pelosi stooge, in my district and the goober doesn’t even reside here.

    There were four special elections yesterday, and the dems lost every one of them.

    If these were referendums on Trump, as the lefties were insisting they were, then I’d say Trump is in pretty good shape.

    It’s clear these idiots still don’t get why they lost last November.


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    • Dave . . . Isn’t that just the very best news possible! People are sick and tired of the Dems and their gangsterism (not real word, but it does apply here.)


  9. Ossoff can now Buzz off. And while he is at it he can now get rid of his permanent 5 o’clock shadow.

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    • John . . . Thank you for bringing that up. So many of these men with this 5 o’clock shadow thing going, just look like perverts. I am one who loves beards . . . but not the dirty face looking thing. I guess its okay for movie stars or tv actors, but real men need to either grow a beard, or shave it off . . . don’t just straddle the fence. For cryin’ out loud . . . make a choice!


  10. He did not deserve to win. For one, he looks like an escapee from his parents basement. He looks half asleep all the time, he doesn’t 3live in the district and he is taking dirty money from California.
    I love it when Hollywood throws money away like that,

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