People of Walmart: The slobs and sluts edition

There’s a website called, to which readers can send — and get published — candid photos they took of odd-looking shoppers in Wal-Marts across the U.S.

Periodically I go on the website to cull pictures for “People of Walmart” posts (scroll down to bottom of this post for our collection) as a way to chronicle how Americans have lost our sense of self-respect and propriety. Too many of us don’t make even a minimum effort at pulling ourselves together before we go out of our homes, but instead parade our slovenly appearances for the world to see.

Since it’s been more than a year since my last “People of Walmart” post, yesterday I returned to the website to cull some new pictures. Alas, matters have not improved since my last visit, but may actually be worse.

There is a politically-incorrect but true dictum that women are the guardians of civilization because women give birth to and raise a society’s children. A decline in women’s moral quality, therefore, leads to a corresponding decline in that society’s culture.

By that measure, there is something terribly wrong with American women.

Eyebleach Alert!

What’s seen can never ever be unseen.

You’ve been forewarned!

Here are FOTM’s other “People of Walmart” posts:


23 responses to “People of Walmart: The slobs and sluts edition

  1. This is bad. Very bad.

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  2. Recent graduates of associate training school?

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  3. Why isn’t WalMart kicking them out of their stores on grounds of indecent exposure and inappropriate dress? The other shoppers, especially those with young children, should complain to the managers. Instead of “greeters” just inside the entrances, Walmart should use “bouncers” armed with a camera for proof of the violations.

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    • I can see that:
      “Excuse me-please smile for the camera-click,click-thanks,Now I’ll escort you to the door. You can come back and buy your merchandise when you’re dressed suitably for public viewing. Thanks so much.”

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  4. Does Walmart have a Dating website? I think blind dates might be best.
    Does Walmart have gyms , exercise and nutrition classes?

    Yeah, and instead of a greeter, there ought to be some guys in white coats with nets and syringes.

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  5. Not as bad as cleaning your butt in a public drinking fountain or taking a dump in a trash can, but disgusting nevertheless. After Walmart it’s probably back to the trailer park for lots of beer, cheesy snacks, and mabye some homemade porn.

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  6. It’s profoundly sad that our culture has devolved to where an old woman, wearing a sweater to cover her arms, together with a bikini bottom, would allow her belly flab to be exposed for God and all the world to see. Surely this woman is mentally ill! I am glad that I am not a young person in our society, I can only shudder at the thought of what kind of heather will be walking around in public during the next two-three decades. I just cannot believe, other than to think that these women really are mentally incapacitated, that they would choose to offend other people in this manner.

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    • Her lack of a TRUE education, her lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ and thus her sense of modesty and her place in God’s creation, and her lack of proper nutrition have atrophied whatever brain God granted her in the womb.

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  8. I think it’s an offshoot of the Me me me generation. They just don’t CARE how they affect anyone else,as long as THEY’RE comfortable.

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  9. I’m sure glad that mygrandson left the room ten minutes ago. Ugh! Walmart, do better! Put a HUUUUUGE SIGN up of a dress code up at your entrances and in the parking lots.

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  10. Well, I know these photos weren’t taken in the Wal-Marts of either North Bergen, N.J. or Valley Stream, N.Y.: I’ve never seen trailer trash in either of those locations, Thank God. (I’ve never had them in any cab I’ve ever driven, either!)
    Oh well… I guess these are among the creatures we’ll meet in the FEMA Camps!

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  11. It is why we rarely, if ever, visit this store. The sludge of the world seems to love it.


  12. There are 2 Wal-Mart stores near me. I try to avoid both. One is the ghetto Wal-Mart which serves the hoodrats. It’s also where pictures like those found here eminate. The other is suburb adjacent and much cleaner. It serves the soccer mom crowd and flip-folp wearing dads. They’re both brimming with Chinese made garbage, only one with human garbage…your guess as to which.

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  13. Considering how this keeps escalating, it doesn’t give us much hope for the future, does it?

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  14. Loss prevention must be on their coffee break…


  15. Actual eye bleach:


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