Obese NY judge hasn’t worked in years but still collects fat paycheck


From NY Post: An obese judge did not do his $193,000-a-year job for over three years because he was too fat — and will still retire with a hefty pension even though an ethics panel found he milked the system, The Post has learned.

Acting Supreme Court Judge Daniel J. McCullough, 65, stepped down last month, after a state ethics probe determined that he “persistently failed to report to work” since April 2014 instead of going on proper medical leave.

Had he taken such leave, McCullough would also have taken a pay cut. His decision to remain an “active” judge prompted the state Commission on Judicial Conduct to find last month that McCullough failed “to respect and comply with the law.”

“He was basically forced out,” a court source said.

Despite being pressured to leave, McCullough will take home a $143,000-a-year pension.

McCullough — who neighbors say weighs some 300 pounds — suffers a host of maladies, from morbid obesity to herniated disks in his lower back and intestinal bleeding, according to commission records.

He earned full pay even though other judges were forced to pick up the slack in his absence.

In December 2014, about eight months after he first stopped working, a judge ordered McCullough to undergo a medical exam to find out how bad his problems were.

The tests revealed that the Corona, Queens, resident, who had been on the bench since he was appointed by then-Gov. David Paterson in 2010, had “a complicated medical history which involves morbid obesity,” in addition to the other problems.

In November 2015 the chief judge ordered McCullough to undergo a second medical exam, but he ignored the order, according to the report. He was in a Long Island rehab facility at the time and vowed to return to the bench.

McCullough, a former officer with the city’s Department of Correction, learned in October 2016 that the Commission on Judicial Conduct had started investigating his absences.

On May 4, the commission found that McCullough failed “to act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

The next day, McCullough filed for his retirement. On Monday the commission announced McCullough’s resignation, effective May 29.

“By any reasonable standard . . . three years is too long for a judge to be out of work . . . while others absorb his caseload,” said commission administrator Robert H. Tembeckjian.

McCullough escaped punishment aside from agreeing to stay off the bench.

​McCullough’s attorney, Roger Adler, said his client is still recovering from a 2016 surgical operation, never contemplated going on disability leave — and nor did the administrative judges suggest that option. “It’s a tragic situation,” Adler said. “He really hoped to come back.”


11 responses to “Obese NY judge hasn’t worked in years but still collects fat paycheck

  1. They say ignorance of the Law is no excuse, and I can’t understand why our “illustrious” Governor, Andrew (son of Mario) Cuomo is hiding under his desk on this one. Son-of-Mario is getting a lot of infrastructure work here in New York, building at least three new bridges we desperately need. Problem: Bridges don’t talk back.
    The last thing we need is a judge who’s built like a planet collecting money for nothing!

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  2. “It’s a tragic situation,” said his attorney. Yes, it certainly is tragic that this fat-@ss got away with it for so long!

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  3. Maybe he will die of a weight related malady sometime next week..


  4. http://www.scjc.state.ny.us/Determinations/M/McCullough.Daniel.J.2017.05.15.STIP.pdf

    Acting Supreme Court Judge Daniel J. McCullough.
    “Acting” is the key word.

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  5. ‘parasite’ takes on a whole new meaning…..

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  6. There should be some way of clawing back monies from this fat old reprobate! He knew what he was doing. When he got the second demand to appear for a medical review and did not comply within 30 days . . . he should have been terminated from his employment. How stupid or incompitent are those who are there to supposedly protect the tax payers?

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  7. New York Politics,doing it the way they’re known for…..

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  8. welcome to the world on corrupt NY state politicians. Fat slob obviously called in a favor…..


  9. So, the ethnics committee said he milked the system. He worked a total of 4 out of 7 years. How in the heck does that make him entitled to a pension?
    At best, he should get SSDI like the rest of those unable to work, but that ridiculous amount. No way. Someone dropped the ball in allowing this.

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  10. Richard North

    Private sector tax payers are horribly abused by government workers, and need better representation. This is another example

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