A dilemma for liberals: Suspect in Murder of VA Muslim Teen Was in US Illegally


Illegal alien Martinez-Torres

How will libtards spin this into their Islamophobia narrative?

From Fox News: A 22-year-old illegal immigrant who beat a 17-year-old Muslim girl to death has been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Darwin Martinez Torres, a citizen of El Salvador got into an altercation with Nabra Hassanen on Sunday morning in Virginia in what was reportedly a road rage incident. He assaulted her with a metal baseball bat, killing her and dumped her body in a pond.

ICE confirmed Torres is in the country illegally after a delay to say so.

Fairfax Co. police have stated it was not a hate crime despite initial speculation.

Torres reportedly pulled up to Hassanen and her friends, who were walking to a mosque for a a prayer vigil, and picked a fight with them during which Hassanen became separated from her friends.

Police arrested Torres after he was seen driving dangerously, after which he showed them the location of the victim’s body.

“On June 19, ICE lodged a detainer on Darwin Martinez Torres, a citizen and national of El Salvador, with the Adult Detention Center in Fairfax, Virginia. ICE lodges detainers on aliens who have been arrested on local criminal charges when the agency has probable cause to believe an alien is removable from the United States. Mr. Martinez Torres has no prior encounters with ICE,” an ICE spokesperson stated.

The suspect works in construction and has a four-year-old son and a girlfriend.


14 responses to “A dilemma for liberals: Suspect in Murder of VA Muslim Teen Was in US Illegally

  1. The media had tried to spin this as a Trumper being the perp. Thank you, DCG, for this post which shows that, once again, the Left lie.

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    • Yes they do! Firstly, if he’s an illegal alien, he shouldn’t vote so what difference would it make if he likes Trump or not? This guy clearly needs an execution. He is the sort of scum that some States and localities now are refusing to detain.

      We don’t need to import scum, we have plenty of native scum. The MSM have clearly left the building with regard to pretending to be “news”. There is no longer any way for them to ever retreat from being the partisan rooting section that they are.

      I honestly think that it is part of The Plan. They want to make us so disgusted with “government” that we’ll welcome what they have cooked up to replace it.


  2. Deport Mr. Martinez-Torres back to his country of origin. If his girlfriend and child wish to accompany him, that is the girlfriend’s choice. No one is holding her here. Let her make application to become an El Salvadoran citizen.

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    • First he has to pay for the crime committed, then if he makes it alive send him to where he came from, as for the child and girlfriend there goes my hard earned money to support them, and while he is in jail we pay, WE ARE STUCK WITH THESE COCKROACHES. We need the wall badly.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    They should have known what was bound to happen, considering they have allowed over 4o million illegals to invade our nation. I guess they think all those illegal votes is still worth a few murders, no matter who they are.

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  4. How in the Hell can this be considered to be an incident of “Road Rage?” The young woman was “W-A-L-K-I-N-G” to her mosque. Normally road rage occurs when one “driver” takes exception to what another “driver” has done! I would say this qualifies as a “Hate Crime.” I realize that I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack . . . but I just cannot see it any other way. This is just outrageous. I am dying to know if the girlfriend is a US citizen, or another illegal citizen. . . . . . and Y-E-S. you and I will get stuck paying for their care and upkeep. Build the Damn Wall even . . . and NOW!

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  5. Brings up an interesting point. The Liberals continually wail about deportation “breaking up families”. If that’s REALLY an issue,I’d be FINE with spending the extra $$ to send his family home with him. They can then become Citizens of his home Country. I also think it’d be worthwhile to tattoo some sort of mark on every deported person to readily identify them should they decide to cross again-maybe a bar-code on the back of the right hand or something. (Yes-I know the Nazi Party did this to identify Jewish people in the Death Camps,but this is different-this is to keep illegals OUT,NOT to keep Jews IN…)


    • truck . . . I am behind you 100%. The fact that you and I and every other US tax payer is being fleeced to cover the needs of illegals is pure insanity.

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    • Exactly TJ, the left keeps bringing up the illegals being sent back and tearing families apart……what about the family destruction the illegals cause by killing so many citizens, forever tearing those families apart?

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Actually according to the 14th amendment of our Constitution, persons here illegally still owe their allegiance to their ‘home country’, and therefor, the citizenship of all their children born here is under the same jurisdiction as the parents. At least technically, they need not apply for citizenship to the country of their origin.

      That is the true interpretation of the 14th amendment verified by the congressional debates at the time of its ratification.This “birth right” nonsense is a lie based on the intentional misrepresentation of the 14th amendment by our own government and educational system.

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  7. As I noted over at NB, this illegal invader POS does not need to be deported.

    He needs to be executed.

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  8. This drives me crazy…living in CA…& also being a history teacher. I see the inequitable comparisons betw religious refugees from Europe/ Scandinavia/ parts of Asia/Sub-continent during a true historic “Reformation,” even the Mexican-Americans/Native Americans that were encountered subsequent to this great Reformation & also the desire to add real estate & souls for God to various European realms…. that populated our country from the onset …the immigrants/natives who built us….ALL compared to the illegal aliens who penetrate our established borders today. There is NO comparison, & yet the “talking heads w/ talking points” keep making this bleeding-heart-liberal comparison without substantiation. “We are a nation of immigrants,” they bleat…& yet…they do not describe HOW & when & WHO they are talking about. They pretend the illegals of today—-who have a home, a community, a country…families & go back & forth to visit across the border….are the SAME as immigrants of past decades, who came legally, who did not depend upon the government to support them…who rose up to become Americans…..who NEVER went “back home” are the same as someone who today sneaks across the border–or even goes back and forth fluidly to his “old home and family” time and time again….

    This El Salvadorian did not come as a religious refugee. He did not come to break all ties with his past or his country of origin and start a NEW life. He brought his OLD life with him with dire results to another human being. He did not come here to become an American or an American citizen. He did not come here to establish a legacy for his own family in America—witnessed by his senseless murder of a young woman on the street. He came here to TAKE what he could while remaining loyal to his old country his old ways, his family in El Salvador….his old customs & ways of thinking.

    When I was in grad school in CA, they (of course) pushed the idea of multi-culturalism…which meant then & STILL means here, giving up English language in favor of Spanish (this is artfully disguised as an effort to foster “all language/culture” but…there are 56 languages represented in So CA school districts…but the ONLY ONE pandered to…& to which teachers are made to bow, is Spanish)—example—-if you were in the military service for at least 2 yrs abroad, your MS degree did not require a language…& yet, I served 6 yrs w/US Public Health Service on an Indian Reservation in an isolated part of the West where Native language was spoken…but I WAS NOT EXEMPT fr the language requirement. Silly THEM….other languages actually spoken natively in the good old USA?????? And then, guess which language I was made to take/pay for for a semester in order to complete my degree? Spanish. DAH. One of my biggest LOL moments in education was when the admin called a student/parent/teacher meeting w/kid in my class & when mother showed up & the “Spanish interpreter” was automatically assigned …..there was STILL a language barrier….neither the kid or the mother spoke English OR Spanish…but, upon some muddling around, I was able to discern for the participants, BECAUSE of my experience with Native languages, that this family spoke only a Native dialect and NOT SPANISH. So much for assumptions……..so much for the astuteness of my MS-granting entity. BLAH. A pox upon them for stupidity. You see, the problem w/”multi-culturalism”” as connected to language in BS & MS ed. today for teachers is that it is based on the experiences & texts written by dual-language educators in French-Canadian speaking regions of Canada. We, here in the US, have adopted their textbooks and philosphies as gospel. BUT…..no one ASKED the teachers here along the border with Mexico…or even farther away………The Canadian model is a FALSE model for us. The French-speaking Canadian usuallly has NO relatives in France—it is an historic connection…just like the Mexican and the European Spaniard today—- and these French-speakers do not routinely cross over the ocean for many weeks a year to spend with “family,” missing much school and treating this as “normal, cultural entitlement.” Here in So CA, and I think probably into many places even farther away from our border with Mexico……the families are fluid to-and-fro- with the border. They have never really given up their “homeland” in Mexico, and will not for many generations due this fluid border. Many, Many of my students even talk about homes their parents own in Mexico that they visit…maybe even family “compounds” and rental properties that they own and visit routinely…These dual language programs that we slavishly follow from the French-Canadian authors and educators have no similarities with the circumstances here on our Mexican/American border. There is also NOT the experience of conqueror/conquered peoples…..my students today who are so passionate about their Spanish language and “Spanish” customs (in reality, native American/Mexican customs and food) have no CLUE that they are passionately defending and speaking the language of their conquistadores from Spain..a European country….and it started with their people not so long ago generationally—and SOME people STILL only speak the ORIGINAL native dialects of their region……..I get the 1,000-yard stare when I have to teach them the history of Mexico and South America in 7th grade history.NONE of this is similar to the French-Canadian experience on this continent…not in the past and not presently. Yet…this is the model American educators have chosen to follow..and it has not worked here in the past, and is not presently working.

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