Smart crow asks for water

Scientists say crows are the smartest of birds, evidenced by their use of tools and experiments showing their ability to solve problems by completing a complex series of interlinked tasks.

Here’s a video of a smart and thirsty crow who asked humans for water.

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8 responses to “Smart crow asks for water

  1. We finally have a crow smarter than Nancy Pelosi or Sheila Jackson Lee!

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  2. If I had not actually seen that I doubt that I would have believed it. Fabulous post.

    I know that crows are very aware of each other. Out in the street that boarders my property a crow hit one of the power lines, it fell to the street . . . all of a sudden there was this huge, noisy din going on. I rushed to see what it was . . . crows had gathered on house tops, and telephone wires and they were all “wailing” for the one dead crow. They kept this up for a little over 10 minutes, until they dispersed and ceased the racket. I was amazed by this. It was truly profound.

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    • We’ve a large Red Norway near our front door, which no one uses except Deneige, and only a few times in 24 hrs, so it’s quiet, even if our ‘Five Corners’ street scene is pretty busy & sometimes loud. There’s a group of American Elms planted across the street, around our heritage red brick Esquimalt schoolhouse, so between these trees quite a few crows [50?] have resided for years, dominating the gulls, the next group of large birds.

      I relocated here six years ago; the crows had effectively trained me to feed them within the first 24 months, so now we have several crow-dependents nagging us for food scraps. We’re very aware nutritionally, so they don’t get any white bread or flour or ‘snack’ crapola; they DO like white rice, however, which I don’t eat [pre-diabetic], so they get that when it’s made [not often] for the others in our house.

      Even though we’ve fed them 4 years or more, they remain wary, hopping as they do, amusing even the middle school & HS students no end.

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  3. So the crow’s name is John Dee and he’s a kabbalist?


  4. Crows, ravens, rooks are incredibly smart, but the smartest of all is said to be the magpie, although compared to this crow, they’d be hard pressed to prove it. Great video.

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  5. Our beautiful feathered friends are sometimes much smarter than we ever thought.
    I told the story here where a cardinal had come to our patio fence and started raising holy heck until I went out. His baby had fallen from a tree and he wanted me to put him back. I put the little guy back, but it must have been the wrong tree, for daddy came back again. This happened three times until I got it right. All went quiet. Several days later. Daddy was back again raising heck in the fence. I went out and there he sat, with his baby. I think he wanted me to know all was well and thank you. He never raised Cain again, but, I saw him often in the area.

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  6. Family adopted by a crow…this is too cool:

    [so, CNN is good for something — fancy that!]


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