Shocker, not: Health insurers propose over 20 percent 2018 rate increase in Washington state

Obamacare Screw U

At least it’s lower than the 80% increase I had for my health insurance premiums this year.

From State officials say that health insurers have proposed rate changes for next year that have an average increase of about 22.3 percent.

The insurance commissioner’s office said Monday that 11 health insurers filed 71 health plans for the state’s individual and family health insurance market. In two counties — Klickitat and Grays Harbor — no health insurer filed plans.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says he has been reaching out to insurers to see if one or more will reconsider offering plans in those two counties.

All rates, health plans, and coverage areas are under review by Kreidler’s office and may change before the plans are certified by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board on Sept. 14. Open enrollment for the 2018 individual market starts Nov. 1.


11 responses to “Shocker, not: Health insurers propose over 20 percent 2018 rate increase in Washington state

  1. DCG: Come on to California; soon, we won’t need insurance at all. Medical care is going to be FREE for ALL (every resident, regardless of citizenship status)! Isn’t that GREAT?!

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  2. More of the same… in case we didn’t get the point already. (Thanks, Democrats!!)

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  3. It is good and just for every lib/dem to see their insurance costs raise to stellar heights. They should be proud to share their wealth with the less fortunate, not wanting to seem hypocrite. Also, I feel it would be apropos to house refugees and immigrants in dem/lib properties for the same reason.

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    • Josh . . . That is an excellent idea! Since the Dems want you and I to bare the brunt of all “the sharing with the less fortunate.”

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      • See that’s just it, the dems/libs/progs are hypocrite, they want to do things they think should be done not with their own money or property but with YOURS. I had a debate with a friend who is a lib on the immigration issue. He went on and on about throwing kids out of their homes and back to the civil wars or whatever they fled from. I said have you let an immigrant/refugee move into your home, or opened your bank account to them? He said no, I asked him why does he expect others to share their homes and neighborhoods as well as bank accounts with immigrants when he refuses to so do? He never talked to me about it again, didn’t even have to ask him to stfu.

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  4. Those in the know warned us years ago. I am not sure what anyone was expecting when they drive physicians, hospitals and clinics out of business. We have less serving more and the liberals are giving free service to people that never paid into the system.
    Big pharma has paid big bucks to do as they please, meaning huge increases. They have the FDA in their pockets.
    Those paying for all this are feeling the pain, those receiving free care could give a rat’s patootie and chastise those wanting a better program.

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  5. Ogoomacare is failing because it was designed to fail all along.

    The commie-libs want TOTAL control of our health care system, as they want to be the one’s that decide who gets it and who doesn’t.

    That means SINGLE PAYER.

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