How to delete Google’s tracking of your Internet search history

If you use or have ever used Google as your search engine, Google’s “cookies” actually keeps track of and save your search history.

Follow these instructions to delete what Google has on your search history:

(1) Go to this link:

(2) Click right on the notification boxes that appear on your screen, until you get a clear “Google My Activity” page.

(3) You’ll see three dots (arranged vertically) in the right top bar, like this (I’ve circled the three dots in red and painted a red arrow pointing to the dots):

(3) Left-click the three dots.

(4) Click “Delete activity by” in the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to a new page called “Delete activity by”.

(5) Click the arrow under “Delete by date”.

(6) Click “All time” in the drop-down menu, then click “Delete”.

(7) Ignore the warning “Before you delete” blah, blah, blah — and click “OK”.

(8) Ignore the new box that pop ups, saying “These items will be permanently deleted from your Google account” — and click “Delete”.

(9) A black box will appear in the bottom left of your screen, confirming that you have “Deleted activity from all time”.

(10) Do the above 1-9 steps for each browser you use.

(11) Periodically repeat the above 1-9 steps to continuously delete what Google has saved of your Internet search history.

H/t DuckDuckGo and GiGi


13 responses to “How to delete Google’s tracking of your Internet search history

  1. And in the future, don’t search with Google. I use Duck Duck Go and think that it’s one of several others that doesn’t track.

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  3. You might also consider Sandboxie, as I always load that along with whichever search engine I am using.

    You can get it here:

    Not only will it allow you to instantly close all active programs should you get hit, it also has a function to delete any and all temporary files stored on your pooter – including history and and accumulated cookies, if you set it up right.

    I use Google a lot because it meshes perfectly with my Chromebook, but I never exit without wiping out everything on either my Chromebook or my killer Windows desktop.


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  4. I use Bing-they don’t track me…


  5. Stephen T. McCarthy

    DR. EOWYN, great info. Thanks! This is the sort of practical stuff I really need to know how to do! I’m an old dog who doesn’t know many of these new tricks.

    ~ Stephen
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


  6. Sorry, I don’t want to leave identifying info, but please check out the link:

    You’ll learn that we don’t have to worry about browsers, tracking is down to the hardware level. M$ in concert with Intel has been betraying us for years. The best way to go stealth is to run certain versions of linux off of a CD in RAM memory. Great site, keep up the good work!


  7. Does Google track you even if you’re not logged in to any Google account? That link wanted me to sign in first.

    I never spend all day online while logged in to anything, much less Google. Once in a blue moon I’ll access Gmail from the web vs. via computer email client, but I don’t STAY logged in.

    I tried using Start Page search engine recently for several days but it was SO SLOW; plus it doesn’t give “instant definitions” or other short info excerpts like Google does when you search for something; plus it doesn’t automatically show Google Maps, nor Googe Images. I confess I like those things about Google, including math! I can slap a few numbers in the url bar, add, subtract, whatever, Google immediately gives the answer. 🙂

    I do know browsers collect tons of cookies even when not logged in to anything, so I am always deleting those several times a day.

    If you have any Google accounts & you use Google while logged in, in their rabbit-hole of Settings, you can turn OFF Search History if you can find it.


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