Dogs mourn the dead

Humans like to flatter ourselves for being uniquely in possession of moral sentiments, including our mourning of the dead.

But we know elephants return to the elephant “graveyard” to caress, with their trunks, the bones of their loved ones.

Here’s a video showing that dogs also grieve for the dead.


10 responses to “Dogs mourn the dead

  1. This is why I have to outlive my dog.

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  2. What is the mentality of the video-maker who labelled this as ‘Funny Animals’? Not one is experiencing anything but the deepest anguish over loss. Sad start to my day….

    “… excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain: the anguish of grief.”

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  3. That was profoundly grievous to watch. I am reminded that I need to out live my sweet little cat, Baby. I would not want her fending for herself.

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  4. It is said the almighty is closest to those with a broken heart,

    Father, please have mercy on every bereaved soul.

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  5. Tears-so heartbreaking…

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  6. Dogs have a unique perception. In Mexico there was a lady that used to feed the town’s stray dogs. When she died, all the stray dogs showed up at her funeral….

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  7. And to think we have politicians that refuse to criminalize animal abuse!

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