Another taxpayer income redistribution scheme: Hawaii could become the first state to offer its citizens universal basic income

government solve all problems

From Ballotpedia:  According to a report released in September 2015 by the nonprofit Truth in Accounting (TIA), Hawaii ranked 6th worst in the country in “taxpayer burden.”

Hawaii has a state debt of over $14,370,912,000 which calculates to an almost $10,000 debt per citizen.

With this proposed socialist scheme, what could possible go wrong?

From Daily Mail: It may have been the last state to join the United States, but Hawaii may trail blaze and become the first to offer guaranteed basic income (UBI).

A bill was recently passed through both the houses and state legislature in a unanimous vote that declares that all Hawaiians ‘deserve basic financial security’ and prompts state agencies to look over ‘universal basic income’ along with other policy.

‘As innovation and automation and inequality disrupt our economy, we want to make sure that everybody benefits and nobody is left behind,’ said state Representative Chris Lee of Kaliua to Mother Jones. ‘It’s past time that we had a serious talk about not just tweaking our economic policies but having a new discussion from the ground up about what our values and priorities are.’

While Alaska has provided state residents a stipend funded by oil revenue since 1976, Hawaii is the first to consider the income to cover living expenses. Hawaii’s cost of living – the highest in the country – motivated the passing of the resolution in May along with the states reliance on low-paid service industry jobs. 

According to Lee, Hawaii has a very limited manufacturing and tech sector which puts the service-focused economy at risk. The text of the measure mentions the impact of technological advancements which have helped kill jobs in the state.

‘There has been a discussion for a long time about how do we build an economy where everybody can afford to live here and survive,’ Lee said.

Next, Hawaii has to gather a ‘basic economic security workshop group’ comprised of leaders from various sects of public life. They will be tasked with assessing the state’s exposure to ‘disruptive innovation’ and submit studies on UBI.

Lee said: ‘There is definitely a recognition that beyond just talking about basic income that things need to change.  We need to take proactive action to chart a stable path forward for our economy and all of our residents.’

Other states have tossed about the idea of UBI for their residents. California’s Silicon Valley is looking to explore how working to address its displacement of blue-collar workers.

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna proposed a $1 trillion earned income tax credit for working families. This is seen as a huge step for the movement of UBI.


13 responses to “Another taxpayer income redistribution scheme: Hawaii could become the first state to offer its citizens universal basic income

  1. When left/liberal politicians get their policy ideas from Mark Zuckerberg flappin’ his gums at his honorary Harvard PhD ceremony…

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Maybe we should trade Hawaii for Peurto Rico as states…

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  3. There goes my hard earned dollars to support all those assholes riding the waves instead of getting a job like I have done all my life.

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  4. another liberal pipe dream that will become a financial pipe bomb

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  5. This is what happens when you have libtards running the state legislatures! Tell me, where is all this money going to come from . . . did someone plant an orchard of money trees? If it’s to be the taking of monies from those who do work and giving to those who don’t work . . . worker’s will have to move out of this state as a necessity of survival.

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  6. As someone who has been suffering economically for some time (and will continue to do so), the idea of a guaranteed minimum income sounds appealing. Come on, we all love the smell of money.
    But what people don’t understand is this: This is yet another PLANK in their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. People love to get “money for nothing,” as the Dire Straits song goes. Yet the very recipients of this money will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, be labeled as the USELESS EATERS, and will wind up being first in line at the FEMA Camps.

    The Oligarchs at the top know the real solution is freedom and prosperity. Freedom and prosperity are their TARGET # 1, because it is THEY who want the Control. So the real solution is to rid ourselves of this Oligarchy, which is, in all honesty, CRIMINALLY INSANE.

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  7. Former Hawaii resident and taxpayer here. Cynically speaking, people who live in the Hawaii (ignoring tourists, snowbirds, and military) are either (1) Whites from the mainland seeking to enjoy a good time living “in paradise” (2) Brown locals seeking to sell or use Meth, or (3) Yellow people setting up small businesses.

    The third group is the smallest, by far. If this guaranteed income thing passes, (1) more leeches will flock to the islands, (2) the locals will retreat even deeper into their Meth usage, causing crime to increase, and (3) businesses will be taxed out of existence.

    Voting yes for this is voting to plunder and destroy Hawaii.

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  9. Seems to be an underhanded way of the Elites to get rid of people in Hawaii.

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  10. Bill Gates: The World Isn’t Ready for Universal Basic Income Now, But We Will be Soon

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  11. More on the UBI program…

    Hawaii Becomes the First State to Pass a Bill in Support of Universal Basic Income

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  12. And this is what you get when leaving the dems in charge. A complete and utter breakdown. The unions have ran this state for decades.
    They are bankrupting the state now with this “rail” they are building that will end up costing three times the quote they gave the people. Their go to source for money when things get tights is to increase the hotel charges, which are already out of control. They will never be able to maintain the rail, so this is just another way to pass a law to fatten the billfolds of their relatives. The people voted it down and they crammed it through anyway. Many pockets are bulging now, the rumor goes.
    There are an estimate 35,000 plus illegals on this island now. They are trying to take care of all the micros, that sit around for free everything and trash the parks and beaches. This is suppose to be in reparation of using their islands for bombing, but those islands are now clean and thriving. They should go back and work the now flourishing tourist industry, but have gotten used to being taken care of.
    They did a survey several years back on the homeless that are proud occupiers of beachfront property, and found upwards of 50% are from the mainland. Many are sent here, some are in hiding or running from responsibilities and why not live on the beach with great bennies?
    So, now another suggestion comes along to line more pockets and they stumble trying to justify it. The working people have been pushed to the limit and high cost of surviving here is no longer justifiable. The perfect weather does not pay the bills.

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