Face Plant: 7 Percent of Americans Think Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk

brown cow

And to think these people may vote.

From Yahoo: It might seem like a “Saturday Night Live” bit, but it’s true nonetheless. An online survey from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy found that seven percent of American adults think brown cows make chocolate milk.

As The Washington Post reports, it’s a nationally representative survey — meaning the results are about equal to 16.4 million people (a population the size of the state of Pennsylvania). Edelman Intelligence conducted the survey for the center, according to Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for Dairy Management Inc., the center’s parent organization.

For those who don’t know, chocolate milk is made up of milk, cocoa and sugar.

The results do speak to a larger issue in America today: Most people don’t know much about the food ecosystem at all, according to experts. And considering how many Americans drink something with dairy — 43 percent of Americans like to begin the day with such a beverage, according to the center’s survey, not to mention 9 in 10 consume dairy every week — the knowledge gap speaks for itself.

“At the end of the day, it’s an exposure issue,” Cecily Upton, co-founder of the nonprofit FoodCorps, told The Washington Post. “Right now, we’re conditioned to think that if you need food, you go to the store. Nothing in our educational framework teaches kids where food comes from before that point.

But how can people get more educated about the food system?

The National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization has a kindergarten-level dairy lesson on its website as a part of this month’s National Dairy Month, reports The Washington Post. Groups like these are partnering with educators from all over the U.S. to get lessons like these into schools, from nutrition to agricultural economics.

For adults? Look no further than to books like Michael Pollan’s ” The Omnivore’s Dilemma” that discuss the country’s problem with food, articles that track the progress of GMO labeling rules which became law last July and representative organizations of varying interests to get as clear a picture as possible of the food industry.

“We still get kids who are surprised that a french fry comes from a potato, or that a pickle is a cucumber,” Upton continued. “… Knowledge is power. Without it, we can’t make informed decisions.”


47 responses to “Face Plant: 7 Percent of Americans Think Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk

  1. Happy Fathers Day to all the good men. Yes, of course, demos are so stupid and narrow minded they “have to be told” they only brown thing cows produce come from the (¥).

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    If that’s true, then brown and white cows should produce caramel swirl ice cream and black and white cows, chocolate chip, right?
    I guess we’ll need to search for the red and white cows to explain strawberry milk, too…
    Friggin’ idiots!

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    • Haha, funny comment! I want the choco-chip cow!

      Here’s a brilliant idea (sarc): How about taking kids on FIELD TRIPS to FARMS & DAIRIES? Oh, right, they “outlawed” field trips or something, didn’t they? Too dangerous? Or the Po Folk couldn’t pay the quarter to go on the field trip so everybody had to lose out?

      And bring back HOME ECONOMICS, 4-H CLUBS, Young Farmers of America, etc.

      Plant a school VEGGIE & PRODUCE GARDEN & have the kids work in the garden for one lesson per day/week, whatever.

      Invite the local Produce Man to come give lectures to classes, using “live food” as his props, & telling them where it comes from!

      And they wonder why kids don’t know anything about food… it wouldn’t have anything to do with the braindead school boards nor their parents failure to teach them, naaaa.

      It will get worse when Bezos begins delivering ALL food to EVERYONE’s door. Then the kids will never even see a “grocery store” ever again, much less a farm.

      Better yet, take them on a “field trip” to CHINA where too much of the food is shipped from these days. A quick search at NaturalNews has these headlines:

      1/23/17: Don’t eat food from China labeled “organic”

      3/8/17: Contaminated seafood from China is flooding the…

      10/30/16: Contaminated food from China now entering the US

      5/6/16: Avoid these foods from China: they are filled with…

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      • Hadenoughalready

        Can you imagine kids visiting an actual “farm” today? They’d be dressed, head to toe, in full Hazmat gear for fear of Botulism, Mad Cow Disease, Methane, insects that might land on you and things that make you say “yuk”. Never mind the smells (I wish they’d make a “Barn” air freshener – I miss it).
        In fact, given the option, I’d live in a barn hayloft – the more I know people, the more I like animals. Less drama, better company and, today, more intelligent conversations.

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    • Don’t forget the purple cows! “Everybody knows” that’s where grape juice comes from. (do I really need to add the sarc tag?)

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  3. And more than 30% of American’s will support Trump no matter what!


  4. Funny song!!

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  5. more evidence of the dumbing-down of america

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  6. ROFLMAO! Yep, Folks! (Kind of reminds me of MAD Magazine in the old days!)

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  7. And to think these people might be reproducing!

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  8. Might most them be liberals?

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  10. That’s a discouraging percentage. Even more discouraging is that 50% of people think Hillary would make a fine President. Worse yet , 98% of America thought Michelle Yobama was a woman.

    Happy Father’s day if applicable.

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  11. City kids know nothing (likewise with their parents). They think everything is “made” at the supermarket. I’ll bet 70% of Americans also think peanuts grow on trees.

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  12. Didn’t mike Obama outlaw milk in public schools?
    And kids still take field trips to important places like amusement parks. A few weeks ago we went to Hershey Park. Bus after bus pulled up with NY students, they were there for “physics day”

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  13. Well if you think that that bit about brown cows giving chocolate milk is crazy, there are, actually some people who, really, believe that the only difference between Africans & Europeans is the color of their skin,..


  14. We are doomed.

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  15. If this is true, i blame the education system. A lot of money gets pumped in there but for what exactly?

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  16. NO! Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy found that seven percent of American adults ARE IDIOTS!
    (think brown cows make chocolate milk).

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