Obama admin told father of student imprisoned in North Korea to “keep a low profile”

obama and warmbier

In typical form, Obama was more concerned about his own image.

From Fox News: The father of Otto Warmbier said his son, who was imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months before being returned home in a coma this week, “fought to stay alive” during his ordeal.  

Fred Warmbier also dismissed whatever efforts were made on behalf of his 22-year-old son Otto by the Obama administration, which asked the family to keep a low profile when news of Otto’s arrest became public.

“The results speak for themselves,” he said in a news conference, adding that President Trump, by contrast, reached out to him personally.

“Last evening, we received a very nice phone call from Pres. Trump, who told us that Sec. of State Tillerson worked hard to bring Otto home. We are extremely grateful for their efforts and concern,” he said.

At the same news conference a spokeswoman for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center reported that Otto suffered a “severe neurological injury” and was in “satisfactory” condition.

Warmbier said his son “fought to stay alive” while in captivity since January 2016. “Otto is a fighter,” he said. “I’m so proud of Otto, my son, who has been in a pariah regime for the last 18 months – brutalized and terrorized.”

“His spirit is with us and I can share his spirit with my spirit,” said Warmbier, who was wearing the very same light-colored blazer his son wore during his trial in North Korea in March 2016.

His disgust for the Pyongyang regime was crystal clear. “We went for 15 months without a word from or about Otto. It was only a week ago that we were informed that the North Korean government now claims he was in a coma for almost all of that time. Even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma — and we don’t — there is no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and denied him top notch medical care for so long. North Korea is a pariah regime, they’re brutal (feed loses quality) and they’re terroristic.”

Warmbier, a University of Virginia student, was detained on Jan. 2, 2016, at Pyongyang International Airport, while visiting the country as a tourist with Young Pioneer Tours. He was charged with stealing the sign from a staff-only floor in the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang and committing “crimes against the state.” He was given a one-hour trial in March 2016, when the government presented fingerprints, CCTV footage and pictures of a political banner to make its case against the American student. “I beg that you see how I am only human,” Warmbier said at his trial. “And how I have made the biggest mistake of my life.”

Despite his pleas, the college student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. In a post-trial video released to the world, Warmbier, under obvious duress, praised his captors for his treatment and for handling of the case “fair and square.”

Before Thursday’s news conference, a U.S. official had told Fox News that Warmbier was in a coma for “over a year.” The official added that the North Koreans told the U.S. that Warmbier contracted botulism and slipped into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. Neither the family nor doctors treating Warmbier have commented on that claim.

Fred Warmbier also criticized the companies that profit off young people’s naïve willingness to visit North Korea. “The North Koreans lure Americans to travel to North Korea via tour groups run out of China, who advertise slick ads on (feed loses quality) the internet proclaiming no American ever gets detained off of our tours and this is a safe place to go.”

In Wyoming, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb, friends and neighbors of Warmbier said they were elated the young man was home but expressed grave concern over his condition.

“We’re very concerned for his health and future,” said neighbor Tom Purdy. “We hope he can return to normal. We’ve been praying for him every night.”

At Wyoming High School, where Warmbier attended, students described him as an “outstanding person” who was known in the community for his academic achievements and athleticism.

Foreigners who have been detained or imprisoned in the Hermit Kingdom often have a shared experience: confusion, forced confessions, communication blackouts and isolation.

Warmbier’s release leaves three U.S. citizens currently known to be held in North Korea: accounting professor Kim Sang Duk, businessman Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak-Song, who worked at Pyongyang University.

When asked what advice he might have for their families, Warmbier said he had none. “I wouldn’t know what to say to them,” he said. “This is, I’ve been told, not precedented.”


19 responses to “Obama admin told father of student imprisoned in North Korea to “keep a low profile”

  1. If this student had been black Obama, Sharpton,Andrew Jackson, Jesse Jackson, John Lewis plus a slew of hollywoods elite would have been demanding his return!

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    • I doubt it. The black race hustlers only hustle when it’s a white-black conflict. Recall that Dennis Rodman, still a big fan of North Korea, is black and has just returned from a visit with fat-boy psychopath Kim Jong Un.

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    • Don’t forget, Dennis Rodman the freak loves to hang out with Kim.

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    • If the student was black the US gov’t wouldn’t lift a finger or even try to bring him home so Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and others have to demand that something be done to bring them home….


      • While you stew with indignation about your alleged US government racism, please ask yourself why it is that neither Obama, while President, nor Sharpton, Jackson, et al. ever lifted a finger to help the raging and continuing black-on-black homicides in Chicago.

        Do blacks only care when it’s white-on-black violence? Don’t blacks care that so many black babies are aborted before they’re born? Isn’t that genocide? Don’t Black Lives Matter?


  2. Good of Fred Warmbier to make clear that it was President Trump (via Scty of State Tillerson) who secured his son’s release, and that Obama was no help at all.

    Yes, Otto was extremely naive to go on that China-based Young Pioneer Tours because the U.S. and North Korea have no diplomatic relations, which means there’s no U.S. embassy in Pyongyang to look out for American tourists’ interests. It is noteworthy that the name of the tour group reeks of Marxism (the Soviet Union and Communist China both had Young Pioneers youth groups), and that the founder is a British expat named Gareth Johnson.


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  3. The mantra of the 0bamaregime was to make sure they did everything against the best interests of real Americans as possible. 0bama was the figurehead, the face of the perversion and blasphemy, while an Iranian, Valerie Jarret, was the actual president. The 0bama cabinet was packed with communists and jihadists as well as regular nwo types, and he placed jihadists in cia (Brennan) as well as dhs.


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  4. That the loathsome Obamamama should dare tell this destroyed family to keep ‘a low profile’ speaks of his own PoV, as a snake’s eyes are close to the ground, where it lives. It would be best of the Obamination to keep a low profile, lest angry patriots detect his venomous lair.

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    • Joseph . . . Amen to that! This is just another instance to add to the long, long list of inadequacies of Obummer!

      I just cannot imagine that the adults in this young man’s life would have allowed him to go to North Korea. If I recall correctly, there was a member of his church that promised him money, or promised to make a donation to something if he could obtain a North Korean poster i.e. which was why he tried to boost that NK poster in the first place. As far as I am concerned that woman is complicit in this whole sorry affair. I hope her brain burns with the memory of what her request cost this young man. Being young, I should imagine that he had no idea what he was risking, however since she was older, she must have had her head buried somewhere in order to not realize the risk that would be taken . . . or perhaps she doesn’t listen or watch the news regarding North Korea.

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  5. Read “The Aquariums of Pyongyang” and you’ll see how depraved that country’s tyrants are. They put entire families including babies and children in these labor camps because a relative committed a ‘thought crime’ against the state. They think the ‘corruption’ continues for several generations, hence imprisoning the whole family. I’m surprised he survived that long, those conditions are absolutely brutal over there.

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  6. My heart cries out for Otto and his parents. May Mustafa Obama carries Otto’s cross every minute of his life, and may Mustafa Obama is cursed till his last days on earth and may he burn in hell for ETERNITY!

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  7. Fork Ogooma.


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  8. I read over the weekend that the father actually donated to the Obama campaign. If true, what a double slap in the face.

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  9. This afternoon, his family announced that Otto Warmbler had died at 2:20 p.m. at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

    If it were not for President Trump’s efforts, Warmbler would have died, alone, in North Korea.


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