Is the DNC the new ISIS?

With democrats like this… who needs a jihadist?

With Democrats like this… who needs a jihadist?


Indicates progressive Democrat’s attack was not random act of rage.

What happened to the Democrats?!

Clearly somebody has grabbed the controls of one of our 2 great political parties. As late as Jimmy Carter the DNC was recognizable. Even during the Clinton years we still had the party of my Mom and Dad.

It was sometime during the Obama years that we saw the rise of the New Bolshevism. Obama would speak like a peace maker, but quietly sent out people like Al Sharpton to stir up violence. Notably, it was Obama’s administration that secretly bought up vast stores of guns and ammunition for still undisclosed reasons. It was under Obama that we saw the Muslim Brotherhood entertained at the White House.

So I open the question: 
What happened to the DNC?

18 responses to “Is the DNC the new ISIS?

  1. The “45 Goals of the Communist Party” was read into the Congressional Record on Jan. 17, 1963. One of those goals stated, specifically, to “infiltrate both political parties.” To all appearances, they have succeeded. President Trump had better understand PRECISELY what America is up against, and he had better go on the OFFENSIVE IMMEDIATELY.

    We are about to discover that, wheeler-dealer that he is, precisely what kind of strategist and commander Donald J. Trump is. The future of America and the entire world is at stake. Failure is not an option. For your post, Trail Dust, is absolutely correct: Alex Jones himself has stated that we are on the cusp of a “Bolshevik” takeover. (Jones has used the words “Bolshevik” and “Communist.” His analysis is correct, according to Roger Stone and Robert David Steele.)

    At the same time, we cannot become complacent about the Republican Party: Bolsheviks, albeit of a different stripe, may have infiltrated the GOP, too. (Let us keep in mind the Bush Cabal has not “gone gently into that good night” yet).

    The next two months of this summer will prove Trump’s resolve. They will determine America’s future. President Trump has gone after pedophiles with a vengeance—which is all to the good, obviously. Now he must take care of all the other battle lines and fronts. PRONTO.

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  2. The Democrats’ playbook is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” I know at least two liberals who sing its praises — and one of them is an Episcopal priest. While he would never condone violence (and considers himself a peace activist), it doesn’t seem to disturb him that the book – one of Hillary’s faves – is dedicated to Lucifer. Irony – or evil – or, more likely, both.

    Alinsky is quoted to have said, “Hell would be heaven for me. All my life I’ve been with the have-nots. Over here, if you’re a have-not, you’re short of dough. If you’re a have-not in hell, you’re short of virtue. Once I get into hell, I’ll start organizing the have-nots over there.”

    So there you have it. The Democrat Party is the party of demons. Thus, Demoncrat.

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    • Only a MORAL IMBECILE would believe that Satan would—or could—give him a better deal than God Almighty, Much Madness, and I IMPLORE you to RUN AWAY from that Episcopal priest as fast as your legs can carry you!
      You know, I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, and I’ve bumped into a lot of Jews who were very good, law-abiding people, even if they were liberals. For all their pride in their ethnicity, they cannot see how their own political ideology (or their religion) keeps them in bondage. I mean think about it: Did Saul Alinsky’s “religion” keep him out of hell? Fidel Castro admitted, years ago, that he was going to hell. But at least he DESPAIRED about it.
      THIS is the Dirty Little Secret that DARE NOT speak its name, for fear of being labeled an “anti-semite.”

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  3. Democrats:

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  4. What happened to the DNC?

    At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the delegates thrice voice-voted to eject any mention of God from their party platform. So I agree with Much Madness, the answer to the question is willing and voluntary Demonic Possession.

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    • Amen to that! When people remove themselves from God, they begin a steep downward path.

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    • What happened to the DNC?

      The 1968 convention, as that is when the stinking commie pukes took over the party, and set about running off all of the classical liberals in favor of the hideous modern version.


  5. I read something disturbing last night, about the doctor (Jack Sava) who is treating Steve Scalise. They are saying he is the same doctor that treated Seth Rich, and he is a long time friend and donor to Clinton and Podesta. This info was on Twitter, and I don’t do Twitter. Have y’all heard this? Does anyone know how Mr. Scalise is doing now? Here is the link to what I read.

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    • That would support the theory that Steve Scalise was targeted because he was about to go after extremely powerful pedophile rings in our government.

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      • Exactly! And another poster had a lot more info on the shooting from last Wednesday::

        One disturbing fact after another. Jack Sava is the same chop shop Doc who murdered Seth Rich. The Scalise event was all about a hit by the DC pedo-pervs. He was shooting past people who were much closer. His target was Scalise. Why Was Scalise Shot, 1671 —
        The shooter appears to have been a pedophile also. His two foster kids died mysteriously and horribly. He was probably a “finder” for the pervs. Makes you wonder if there is going to be a “grassy knoll shooter”. Shot just before a vote on a child predator bill. Steve Scalise/Shot Over Investigation into Pizza Gate. —
        Even more interesting, Robert David Steele says Mike Pence can’t be trusted because his best friend is on the DC pedo-perv roll up list. That pedo-perv was on scene, even going so far as to using Scalise’s cell phone to call Scalise’s wife about the shooting. That pedo-perv is the notorious Never-Trumper, Jeff Flake. Ben Sasse and Paul Ryan were also known to be boy herders for Dennis Hastert. The swamp is deep and wide, folks.
        Another possible clue to this event might be finding the person who said the shooter asked if the people on the practice field were Democrats or Republicans. That may have been a deep state “crisis actor” reading from a script, to deflect from it being a targeted hit. I would not be at all surprised if Scalise’s two DC police escorts were also in on it. The guy got off a 100 rounds until he ran out of ammo. Then, the police, always on the scene, killed him (intentional “slow-walk”?). Congressman Scalise Shot Over PizzaGate? Seth Rich… —
        And look at this. The Demo-rat pedo-pervs were warning Scalise with pizza deliveries. Un-fucking-believable.

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  6. DNC is the new ISIS? Pretty much…

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    I do find it curious that it is now claimed hodgkinson created a “kill list” of republicans, which would seem to imply that he could identify his targets by sight, yet according to rep.ron desantis who himself is a supposed repub. claims he was approached and ask to point the way to the repubs. for him.

    It is like in so many of these instances, the perpetrators so conveniently leave clear evidence like lists and manifestos with intent to convict themselves. Just the kind of thing needed to make it so easy to build an official narrative that fulfills a specific agenda, or in this case multiple agendas.

    I find it hard to believe any real criminal, any real killer, wants to purposely get caught. Any thinking person who wants to send even the most violent of messages is going to plan for an escape, or escape attempt, if for nothing more that to further their cause. Only the brainwashed, such as suicide bombers, willingly give their life. That is why all these acts ‘must’ appear to be the work of lunatics.


  8. The core leadership of the dems and reps is wall street and satan and I suspect always have been so a idyllic time when dems were patriotic ended around the time of Jackson, you know, when the dems were conservative and the reps were radical. Today they go to bars together, go to naked people parties together, etc etc stuff satanists do, but in congress they pretend to be against each other; political theatre of the most vile and expensive sort. Look at mccain, rino ryan, the bush generational satanists, etc etc they might as well have a d after their name instead of an r. Washington warned us about political parties and what happens? We’re living it.


  9. Roosevelt said in 1915, “There is no place here for the hyphenated American, and the sooner he returns to the country of his allegiance, the better.”
    If he said that today, the demoncrats would boo him and try to kick him out of office! There is a war on and they’re using all their guns, including this ‘multiculturalism’ DREK. These muslims need their butts kicked out, which is why they leave their hiney’s in the air when praying to satan.


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