Shocker, not: Sex Crimes by German Migrants Double In One Year


Expect this trend to continue because Angela Merkel doesn’t care that her citizens are being raped by the migrants she loves so much.

From HeatStreet: Sex crimes committed by migrants in Germany have doubled in a single year, according to a new report. Both the rate and number of offenses shot up as the country continues to struggle with the effects of Europe’s migrant crisis and Germany’s welcoming stance towards refugees.

A report issued by the German government, and based on official police statistics, said that in 2016 there were 3,404 sex crimes involving migrants (defined as refugees, asylum seekers or other recent arrivals with no right to be in Germany).

The figure in 2015 was 1,683, and has increased 102% in over the course of the year. It is more than five times higher than in 2012, when there were 645 such crimes.

The range of offences ranges from less serious sexual crimes up to rape. They account for 9.1% of all sex crimes – out of all proportion to the size of the group compared to the general population.

According to analysis by the Gatestone Institute think tank, the most frequently recorded nationalities were Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, Iranian, Algerian and Moroccan.

It complained that a “lenient legal system” in Germany has seen offenders repeatedly released, in some cases to commit further crimes.

Critics have accused German police of failing to deal robustly with crime by migrants – and sometimes making efforts to cover it up.

The most salient example – the mass sex attacks in Cologne in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2016 – saw police initially describe the night as “peaceful”.

There was also extreme reluctance to comment on the nationality of attackers – apparently for fear of stirring up tensions around mass migration.

Since then there have been regular reports of sex crimes involving migrant men – many of which were listed by the Gatestone Institute in their post and by Heat Street in other articles.


11 responses to “Shocker, not: Sex Crimes by German Migrants Double In One Year

  1. Please, there must be other sources one could name, other than the Gatestone Institute as a source… Gatestone is headed by John Bolton (of U.N. infamy) who thinks that Zionism is NOT racism, which it IS, most CERTAINLY. Bolton worked hard and succeeded to have REPEALED, a U.N. resolution which stated that Zionism IS racism (UN-GAR 3379). Bolton is also with the American Enterprise Intstitute for heaven’s sake.
    All NGOs have an agenda and it is most often NOT the agenda that is presented to their supporters. (Problem, reaction, synthesis)

    Alan Dershowitz is a “distinguished senior fellow” at Gatestone. Dershowitz has been a “legal’ cheerleader for the ‘left’ for decades. Yes, there are many people with Middle Eastern names listed as ‘fellows’ at Gatestone, but that’s the age-old playbook. You get compromised or foolish & venal people (from the opposition) in front, to give the group legitimacy. This playbook is used ad nauseam, everywhere. It was used during the U.S. civil rights movement in the 1960s. Almost to a person,the people at the top of the civil rights organizations were NOT blacks, but “white” “communists” (wink, wink).

    Here’s Dershowitz’ latest screeching, posted at Gatestone, about ‘anti-shemetism’ and what he deems to be ‘blood libel’ (and do the Jews know a thing or two about blood libel?) from Oliver Stone, because Stone dared to state the obvious regarding the extraordinary control Jews have over these United States:

    But, BEST YET, let Avner Cohen tell you how counterfeit Israel REALLY handles things they don’t like and can’t get a handle on in the usual ways. Cohen has written extensively on counterfeit Israel’s nuclear program–the nuclear program, that to this day, counterfeit Israel will NOT confirm exists. The entire interview is very good, but if you don’t have time, start at minute 22, and listen through until at least minute 35, because the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. and counterfeit Israel is mentioned and the “state within a state” is mentioned. This is from the horse’s mouth.

    And the info here is HIGHLY telling of the symbiosis between the U.S. and counterfeit Israel. The Israeli archives are SEALED, AS ARE the U.S. archives, and those of U.K., Germany, and Norway.

    According to the late Michael Collins Piper, the fact that JFK did NOT want and actively fought against counterfeit Israel obtaining materials for nuclear weapons is the ultimate reason why JFK was assassinated. (Collins’ book is “Final Judgment: the Missing Link in the JFK Assassination” and is still available at used book sellers.)

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  2. At what point will the indigenous German people start vigilante groups to take care of a problem that the German government just can’t seem to handle.

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    • Auntie, I have often wondered the same thing. They have a “leader” that is so smitten with Obama and wants so hard to be in the mainstream, she will sacrifice her country to achieve her goals.
      There has to be enough people, including some of the military there, that wants to save their country. Where are all their white supremacist of fighting age? Germany pulled itself up by it boots straps after the war and cleaned up its act and became such a clean and beautiful and cultural country.
      It breaks my heart to see its demise.
      My heritage goes back to the French Hugenots that escaped to Germany and the name is still there today, tracing them back hundreds of years. Germany has been on my bucket list for years, but no longer.

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  3. It seems that those gents with the towel hats in the picture have the words Europe and islam in the wrong places.

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  4. Go back in time and consider all the Crusaders and Soldiers and victims who fought and often died to keep Europe safe from Muslim invasion: the battles of Tours, Lepanto, Belgrade, the Gates of Vienna, the Triplotanian wars, and so many more, only to have Europe handed over to the rapacious vermin, who now, like so many times in the past, need to be wiped out.

    De Laude Novae Militiae (1128-1131)

    Divine Will / Prologue / Exhortation for the Knights Templar

    ‘He does not wear a sword without cause; he is God’s agent for punishment of evil-doers and for glorification of the good.’ Clearly, when he kills an evil-doer, he is not a homicide, but, if you will allow me the term, a malicide, and is plainly Christ’s vengeance on those who work evil and the defense Christ provides for Christians. ”
    — Deus Vult!

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  6. Why don’t they kick that nasty old hag to the curb, stick her in prison for the rest of her miserable excuse of a life, and purge all those criminal ‘refugees’ from their country? It’s like they’re occupied by invaders again.

    I’m just hazarding a guess that in regards to the “Georgia Guidestones” they want the muslim ‘religion’ to be the new ‘world religion’. It’s a religion of satan worship, plain and simple! No real religion forces one to convert to it…nowadays anyway. Mentally they are back in the middle ages.


    • If you’ve not seen this video on the subjects of jihad and the crusades, and the reasons thereof, you might watch it;

      A related vid discloses why the “immigration” to Europe by the sand people is nothing more than a muslim invasion aided and abetted by Frau Hitler and rest of the eurokriminals;


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