Of course: Hillary Clinton compares herself to Wonder Woman

At some Hollyweird event where the seals applauded and cheered.


27 responses to “Of course: Hillary Clinton compares herself to Wonder Woman

  1. I agree with her assessment of being a Wonder Woman, “I wonder why I lost the election?, I wonder why Bill keeps screwing other women, I wonder why the average American doesn’t like me?, I wonder if the democrat party will chose me in 2020 to lose again?”

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  2. Hillary’s kuru dementia is acting up again.

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  3. “‘There are some who say this woman is a witch. Others say she is made of wood. So how do we find out if she is a witch, or if she is made of wood?”
    “BURN HER!!!'” —Monty Python & The Holy Grail

    Works for me!

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  4. She is deluding herself . . . only in her own mind is she Wonder Woman! I whole heartedly agree with Dr Eowyn, her dementia is certainly showing. Why! Oh, why can’t she just gracefully face off into the sunset . . .

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  5. This was the 2017 Crystal and Lucy awards and Hillary, the coven leader, mentions “Elizabeth” –Elizabeth Banks who received an award for ‘excellence in film’. This is just another Holy Wood, self-congratulatory evening of pretending to care for women. The dinner reception was in a poor neighborhood –at the Beverly Hilton on Wilshire Blvd.

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  6. This just shows the range of her self grandiose beliefs. When has she ever helped anyone in need that could never return the favor, Never.
    Her behavior and her mindset and actions have proven her unfit for any office.
    If she can’t accept the results of her own actions, how could she ever be fit for office?

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  7. The only ‘wonder’ surrounding this felonious, lying communist b*tch from hell is that she isn’t riding a bench deep inside a prison at a certain fort in Kansas.

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  8. I don’t recall Wonder Woman ever having to wear DEPENDS or having brain damage.

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  10. She’s more like bat woman.

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