Man rescues baby fox with head stuck in can

Remember to crush and flatten cans before you recycle them!


5 responses to “Man rescues baby fox with head stuck in can

  1. I noticed the can was one of Pedigree dog food. Man should have known better. But I’m glad he got the kit’s head out of the can.
    Foxes can still be spotted, occasionally, in parts of Queens and Long Island.

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    • Of course you saw them in Queens and Long Island….I will never forget going on a business trip to Baltimore and getting up early to look out onto a snow-covered expanse from the hotel (Near BWI airport) to watch a silver fox and kit track through the snow into a grove of trees nearby. These wild foxes are very adept at adjusting to population centers.

      When my mother was little (1930’s and 1940’s), her uncle, on an adjoining RURAL farm in PA, was working the fields with machinery. He unknowingly ran over a fox den where a mother had her kits. This killed the mother. He went back and retrieved two kits and took them to my (then) young mother and sisters to raise. The little girls raised the kits and trained them to return to the wild.

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  2. Wow! Thank goodness that man helped that baby. What a great film clip. It certainly is important that garbage and recycling be properly prepared, and stored so that animals cannot access it.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    I’ve made it a practice to rinse out cans, put the cut tops inside and crush the mouth to secure the top from cutting anyone/thing.
    As for the kit, and if that were me, it would be sleeping on my pillow right now…lol

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