Special snowflake: Transgender man files complaint against Seattle library over family restroom

seattle public library

Wait, I thought that transgenders want the right to use the restroom associated with their “gender identity.” But now they want access to restrooms designated for families and children? I can’t keep up with all their demands.

From Seattle Times: A transgender man filed a complaint with the Seattle Office for Civil Rights on Monday afternoon against the Seattle Public Library for refusing to allow him to use the only private restroom in its downtown building, which is reserved for families.

After Ryan “Comet” Alley refused to stop filming his encounter this past Wednesday with a library security officer, he was asked to leave. When he didn’t, the officer banned him from the library for three days. Alley posted the video to Facebook, attracting thousands of views.

Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League, said she thinks the library is out of compliance with the city’s all-gender restroom ordinance.

The ordinance requires any single-stall restroom in a public place to be accessible to all people, regardless of their gender identity.Even though the library has bathrooms labeled for men and women, library spokeswoman Andra Addison said they are all gender-neutral.

Alley, who wrote in his Facebook post that he is disabled, told library staff he didn’t feel safe using bathrooms with any gender label. He didn’t say why.

The restroom Alley wanted to use was off-limits, Addison said, because he didn’t have a child with him. That restroom is in the Central Library’s children’s section.

“It’s a safety issue,” she said. When the organization built a new downtown facility in 2004, concerns about bathroom use in a “busy urban library” caused architects to give the children’s wing its own restroom, according to Addison. The library has periodically had to call police for various incidents in its restrooms, including drug overdoses, she said.

Still, she said: “We absolutely recognize that what happened was very hurtful to the patron and the transgender community.”

The library issued a statement saying that it was creating a new option for transgender patrons until a private, gender-neutral bathroom, already in the works, opens next year. Upon request, the library will open up staff restrooms, Addison elaborated.

Elliott Bronstein, spokesman for the city’s civil-rights office, said it was looking into the matter. Until now, he added, the office has not considered how family bathrooms jibe with its nondiscrimination ordinance. “It’s an unusual situation,” he said.


33 responses to “Special snowflake: Transgender man files complaint against Seattle library over family restroom

  1. Ryan “Comet” Alley is a man, and looks like a man.

    But listen to his girly voice in the video he took which he posted to Facebook. In the video, he justifies his demand to have access to the private “family” restroom by saying he doesn’t feel “safe” in either the men’s or women’s restroom. Once again, the Left is all about their “feelings” and the rest of society are supposed to give in to their demands to placate their “feelings”.

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    • “ryan” calls “him”self a “transgender man”…”he” is female.
      what person in their right mind films a security officer in a children’s section of a library with a request to use the bathroom?
      “he” dressed as a male and claims he doesn’t “feel safe” in the men’s restroom…”he” deliberately put himself in that situation….
      this is why women and children’s restrooms should be off limits to men.
      who protects the children?
      who protects women?
      I’m certain NAMBLA is a huge supporter of this..
      these trannies are very confused and looking for attention and money.
      now they are demanding the right to use children’s restrooms…
      apparently, these “special snowflakes” think they are more “special” than anyone.
      they will forever put out demands to try and fill that spiritual vacancy that can only be filled by Jesus.

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    • Next thing you know this ‘thing’ will be on trial for sexually abusing someone in the bathroom. Normal people should be afraid to use the bathrooms, not this Alley cat.


  2. Considering he was FILMING the whole thing I think this was a set-up from the start to give it an excuse to sue!

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    • I wondered that, too. Especially since this is in the news:

      “The Just Want Privacy campaign has less than one month to get enough signatures to place its transgender bathroom initiative on the ballot, and it just got a last minute rush of cash to do it.

      A yet-to-be named donor gave $50,000 to the Just Want Privacy campaign to bolster its efforts to end Washington’s transgender bathroom rule. That rule allows transgender individuals to use the bathroom that aligns with their identity. According to a campaign newsletter, it had planned to gain 100,000 signatures in the final weeks of gathering, but with the additional cash it can “pay for 150,000 signatures” in favor of Initiative 1552.”


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  3. Public libraries are hangouts for derelicts and perverts.
    The restrooms offer them additional opportunities for all sorts of inappropriate behavior.
    They sit on free computers looking at porn then they head for the bathroom.

    Surveillance cameras help, but you cannot put them inside the restroom.
    The staff are usually individuals who cannot be expected to protect those unable to protect themselves.

    They can maybe help you find a book, and that’s it.

    Pretty soon they will pass some law making it a crime to resist being fondled, raped, mugged or assaulted.
    First Amendment.

    I won’t even touch a door knob when I use public facilities.

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    • MeThePeople . . . Excellent points! I highly agree with your last sentence . . . “I won’t even touch a door knob when I use public facilities.” Any sane person would have to admit, that really is the very best policy! I try to avoid using public facilities, because it just creeps me out.

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    • Sounds like you’re describing politicians and their places of “work”! 🙂
      Years ago where I lived I heard about a young boy who was followed into the bathroom at a public library (and the police station is right there in the building, same floor!) and was horribly accosted by this degenerate male, who was 18 years old. The boy was 10 or 12 years old. No kid is safe in those bathrooms, especially with all these insane potty laws.

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  4. I feel such an anger towards individuals like this “man.” He wants to piss n’ moan, and tie up public entities in legal issues . . . and don’t you just know, the taxpayers who support public entities such as libraries, have deep pockets and therefore anyone with an ax to grind should definitely take them to court over any flippin’ imagined slight possible. SARC If “he” does not feel “safe” in either a restroom with signage indicating “male” or “female” then we can conclude that he really does not feel safe in the very skin that he wears. As a society, we let the camel get its nose under the edge of the tent . . . now there will be no peace, no tranquility, no safety for the rest of us!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Why in the world would any judge take any such case seriously?? Oh yeah, most of them are perverts of some sort, all so.

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  6. Any “man” of either persuasion who “doesn’t feel safe in either bathroom” obviously is Mentally Defective and shouldn’t be allowed out in public. I suppose that statement should apply equally to those with female genitalia too. I wouldn’t want either DNA group to think I’m singling THEM out over the OTHER DNA group.

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    • Any grown “man” of either persuasion who says “he” ONLY feels safe in the children’s restroom (located in the tot and children’s section) of a public library is a felonious, lying, pervert hunting for easy prey. If I am wrong about this, then I am of the opinion that he is just batshit crazy.

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  7. So where did this dumba** go pee pee and poo poo before bathrooms became a ‘huge issue’? I can imagine what his ‘disability’ is too…..


  8. Many great comments, kudos to all.
    The guy is a guy and feels uncomfortable, but wants access to children and women when he already has two choices……he is a stalking pervert.
    Parents have a right to protect their children and this is the perfect example of needing to do so.
    He is no more of a transgender than I am. He wants to be a woman, be a woman. Your DNA says otherwise. Does he realize men can use the family restroom? Better run.
    Can society get much sicker? These perverts want the rest of the world to conform to them, heck no.

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  9. If they REALLY need to legalize these perverts’ access to restrooms for Women AND kids,they need to attach a “rider” to it that bars the arrest or prosecution of anyone who SLAYS a pervert IN a Womens’ or Children’s restroom.

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    • That’s what I was thinking; do women there have the right to concealed carry? If the it approached a woman or child aggressively in the children’s or family restroom and she shot it, wouldn’t that be a quicker, cheaper, more immediate solution than legal wrangling and building of a new queers-only restroom? Wouldn’t have to be a kill-shot, just enough to send a message.


  10. So, will somebody please help me understand what is going on here,..I am ,..soooo,. confused.

    As I understand this situation, this,.. person [/] is a ,..’Transgender Man’,.. which means [as I understand it] that he [?] has,..’ female’,.. body parts.

    So then,, having female ,..’parts’,..he [?] feels,. un-comfortable,.. in the men’s restroom,..& he [?] apparently feels un-comfortable in the ladies room, because he,..identifies as a man.. [But if he is dressed as a man, how will the [other men] in the restroom, know that he [?] has female ‘parts’ if he uses the ,provided, stalls,.?

    So,.. naturally,..he [?] claims that he [?] has an absolute right to use the, ‘family’,. restroom.

    And by his [?] logic, anyone objecting to his [?] presents, in the family restroom is an ignorant bigot, who wants to deprive him [?] of his,..rights.

    So, now, as if, this ,..person’s,..attitude is not crazy enough,.. the city of Seattle actually,..ADDS to the insanity, by taking this person’s [?] position seriously, by taking his claim of the right to use the ‘family’, restroom under consideration,..

    So will somebody please help me out here, ? explain to me , just ,..who,..is the crazy one here,..

    Is it the the Tranny man who is crazy [?] or is it the City of Seattle,which is crazy.?
    Or is it me who is crazy, because I think that ,..BOTH,.. the Tranny,..& the City of Seattle are out of their minds,.. .

    So will ,..somebody,.. pleeeze help me understand all of this,..as I am so confused,..

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    • It’s liberal logic. It’s not designed to make any sense.


    • I actually signed the petition to have this crazy crap placed on the ballot the other day. While I was doing that a guy came by screaming at the petition worker and me for signing it. He said “I know a transgender (something) and “he/she” (you decide), is wonderful…..”. I said, “I know a cannibal but I don’t invite him to dinner”. He glared at me.

      There is no reasoning with zombies. They think that just because they dream up an entitlement, we are then obligated to support it. “Normal” people have no rights whatsoever.

      This only works because we allow it. The “cure” for this is to be just as aggressive at denying it. It’s about time people started doing a “Fish imitation”. Remember “Barney Miller”? “Get away from me” still works.

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    • What I’ve comprehended is that men can have their penis and scrotum cut off and perhaps even have a faux vagina installed, but that still doesn’t make a man a woman. It just makes him a deranged man who has had parts of his body amputated.

      As for this particular, deranged man, it appears, he thinks what is going on between his ears may, only at certain times and under certain whimsical circumstances, constitute a “family”. i would venture to guess he hears voices..??

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  11. How ’bout we just do a Nancy Reagan and “just say no”? Does anybody care if he/she can’t find a place to pee? I don’t. If he/she takes it outside he/she might get arrested. That would be interesting. They probably don’t have a “kiddy section” down at the county lockup.

    All of this garbage, from being forced to bake queer cakes to accommodating
    spoiled lunatics is giving me a headache.

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  12. The PTB are using these unhinged people as a battering ram. They instill a non-existent fear about ‘haters’ into them, then get them to feel ’empowered’ over the system (which is impossible) and then prod them (like cattle) to conquer the ‘queer hating’ world. What they haven’t yet comprehended is that they’ll be the first to be dealt with in the most severe manner. When the boot finally comes down it will stomp on their faces first.


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