McDonald’s goes homo

mcdonalds rainbow fries box

Because homosexual sex/pride is what everyone wants to think about when they are eating French fries…

From Yahoo: Unicorn food may get a few eye rolls since it’s taken over everything from frozen coffee beverages to bagels and even grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas, but McDonald’s take on the trend is something just about anyone can get behind.

Delish reports that the fast-food chain is celebrating Pride Month with special-edition rainbow boxes for its signature French fries.

The actual French fries are the same McD’s fries that you know and love. But the box? That’s a different story. McDonald’s has given the back of each carton the full-on rainbow treatment. The special boxes will be available at nine locations in the Bay Area during the month of June and are already available in Washington, D.C.

McDonald’s locations along the city’s Pride parade route had the boxes ready to go to commemorate the occasion. “The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items; however, these fry boxes are ‘small potatoes’ in the grand scheme of our commitment to this community,” Cathy Martin, co-chair of McDonald’s PRIDE Network, said via a statement.

It’s a major statement from a huge national chain. But McDonald’s isn’t just putting out the boxes for fun — McDonald’s of Greater D.C. and Greater Bay Area are both official Pride sponsors for their respective cities. Putting a rainbow on one of the most iconic menu items is certainly making a statement of solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

Kim Knapp, a spokesperson for the chain, added, “McDonald’s has always been a company that has supported diversity and inclusion of its employees and extended McDonald’s family. As an official sponsor of this year’s Pride festivities, we looked for a unique way to bring that celebration into our restaurants throughout the Greater Bay Area.”

The rainbow fries may not fall into the category of Technicolor foods, but the bold, bright carton is just as photo-ready as any trendy Instagram food out there. And since it’s for a good cause, we’ll definitely make it super-sized.

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28 responses to “McDonald’s goes homo

  1. The last time I bought food from a McDonald’s was 10 years ago, for a salad. And I don’t intend to ever patronize McDonald’s or any fast food in the future.

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  2. These idiots just never seem to learn. Why not? Because they’re… IDIOTS!

    You’d think the decision-makers at major corporations could look at what has happened with other companies like Target and Kelloggs and arrive at the conclusion it’s not smart business and going to cost them profits if they alienate 50% (or much more) of their potential customer base.

    But, no. Idiots gonna be idiotic!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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  3. I’d boycott them, but I never eat there. I cook… my own meals. It’s a lost and ancient art. I think I went in once maybe 20y ago to see if things had changed since my youth — had a coupon for something in the paper. They had not.

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    • Everything still has that McDonald’s “masking tape” taste…

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    • We also don’t take anyone we care about to McDonalds….their food is toxic. It’s a lot of effort for me to make food from scratch every day, but I do it. And, our kids are not hyperactive or whiney (usually) and we eat old fashioned foods that people ate many centuries ago when we can get it. GMO’s and pesticide (roundup) sprayed foods make the kids hyper and make them cry easily, and they get a rash (looks like a burn) on their skin. This “food’ is not normal! Also watch out for fake organics.

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  4. There was that rumor about Ronald and the Grimace! Just watch for dudes in assless chaps in the ball pits!

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  5. Dr. Eowyn I assume you made a Twitter post on this-our whole problem is people are unorganized and fail to come together to stop this madness

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  6. Well! That just gags me! Don’t think I need any McDonalds anytime soon.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Ain’t never let no clown cook me no hamburger no how. I also never frequent fast food establishments other than occasionally bojangles chicken.

    Even at the post office they attempt to give me stamps that are just too effeminate, such as rainbow colored flowers that are all to obvious, and one that even is just the word “Love” written as big as the stamp allows. I ain’t sending no love letter to any revenue department.

    Yes, they even have the post office trying to push political agendas with ridiculous stamps. I often do have to insist on a stamp that ain’t so gayed up or displays some thing contrary to my nature, usually winding up with the simple “Purple Heart” stamp.

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  8. McD’s being a “hip” again… do they know BK beat ’em to it with the “Pride” Whopper?

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  9. Another company alienating the majority and pandering to a minority.

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    • That’s the funny part, how many gay eat at mcd’s in the first place? Don’t they frequent places like olive garden?


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  11. Just to be spiteful l would tell the window attendant: “Med. fries please, I don’t want the gay carton.”

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  12. Why would McDonalds even think that promoting gayness at a meal people are trying to enjoy, most with their kids, is even time appropriate?
    I find this appalling and the need to let the world know what goes on behind their closed doors is inappropriate.

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  13. EVERYONE should ask at the pay window, “can I get a plain wrapper?”. If the answer’s no, drive off.

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  14. I don’t eat fast food but if I did this would be one more reason not to. These companies make it so easy for me to save money by boycotting them . Thanks asshole’s…

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  15. As much as I love their fries, I think I’m going back to making my own at home.

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  16. I cannot deny the good McDonald’s has done: It has hired elderly and retired people, it has hired people with Down’s Syndrome, it has given people good careers and millions of others part-time employment. McDonald’s led the way with these things. And from what I have heard of McDonald’s franchise owners and managers, they don’t just dump the food in the store and tell them to sell it, they help each store market and advertise its food, helping them with each step in their business.
    So I was quite surprised when I heard, about two years ago, that the corporation was in financial trouble.

    I never cared for its Walt-Disneyesque marketing and advertising, its phony-baloney Norman Rockwellian wholesomeness. I certainly never liked its UNCEASING CRUSADE to shove food down my throat, always interrupting me when I tried to order, never being satisfied unless I ordered something I didn’t want: After all, I am intelligent enough to know what I want, and what I cannot eat.

    These things being said, I use McDonald’s when I am desperate. I find their Sausage McMuffin & Egg palatable and affordable, and their coffee is good. Like everyone here, I am SICK TO DEATH of the Leftist Politics (which should be followed by the TM symbol!) that has invaded marketing. The virus is making its way through the entire economic chain, as it were, beginning with J.C. Penney, moving its way through Target and Starbucks, and all the rest. Actually, Mickey D’s is late on this one….

    What really needs to be pointed out here is the absolute hypocrisy of the Left. For all their whining about capitalism, they certainly don’t know how it works (or what really is wrong with it), and for all their whiney pining for socialism, they don’t stop wanting the goodies capitalism offers, and they certainly don’t recognize the evils socialism and communism visit upon the human race!

    I see the politicization of marketing as the advent of yet more EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS to come: After all, we’re all eating GMO food (90% of all corn is GMO, and I cannot eat it anymore), and Bill Gates could put sterilants in our food next, for all we know. This, I think, is the real danger coming our way—in addition to pushing perversion not too many people seem to want. This is another form of CONDITIONING the consuming public. Most of the public rejects it and will continue to do so, yet I’m wondering what the Oligarchy’s next move is after this. THIS, I believe, is the next hand in their Poker Game.

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    • Actually, if you look at the dangers of soy (and it’s in all of mcdonalds fake food), it causes decreases in testosterone among other things. It also raises estrogen levels in males and females.


      • Thanks for the heads-up. I did not know this. Dr. Ted Broer, who has his own podcast and appears on Hagmann & Hagmann regularly, says that, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should soy ever be ingested, citing what you just did.


  17. They can have French fries and onion rings too….
    I always thought that Ronald had a thing for Grimace…..
    McDonalds isn’t real ‘food’ anyway, bugs won’t even eat that stuff! Did you hear about that person who found a 10 year old Big Mac in the closet (ha ha)? It didn’t get moldy or anything, and it was in the closet….much like Ronald McDonald.
    Tell your church friends about this stuff, maybe they’ll stop eating that swill.


  18. I’m just waiting to see Ronald McDonald do a strip tease and you find out he is a woman or tranny….or maybe become a drag queen in one of the McD’s commmercials.


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