London Bridge Terror was a hoax: CCTV shows ‘victim’ getting up from ground

At around 9:58 pm on the night of June 3, 2017, just 12 days after the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Britain experienced a third terrorist attack of the year when three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge. Wielding knives, the men left the van and went to the nearby Borough Market, where they stabbed people in and around restaurants and pubs. Seven people were killed and 48 wounded, including four unarmed police officers who attempted to tackle the assailants.

The three attackers wearing fake explosive vests — Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba — were shot dead by police. ISIS has claimed “responsibility” for the attack. Twelve people were arrested and four properties raided the following day, with more raids on the day after. (Wikipedia)

Or so we are told.

On June 6, I published a post on a curious video taken by a citizen journalist of what appears to be a group of police officers changing their clothes behind a police van during the London Bridge incident. One of the officers pulled on a pair of camouflage pants, which certainly is not standard police uniform. He was later seen, in camouflage pants, lying on the ground as one of the three terrorists shot dead by police at 10:16 pm.

Below is a longer video of the police changing their clothes AFTER the terrorists drove their van into pedestrians on the London Bridge attack, but BEFORE the Borough Market stabbing.

The video shows not only the red-hair officer changing into camouflage pants, but also officers in white tops and black pants, as well as others donning all-black hoodie jumpsuits.

Later in the video, CCTV footage of the Borough Market stabbing shows supposed restaurant “waiters” dressed in white tops and black pants being “stabbed” by “terrorists” wearing all-black hoodie jumpsuits.

Hmm . . . .

There is also a telling and quite funny CCTV footage of a stabbing “victim” (or a “terrorist” whom the police just “shot”) miraculously getting up from the ground to avoid being run over by a runaway police car that the cops had forgotten to brake.

Here’s a screenshot I took, followed by a GIF I had made.

See also “Fake News: CNN Becky Anderson stages fake Muslim ‘peace protest’ in London“.


11 responses to “London Bridge Terror was a hoax: CCTV shows ‘victim’ getting up from ground

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    Exactly, what is going on here and what are they trying to prove?


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  2. Why would police even be wearing camouflage. I have never seen “police” in camouflage uniforms. It blows my mind that we have both in the US and evidently in Great Britain so many individuals who are willing to enter into a conspiracy to hoodwink the common citizen. Frankly, all these goons need to be imprisoned.

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  3. Brits, could you not create “sanitized” pictures for public release like this? You just instigate distrust and people have long been adult enough to see pictures of real stuff like this.


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  5. In other perhaps faked news I ran across this;
    “Maureen Hawkins, Elaine’s sister, 60, added: ‘We are all devastated here, there were children in there. How did this happen to that building? It has melted and it does not make sense.’

    Another woman who appeared to be very distressed outside the Latymer Church, which is being used to shelter those displaced, shouted ‘People have been left to die. The wrong materials were used on the building, how can that happen?’

    She added: ‘This does not happen in Kensington. This does not happen in Chelsea.’

    Sonya Sorhaindo, 49, who has lived in the area her whole life, said she felt the emergency services were slow to respond.

    She said: _’I was out here watching the fire between 1.30am to 4.30am and I only saw water being used after I went back inside and turned on the television.

    ‘They do a tough job but i felt this was slow._'”

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  6. If this is a hoax terror attack, then in one sense i’m naturally relieved, relieved that no one died. But on the other hand i’m angry if they are taking us for a ride. Taking the p*ss out of us all, making fools of us. What’s the purpose of it? i saw that clip of someone changing clothing, not long after the event, yet they must have been aware of people walking about & that they were being observed,& filmed even. Why would they change out on the street in anycase (& not at the police station afore setting off?)It’s all a mystery.
    Why playact stuff like this? If true,then what a stinking corrupt system we’re living under right now

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  8. Gee, almost reminds me of that Sandy Hook hoax, huh?
    Some of the reasons they would be doing these fake attacks would be to force some sort of restraint on the so called ‘free people’ of the nation they are doing this to. But, since the English can’t carry guns, what would they be trying to change? Maybe force martial law on the populace. Why? Would they be trying to force everyone to have some sort of ID or ‘papers’ to just walk around town? If so, why? What is the ultimate reason they are doing this…that is what I’d like to know.

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  9. BTW, I loved that GIF of that ‘victim’ getting up and running away, ha ha ha! Even ‘dead’ people don’t want to get run over, ha ha! It’s the zombie apocalypse!
    Why aren’t we getting anyone talking about these fake jobs…why are no insiders to these hoaxes speaking up?

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  10. Yes I would have to agree that it was another staged event however some innocent by standers did die. The Canadian that was hit by the van was a real person. I know because she and her twin sister were always at my house when they were children playing with my daughter. So I will be going to this young women’s funeral next week who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only comfort I have regarding this tragic event is knowing the these evil people that continually stage these false flag events to enslave all of us is that they will reap what they sown.


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