The professional posturer: John McCain says US leadership was stronger under Obama


And to think I voted for this RINO.

From Daily Mail: John McCain has said US leadership was stronger under Barack Obama and said Donald Trump‘s criticism of Sadiq Khan suggested American ‘doesn’t want to lead’.

The senator from Arizona had said America’s standing in the world was being damaged by Mr. Trump, who has championed an ‘America First’ approach.

He said the US had been better off under Obama, despite being a fierce critic of the former president and particularly his foreign policy which he awarded an ‘F’ grade.

Mr. McCain, who ran against Obama as the Republican nominee in the 2008 presidential election, said Mr. Trump was in danger of alienating its allies.

It comes after Mr. Trump attacked London Mayor Mr. Khan after the London Bridge terror attack which left eight dead and dozens injured. Mr. Trump criticized the mayor after he told Londoners not to be alarmed about an increased police presence following the atrocity on June 3.

When asked about that, Mr. McCain told the Guardian: ‘What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead. They [the rest of the world] are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.’

When asked if America’s standing around the world had been better under Obama, Mr. McCain replied: ‘As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.’

Mr. McCain’s comments are especially relevant as he had been such a fervent critic of the previous administration’s foreign policy. Mr. McCain had previously said there was ‘profound concern across Europe and the world’ that America was ‘laying down the mantle of global leadership’.

And speaking last month in Sydney he said: ‘I know that many of you will have a lot of questions about where America is headed under President Trump. Frankly, so do many Americans.’ 

Discussing Mr. Trump’s alleged links to Russia, he added: ‘I can remember the Watergate scandal and how it brought down a president. I’m not suggesting that’s going to happen to this president, but we are in a scandal and every few days another shoe drops from this centipede, and we’ve got to get through that.’

Mr. Trump’s spat with Mr. Khan was the latest in a series of clashes between the pair. Mr. Khan had previously criticized Mr. Trump’s remarks about Muslims and his attempts to bring in a travel ban against people from six mainly-Muslim countries trying to enter the US, and Mr. Trump labelling him a ‘buffoon’ and challenging him to an IQ test.

Asked about the fallout with Mr. Trump, Mr. Khan told ITV1’s today’s Good Morning Britain: ‘We’re not kids in a playground, he’s the president of the US. I’m too busy to respond to his tweets, isn’t he busy?’

He denied he was stoking up a feud which went back to 2016, when the mayor described the then presidential candidate’s calls for a ban on Muslim entry into the US as ‘ignorant’.

‘It takes two to tango. I’m not tangoing with this guy, I’ve got better things to do,’ said Mr. Khan. ‘From Saturday until now my focus has been dealing with the aftermath of the horrific attack. Working with the police, security services, the Government; that’s why I’ve not responded to the tweets from Donald Trump.’

Prime Minister Theresa May waded into the row with clear criticism of Mr. Trump, insisting he was ‘wrong’ to be criticizing Mr. Khan’s response. 


25 responses to “The professional posturer: John McCain says US leadership was stronger under Obama

  1. What a snake in the grass John McCain is.
    And yet President Trump courted Cindy McCain, John’s wife, who will join the Trump Administration’s State Dept. as an ambassador-at-large on anti human trafficking, refugees, and humanitarian-aid. Go figure.

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  2. I have no use for McCain; he is too weird.
    On the other hand, I totally support President Trump.
    The more “they” try to take President Trump down, the more I defend him.
    The establishment will not accept that Congress is not a star chamber, and they are accountable to We The People.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    John McCain says U.S. leadership was stronger under Obama. Yes, that is true if you want to back Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The reason McCain feels this way is the Obama leadership McCain is talking about is – Obama was working with the enemy (the Muslims). Obama was working under the banner of Islam – the White House under Obama was loaded with the Muslim Brotherhood Czars. Obama removed the Bible from the military and the educational system. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. McCain is a traitor – he and Lindsey Graham collude with Obama and organized ISIS – met with them and backed them.

    That is why McCain makes that statement saying US leadership was stronger under Obama. McCain is a traitor – just like anyone who is now backing Obama and his dark government.

    If you want Sharia law in the U.S. – then back McCain and his friend, Obama. Plain and simple.


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . Amen to all you wrote! You nailed it. Ol’ man McCain needs to leave the Senate and let someone who is not senile fill his seat.

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  4. Commies got their money’s worth with this one… his handler would agree:

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  5. McCain has been a known snake for years but the dumb ass people of Arizona keep sending him back.

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  6. Here are my questions: Who is writing McCain’s speeches now, likely some Millennial from UA or ASU colleges. He should resign before he becomes completely irrelevant. Or worse. He’s sounding left-of-center PC. Big league.
    And more importantly, what the hell is London doing electing a Muslim Mayor in these times??? I knew they had a large Muslim population, but wouldn’t it make sense to NOT turn the hen-house over to a rooster? Grandma always kept a chained up dog outside of hers back on the farm… keep the cluckers in check. And keep the roosters (and foxes) OUT.

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    • The problem is that the greater amount of “true Englishmen” live outside of London. The masses of foreigners have hunkered down in London proper, so they can outvote those of English culture. It truly is a crying shame.

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      • As they appear to be trying in Sweden… and other European countries. What progressives pose as refugees may be nothing more than an orchestrated influx of Muslim conquerors. Get them in, herd them into mosques for “training”, and take over.


  7. Yeah, sure. John McCain probably can’t find his car keys and puts his Depends on inside out. He should go the way of his friends, the dinosaurs, into extinction!

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  8. If you ever doubted who McCain is this clinches it-to support a CIA Deep State Muslim pretender who was not elected by the People, who has done more to destroy our society than most other TRAITORS in office, who is involved in CHILD LUCIFERIAN PEDOPHILIA Q.V., PIZZAGATE, whose “wife” is a MAN-folks its time to remove the TRASH AND EVIL FROM OUR MIDST at any cost, if people were awake they would be SHOCKED to who controls our society

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  9. Among the things McCain is screwing up on the national level is his stance on vaccines and vitamins and natural medicine.
    He’s a big pharma waterboy.

    I always thought that the real reason McCain was in Nam was to shut his father up, not because he was patriotic.
    I knew many people whose lives were all about meeting the expectations of powerful parents, and there were so many issues with that war. That was a case where our leaders created an opportunity for the commies to slither into our political system using the Trojan horse of “peace”.
    The whole POW thing was unfortunate to say the least, but there are numerous theories out there about it and the mysterious outcome.

    One thing for sure is he cashed in on it to the max.

    When Trump made the derogatory remark about McCain, it did not offend me, but I was more concerned that it would just further alienate the establishment politicians. Apparently it did and McCain is looking for vengeance. He should be seeking vengeance on the commies, not become one. He should fully support the POTUS. McCain’s race has been run. Have a beer, or some ketchup, or whatever. Fly on your frigging jet somewhere far away.


    • MeThePeople . . . Great comment. I particularly liked . . . “McCain’s race has been run. Have a beer, or some ketchup, or whatever. Fly on your friggin jet somewhere far away” I am among those who scratch my head, wondering why Arizona continues to send this demented old soul back to the Senate time and time again. It certainly defies common sense.


      • He’s got secrets on his competitors to keep them from running, and has deals with his allies to provide the money to keep campaigning. At least, that’s SOP in politics for someone who’s been there so long.


  10. traildustfotm

    It seems that Obama and McCain were BOTH “Manchurian Candidates!” It wasn’t an “either or” contest at all!

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  12. I’m a Canadian and strong Trump’s supporter. I don’t understand why the Arizonans, where I worked for 12 years, still sending this creep in Senate. He’s an anti-american (intentionally with low cap letter) and NWO loonie.

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    • McCain has had enough time, and he is getting worse, not better. Were I an Arizonan, I would either refrain from voting or vote third party if he could not be primaried out. Enough is enough.

      Trump has a habit of bringing onboard people essentially hostile to him. It began with courting Romney – another RINO I would not touch with a 10ft pole again – then to Nikki Haley for the UN, and now Cindi McCain for some roving post. Perhaps he has great wisdom, as Lincoln, who did the same thing. But I hope this trait does not make him vulnerable to bad counsel or betrayal.

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  13. This is why I suspect the whole thing is a setup. Could anyone be stupid enough to trust McCain? His father was a typical military loser and Junior was a one-man wrecking crew before he became the Hanoi Canary.

    As to why the Zoners keep electing this specimen (if that is what’s happening), I haven’t a clue.

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  14. Just retire, you senile old treasonous fart – before you embarrass yourself further.

    You couldn’t fly worth a damn, and your history in congress is even worse.


  15. Just how long is this chump going to walk around with the chip on his shoulder? Time to be a team player John.

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  16. I have to give credit where credit is due: Barack Obama prevented this CRETIN—and Hillary, the Klownish Koughing Kween—from becoming President.
    Yet the Swamp Creatures, McCain, Clinton and Obama live, droning on and on, wasting as much of God’s precious air and water wherever they go!

    WHO owns these Swamp Creatures? WHO funds them? WHO gives them their orders? George Soros alone? I don’t think so. The Mossad? Perhaps. But McCain seems to be the Lurch-wannabe in this Addams Family drama who wants to run the mansion!

    I did not know until this year that President Nixon issued a pardon to the returning McCain. Thus the investigation into the near-sinking of the USS Forrestal was effectively buried. (McCain’s father was an admiral at the time).

    In the meantime, you may wish to boycott Budweiser beer, for McCain & Wife own a distributorship in Arizona. (This is not hard for me to do, as I have always found Budweiser to be OVER-RATED!)

    Hey, McCain! There’s a sunset waiting for you to ride off into! Go! Go Away!


  17. John Mccain Traitor- By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s


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