How Original: ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ to Tackle Trump Era in Sitcom Revival


Remember this? Sure to appeal to us Trump voters…

Everything old is new again in Hollyweird: reboots and revivals. Yet this time they think they are going to “appeal to those of us who elected Donald Trump.”

Another show I won’t be watching.

From Hollywood Reporter: Expect comedian Roseanne Barr to tackle Donald Trump and the current reality of ordinary Americans when a revival of her popular family sitcom debuts on ABC mid-season.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey just isn’t certain Barr will personally identify the U.S. president. “I don’t know whether Roseanne (Barr) will speak about Trump by name. But she’s going to speak very honestly,” Dungey told the Banff World Media Festival on Monday during a keynote address.

“We’re going to be tackling some of the topics that are in the conversation today. I’ll leave it that,” she added. Original castmembers Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson will return 30 years after the original Roseanne comedy debuted, this time with new kids and grandchildren thrown into the mix for new story-telling.

“Now we will have three generations — Roseanne, her kids and her kids have kids who are teenagers. So we’ll bring back a point-of-view that has really been missing on the air,” Dungey said. By that, the ABC Entertainment boss is talking about a push by her network to deliver TV shows that speak to U.S. audiences as a whole, including those that elected Donald Trump as the U.S. president, and not just to the coasts.

“Certainly, that something in our development that we’ve been trying to look at more directly,” Dungey said. Roseanne as a sitcom about a working-class family was on air from 1988 to 1997, and will return to ABC for an eight-episode run.

Dungey said the Roseanne reboot is the right TV show for the Trump era. “Roseanne is an established show. It’s an established family, it has an established character. Thirty years ago, Roseanne was speaking very openly about her life and her challenges. And it’s a perfect time to have that voice back to talk about the realities now,” she told Banff delegates.

Dungey said ABC as a broadcaster by nature tries to appeal to a broad audience, but that need has never been more acute than after the recent U.S. election. “What the election revealed was that there’s parts of our country that didn’t feel heard, that they didn’t have a voice (au contraire, Trump was elected!). When you look at how the polling data went in the run-up to the election, it was kind of big surprise to many people that the election turned out as it did,” she recalled.


14 responses to “How Original: ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ to Tackle Trump Era in Sitcom Revival

  1. I give it one season. Trump supporters won’t watch. Trump haters won’t watch.

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  2. Unlike fine wine, dog crap doesn’t improve with age. Although its aroma may.

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  3. Wasn’t the original show set in the Ozarks and a warning about the dangers of first cousin intermarriage?


  4. Roseanne just reaffirmed her Cultural Marxist credentials, UGH.

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  5. From the day that Roseanne Barr “sung the National Anthem” with such a lack of any dignity, or decorum that should be afforded that song . . . . I have never watched any program on which she appeared, and I won’t be changing that edict any time soon! I can only hope that they poor millions into this program and that it flops so hugely . . . that we can hear the sound of that flop from Sea to Shining Sea!

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    still not understanding; is she a good guy or bad guy, or is it good gal or bad gal?

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  7. There are many entertaining tv programs and shows to be seen, why waste my eyes, my hearing and my time watching that obnoxious, low life-white trash, with no character as an entertainer. Blah!

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  8. I never watched it when it first came out, nor any reruns. It just never appealed to me.

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  9. So let me get this. Rosanne is given a show specifically so she can spew anti Trump venom too. Really? After todays attempted murder of Republican congressmen? So little awareness, so little self awareness.

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  10. What side is fat and lazy on? Probably both sides. That couch isn’t big enough for another fat lazy idiot.


  11. Roseann Barr had no business being famous in the first place. (Neither did he ex-husband, Tom Arnold). Why would she make a comeback now? I suppose she’s dreadfully afraid of becoming IRRELEVANT.
    Too Late, Roseann! Too Late!

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  12. Another reason not to watch this show: Roseanne will have a nine-year-old ‘gender creative’ grandson in TV revival: Casting directors are looking for a child who can play ‘sensitive and effeminate’

    Casting directors have been looking for a kid who can play ‘sensitive and effeminate’ and ‘displays qualities of both young female and male traits,’ the outlet reports.

    Read more:


  13. This makes me glad we don’t have TV.

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