What the lying, globalist media rats won’t show you: France is a war zone

CNN’s Becky Anderson would like for you to believe that peaceful Muslims honored the dead London terrorist victims. She is lying to promote a globalist agenda.

The amount of terror and carnage that terrorist Muslims and refugees are causing throughout Europe is devastating. 

The media will not report the truth of what is happening. Just watch the above video from France to witness what is really occurring.

May I suggest that if you have plans to visit France this summer that you cancel them NOW.

This video is from Refugee Crisis in the EU. From their YouTube video:

Apparently we are “not advertiser friendly” in YouTube. If you want to support our project, you can donate here, thank you: https://www.paypal.me/refugeecrisis


28 responses to “What the lying, globalist media rats won’t show you: France is a war zone

  1. And yet not only did French nationalist Marina Le Pen lose to globalist Macron in last month’s presidential election, her National Front party was crushed in the parliamentary election on June 11. Instead Macron’s party will have a parliamentary majority.

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    • That boggles my mind…

      Europe is toast.

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    • That’s what I thought of too…and they elected Macron. I don’t get it. The French were always such a proud people of their culture- to the point of being almost arrogant. And now they just toss it away? I don’t get the police either- in any of these countries. I know their paychecks are signed by the traitorous politicians but at what point do they rebel ? They have children too.

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    • I wonder if their election was tampered with by the NWO…er I mean “Russia”. Either that, or if they really elected Macaroonie, they’re getting what they voted for.

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    • Doc, I’m convinced the various intel agencies made sure Le Pen and other conservative politicians lost their respective elections. I saw a vid of some jihadster stealing Le Pen ballots and running away and nothing was done, in France there’s ballots made out for each candidate, no ballot, no vote. May in England just about lost it all, brexit included, with her snap elections. The nwo and satan know they can’t have any more Trumps getting elected, even if that trump is a shill.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Read this and weep for the people of France. Hollande, the past leader of France with Obama have caused all of this misery for France and Europe. Obama is a Muslim.

    This is why President Trump is working so hard to keep this from happening in America. Once you allow them to enter – they are here for Islam, a government first and then they bring the religion and Sharia law in – don’t kid yourself. Look at Europe – what a mess they are in. The only people who were smart were the Czech Republic and Poland and refused to allow refugees into their country because you cannot vet them.

    Wake up world – these people are not here to integrate – they are here to urinate on the people of the world. Plain and simple.


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  3. Watching the video, it appears the French police have been gelded by those in charge. At least here in the USA (so far, in most cities), when met with lethal force by rioting hordes, police can respond with lethal force (as can any citizen in our civilized society, unless attacked by the police or state military etc., go figure). As I believe was warranted in the above video… SHOOT them! DON’T run away, don’t use rubber bullets, don’t use tear gas!
    Most of the rioters appear to be black or arab. The woman draped in a flag @8:20 is apparently from Algeria. What are they rioting about? Are they making a declaration of war in the names of their home countries?
    Those young, likely non-working, non-tax paying idiots need to be taught a lesson. Just as those here in the US, committing similarly violent attacks, do. But politicians listen to the loudest voice, even if it’s an immoral minority, because they want to be popular. And when the media reports their friends’ actions, if at all, they call it “unrest”, not riots and/or “acts of war”, which they are. STOP the ‘political correctness’. Take back our civilization. Teach the barbarians respect they seem to have lost. Make an example or two of the worst offenders so that others see it’s not something to repeat in the future…

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Could not stand to watch more than two minutes. From the very beginning, it started with some one kicking out the window of a police car. The shooting should have started right then. You can be sure that would be the response round here, by law enforcement or citizen. But these backward countries don’t even give their law enforcement weapons. That is unless they are staging a fake attack.

    We can not allow that to happen here. The smart ones will not deny their second amendment right.

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  5. This is disgusting. What has happened to the proud French nation with their spirit and “elan”? Someone over there should have the guts to bring in a couple of divisions of the Foreign Legion, one of the greatest fighting forces in history. They would chomp at the bit to clean this unholy mess up.

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  6. Too bad French cops don’t have guns, huh? Seems the Soros equipped ‘refugees’ are better equipped.
    Wow. And people think the USA should allow these ‘refugees’ in too, huh. Send this video to anyone you know who’s a dumbazz moron supporting ‘refugee’ entry into the USA.

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  7. Funny but the ‘real news’ didn’t mention anything about this.

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  8. Seeing all these obviously ‘able bodied’ young “people”, I think two things. One, are they getting welfare benefits in france? And two, they could be put to work in a nice chain gang, cleaning up the messes they are making.

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    • Maybe Obama arranged for them to get their US benefits forwarded to them in France. He was so generous with social benefits during his 8 year vacation that the people here who REALLY NEED ’em aren’t getting enough to survive. The freeloaders with a good paying,undisclosed alternate income seem to clean up on the food,various assistances and other “bennies”;they say it’s EASY,if you don’t mind lying your a$$ off to the Government.

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  9. I wonder if camel-washers like frog legs and snails?

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  10. I see the need for the police to self arm themselves and start shooting. Go ahead put me in front of a jury. They have a right to defend themselves.
    When you see the damage done to the outer edges of Paris with people sleeping on the streets along with defacating. Etc. makes you sick to see a once beautiful city destroyed.
    The people need to join together and remove all those in office. They are doing zip to save the country.
    I also saw some young men that looked lily white, WTH?

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  11. Muslims and Antifa Have Taken Paris – YouTube

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  12. traildustfotm

    Just a handful of years ago my wife and I were talking about a trip to France so I could paint where Claude Monet painted. That option is off the table. So very sad.

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  13. The sights, sounds and smells of Paris must be lovely now…

    Paris Is the New Calais, With Scores of Migrants Arriving Daily

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  14. “May I suggest that if you have plans to visit France this summer that you cancel them NOW.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more…

    h/t DCG

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  15. It’s absolutely ridiculous how the mainstream media REPEATEDLY ignores events like this, on a daily basis…

    MAYHEM In France After Migrants Commit UNTHINKABLE


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