Muslim Sympathizer Angela Merkel Says Border Walls Won’t Solve Immigration Issues

merkel muslim

What would you expect from a womyn who claims that Islam isn’t the cause of terrorism? Perhaps Merkel should take a look at the Ramadan Bombathon numbers.

From Yahoo: In a jab at U.S. President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced the use of border walls during her visit to Mexico City on Saturday.

Speaking on a panel discussion with Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto, Merkel argued that building border walls disregards the root of immigration issues.

“Obviously the main reason for people leaving must be addressed on site first, which means putting up walls and cutting oneself off will not solve the problem,” Merkel said, as translated by Reuters. Improving standards of living and employment opportunities everywhere should be prioritized, she said.

Her comments take aim at Trump’s election pledge to make Mexico pay for a “big, fat, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border to keep immigrants from crossing into the U.S.

A long record exists of such walls failing and friendly diplomacy succeeding, said Merkel, whose government has welcomed more than a million refugees into Germany since 2015.

“It’s an issue you can study well in the history of China with the (Great) Wall of China, you can study it in the history of the Roman Empire,” she said during the panel. “Essentially, only when great empires have managed to forge sensible relationships with their neighbors and to manage migration has it been a success.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.


18 responses to “Muslim Sympathizer Angela Merkel Says Border Walls Won’t Solve Immigration Issues

  1. Why is this woman still German Chancellor?

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  2. This coming from the leader of a country that murdered 8 million Jews, Gays, Gypsy’s and Catholic priest instead of just deporting them.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    If I were Trump, I’d remove all our troops from Germany and any other country, like Turkey, that hates us and tell them to go and “F” themselves.
    Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic would be a far better place for them.

    Germany has never been our “friend”. They only “liked” us because of what we did, and could do, for them, not as friends but as benefactors. Enough of this shit!

    Pull out of NATO and the UN and go it alone. We don’t need them; THEY need us.

    Trump should tell that old Nazi cow where to stuff it and to mind her own damned business.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This woman lived in East Berlin during the East/West wall era and was a communist. She told the German people if they didn’t like living with the Muslims – they could leave. Can you image one person telling millions of your own people – get lost cause my new friends are Muslims. In the next election, the people of Germany better “make her get lost” by voting against her. She has hooked up with Obama, the Muslim.


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  5. Angela Merkel should take care of her affairs, which are plenty, and keep her nose and opinions out of our business, we the people cannot accept more refugees that not only bring a burden to taxpayers, they have to be educated into our system to be assimilated into our communities, and that takes two generations to accomplish, No-angel Merkel and Mustafa Obama flock together.

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  6. I know space for a headline is limited and what you would like to have been able to write would have been, “Marxist Muslim Globalist Sympathizer Angela Merkel Says Border Walls Won’t Solve Immigration Issues As Long As I Have Anything To Say About It.” Has she been mentoring the Mayor of London?

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  8. Merkel will go down in history for doing what Hitler was not quite able to accomplish:

    The total destruction of Germany as a nation.

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  9. She is dumb as a box of rocks. I know of at least 4 European countries that would beg to differ from her the fences are working well for them.
    And the people of Germany are no better, they have done little to take their country back jerk off the throne and save your country.
    When the people take a stand, I will give empathy. I think the military will go with the people.
    We should leave Germany, convenient bases or not.

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  10. She is, first and foremost, a communist. She is a state worshipper. She has no respect for the opinions or beliefs of others. She is a loyal foot soldier for the Rothschild’s.

    Her and others like her are living proof that there is no democracy. No one in their right minds would actually vote for her. Given her track record, how does she continue to walk around?

    In times past, a ruler who opened their gates and invited the enemy to despoil their country would be dealt with swiftly. She stands there day by day taking full responsibility for the chaos she surveys.

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  11. Yeah, a wall won’t work but armed military patrols with shoot on sight orders works wonders! Come to think of it Merkel in a 4×5 room with concrete walls and a barred door could prove me wrong.


    • I wonder how many of these muslim refugees she has invited to live in her home?? In fact I wonder how many are living in her community?? The elite always exclude themselves from the laws they foster on the rest of us!

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  12. traildustfotm

    So Angie, how’s that “no wall” thing working out for ya?

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