Ms. Magazine feminist: Wonder Woman should be a short, fat, black lesbian

Wonder Woman, a new movie, is breaking box office records.

It had the biggest opening weekend ever for a female director (Patty Jenkins) and is the highest-grossing comic book superhero movie with a female lead — Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman. As of June 11, 2017, Wonder Woman has grossed $206.3 million in the United States and Canada and $230.2 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $436.5 million, against a production budget of $149 million.

But feminists are crabby about the movie because of its portrayal of Wonder Woman as a tall, thin, white, “heteronormal” and caring woman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Writing for the Ms. Magazine Blog on June 5, 2017, Stephanie Abraham gripes:

Why couldn’t Wonder Woman be a woman of color? When it was announced that Gadot would play Wonder Woman, audiences went wild body shaming her for not having large enough breasts. One can only imagine the white supremacy that would have emerged had the announcement said instead that she would be played by a Black woman. […] Also, while the female warriors are strong and ass-kicking, they all have tall, thin body types and they all could be models on a runway. In fact, in a pivotal battle scene, Wonder Woman struts across the battlefield as if on a catwalk. As a result, their physical strength plays second fiddle to their beauty, upholding the notion that in order to access power women must be beautiful in a traditional way. Especially with the body positivity movement gaining steam, the film could have spotlighted female warriors with fat, thick and short body types. While people have said that warriors can’t be fat, some of our best paid male athletes are, particularly linebackers on the football field, and no one doubts their physical strength.

Another problem is that the story’s overt queerness gets sublimated by heteronormativity. Diana comes from a separatist commune of women who have intentionally chosen to live without men. In one of the first scenes between Diana and Steve, she explains that she read 12 volumes of a series on sex that concluded that while men are required for reproduction, when it comes to female pleasure, they’re unnecessary. While a love story develops between them, a requirement in superhero stories, Diana thankfully doesn’t compromise her integrity for him.

In the end, Wonder Woman concludes that “only love can save the world.” While this may be true, I’ve never heard any other superhero say so. Why couldn’t Wonder Woman fight for justice and eliminate bad guys without having to in the end make it about love? Perhaps a more interesting question is: Why don’t male superheroes do the same?

While people argue that women are “feminine” and naturally more inclined to love, this thinking quickly slides into dangerous assumptions like women are more cut out for caring for children and processing feelings. This gender essentialism not only keeps women in the home, it undercuts men’s emotional and creative capabilities. It also reflects the current double standard that women can have it all, but in order to do so we have to work harder than everyone else and carry it all on our shoulders.

Stephanie Abraham

If Stephanie Abraham’s pic on the Ms. blog is to be believed, she is thin, white, and blonde — the epitome of WASPness, despite her Jewish last name, and the very opposite of the “short, fat and black” attributes she insists Wonder Woman should have. Hypocrite!


25 responses to “Ms. Magazine feminist: Wonder Woman should be a short, fat, black lesbian

  1. Ever noticed how people tend to join the camp of the opposers, just so that they can fit in. Tell me how many people would be paying the big bucks to see anything other than a beautiful slender woman play the leading role. Obviously, since this movie has already made back its production costs, people must want this story to be portrayed in this way. If you don’t like it . . . get a group of investors to come up with 149 million. film your movie, starring whoever you wish, then try to market it . . . . . I think I can say truthfully that your movie will fall flat on its face, and your 149 million will be down the toilet!

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  2. Ms. Abraham is probably transgender, at least her adam’s apple gives it away. No doubt her yearning for a fat, short, black, lesbian wonder woman describes her spouse to a T.

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  3. liberals are insane….
    I am sick of feminist movies that have erupted from hollyweird and they show females beating up or shooting up everyone and sacrifice a few (usually weak) white males in the process.
    To be as succinct as I can: “wonder woman (atheist)” is played by gal gadot, an israeli, who fights and defeats the evil germans.

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    • You said it well Mom and I’m sick of it too, to the point that I hardly watch any of their stupid movies. I’m even sick of the trailers on the TV. It’s all about special effects and violence while they are moralizing the Goyim.
      As to why Wonder Woman should be a Black – because a White man created the comic book series with a White Woman and to portray it any other way is, in their own words…CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!!!
      Whites now are not allowed to have their own culture according to Bolshevik Jews and their acolytes in the brown races who have learned to mimic all their dirty tricks like screaming foul and victim while they are hitting you ! (metaphorically)

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  4. Ms. Magazine left something CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT out: She should have been a ONE-EYED DWARF WITH A BUCKET AND A MOP! This way, Bob Dylan could have written a song about her!

    Somebody please tell Ms. Magazine that they’re applying the reductionism of “Portnoy’s Complaint” to real people here, And tell those men and women that Ms. Magazine cannot make you feel inferior without their consent!

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  5. Problem is, short, fat, black lesbian superheroes aren’t popular. In fact, they’re repulsive and no movie studio would invest in a film about one unless it was a lowbrow comedy. Hollywood may be filled to the brim with leftists but they are wealthy leftists who make smart decisions about movies, including who sells and who doesn’t.

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  6. Feminists are a miserable bunch.

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  7. Can you please repeat the question?

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    I just don’t understand what is wrong with staying true to imaginary characters as they were originally created. I think there must be some thing psychotic about the need to transform an imaginary hero into a self gratifying image.

    Talk about cultural appropriation, or is it misappropriation? All too confusing. Just how many fantasy super heroes were not created as white characters. Nearly every popular old movie has been remade with black characters, already. All are free to let their own imaginations go wild.

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    • Slightly off topic,I really don’t understand why,rather than actually CREATE a movie,they decide to do a re-make of a “Classic” movie,an all-time-favorite film,already proven to make huge money and be universally loved in the theaters,on TV and in syndication. It’s like they’re thinking THEY can actually improve on a CLASSIC. Is that just EGO,or are they just out-n-out DELUSIONAL?

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  9. C.I.A. agent Gloria Steinem and her magazine, Ms., have done enormous harm to women. A few of Stephanie Abraham’s comments encapsulate the essentially antiwoman attitude of the professional women’s branch of the feminist movement, which occasionally throws a sop to the lesbian separatist branch, as she does here. She decries the fact that “While people argue that women are ‘feminine’ and naturally more inclined to love, this thinking quickly slides into dangerous assumptions like women are more cut out for caring for children and processing feelings. This gender essentialism not only keeps women in the home, it undercuts men’s emotional and creative capabilities.” First, anyone who argues that women are not “feminine” needs to have his/her/its head examined. Try this experiment. While talking with a woman you know, say, “You know what I like about you? You’re not feminine.” Then watch as this woman immediately becomes crestfallen. How many women would accept this as a compliment? Many might even become enraged, so be prepared for a slap in the face. Also, if you argue that women are more inclined to love, why does Abraham view this as a potential weakness that can be exploited rather than a strength that should be admired and even rewarded? Abraham blames such “gender essentialism” for keeping women in the home. These phrases are very loaded and deceptive. That women are uniquely able to bear children and then breastfeed them are abilities that every man should admire and be profoundly thankful for. For feminists, however, these are debilities that bind women to their children and keep them out of the office (most women who work outside the home work at jobs that are underpaid, thankless drudgery, but in Ms. Land, all working women are professionals who work in air-conditioned offices, like Abraham). As for women’s ability to care for children and process feelings, anyone who doesn’t spend his/her/its days wearing a blindfold must have noticed that women have these in spades over men. Again, these are wonderful strengths that women have but that feminists belittle. Of course, men must contribute to raising their children and should be sensitive to the feelings of their family members, but we do these differently from how women do them. Every child knows that Mommy and Daddy, no matter how much each one loves that child, are very, VERY different. Finally, Abraham finds it distasteful that Wonder Woman states that only love can save the world. Her comment, “Why couldn’t Wonder Woman fight for justice and eliminate bad guys without having to in the end make it about love?” is one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. Although many may feel that Abraham’s supposed Jewishness is the root of her warped judgment concerning the movie, please allow me to quote another Jew who thought far more deeply on the subject of love: “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” (John 13:34) Any sincere person who has studied history must realize that the fate of mankind (personkind?) depends on Jesus’s commandment being implemented universally. You’re right, Diana. Don’t listen to Stephanie.

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  10. I would happily cough up the bucks to see Gal Gadot in any movie she was in.

    I wouldn’t go see a short, fat rug muncher if you paid me – no matter what color she/it is.

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  12. I’m sure the sales will drop considerable, operations shut down!


  13. She forgot handicapped too

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  14. I am having a hard time visioning a short fat women of any color pulling off the stunts with any kind of finesse.
    These so called demands border on ridiculous. And why does anyone think the world wants to know what your sexual orientation is. Zip it up no one cares.

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  15. Good. I hope they do cast disabled, black, lesbian feminists in all the leading roles. Then they can go broke because that won’t sell tickets. We’ll all be a lot better off without thr violence, smut, brainwashing and moralizing.

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    • I should add there have been roles for sexy black women anyway. But the lesbians and the fat of any creed will just have to make their own movies.


  16. Those who were not endowed with attractiveness can now join these hate groups and whine and storm about their victimhood. I’ve known several of these and I’ve yet to see a well-adjusted one. Usually they just get more and more bitter.

    I suppose that old saw “misery loves company” still applies. It took at least two thousand years to develop Western Civilization. Rather than learn what is required to participate in that effort it is more attractive to these losers to try to destroy that. They have a lot of help from “tribal elements” that have been civilization’s enemy for this entire period.

    The way to defeat this (and similar idiocies), is to ignore them. Do not give them a platform. Do not engage them in a serious manner. Laughter works well. Idiots hate to be mocked.

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  17. Isn’t “feminism” the ultimate affirmation that masculine thinking is superior to feminine? So they’re fooling women into giving up their nature, like it says in the bible that in the end times even their women will turn from the natural use of their bodies. Not the ladies who frequent fotm of course.


  18. I’ve been searching for a “thin, white, “heteronormal” and caring woman” for over 50 years now. There aren’t many to be found in my world. Now, the Whoopie Goldberg types the magazine thinks would have been preferable for the role? Plenty. And I’m not interested.
    As for those “body shaming her for not having large enough breasts”, what I would shame is the womyn in that field who get breast implants to get a leg-up on others… to appear as if they’re something they’re not. As if having fake boobs makes a woman attractive, or not having them makes a woman unattractive. Society does the same thing with women who carry a little more weight, as if that makes them less attractive. If only they had the maturity of middle age that would let them know the things that actually make a woman more attractive (to gentlemen). And that we typically avoid women with obvious surgical enhancements to their physical bodies, as it tells us what kind of guy they’re going after… one who finds that sort of thing attractive.


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