King County defends safe injection sites as a “public health service”

druge injection

I understand there is an opioid epidemic in the U.S. right now. I would rather see taxes used for a rehabilitation facility than for an injection site. Yet I’m sure it’s much harder to get an addict into rehab than it is to allow them to shoot up.

From King County (Washington state) health officials took to Facebook to address mounting concerns over planned safe injection sites.

Public Health Officer Jeff Duchin and Brad Findgood, who previously co-chaired the county’s Heroin and Prescription Opiate Addiction Task Force, were on hand during the live event hosted by Public Health – Seattle & King County.

“These are locations that are public health services, that provide a safe space for people who are already using drugs in public spaces,” Duchin said. “… allow them to come indoors, under the supervision of a healthcare worker, use their drugs and have an overdose reversed if they should suffer from an overdose …”

“Certainly, we don’t believe someone should be pushed out onto the street after they are given clean injection equipment … and told to go inject in an alleyway, or in a restroom of a coffee shop, unattended, where you could die alone when we could save a life,” he continued.

But anxiety over the actual safety of safe injection sites has grown in King County. A Bothell councilmember even started a petition to ban them. It’s those concerns that Duchin and Finegood attempted to address.

Do safe injection sites encourage drug use?

The closest facility to Seattle is in Vancouver B.C. But the safe injection system has been used in Europe for some time, Finegood said. Therefore, there is evidence and studies available to help gauge their effects.

Duchin argued that the facilities don’t increase drug use, rather, they divert current drug use and directly engage users and more efficiently address the problem.

Duchin points out that there were similar concerns surrounding needle exchanges. Now, he says exchanges are a “safe and effective intervention to save lives and prevent disease.”

“I think we are going to see the same thing with these supervised consumption facilities in the United States. We’re just a little bit behind the curve,” he said. “Giving people a safe place to inject who are already injecting in unsafe ways, doesn’t in any way invite more drug use,” he added.

Where will the facilities be located?

What is known is that one facility is planned for Seattle and another for greater King County. But no exact locations have been decided.

“We have no interest in siting these in a community that doesn’t have these problems,” Finegood said. “The idea behind a supervised consumption space is: Where are the problems already happening? Where are people overdosing outside? Where are needles being discarded outside? Where are people dying from heroin use?”

“We have a lot of that information … people are already using publicly. We know that,” he said. “I came across somebody overdosing last week on my walk to the bus. A colleague walked into a Starbucks a couple weeks ago and somebody was overdosing in the bathroom. These things are happening already. This is just an intervention that says, You do not need to use alone. You do not need to be stigmatized, or have prejudice, or discrimination because of your illness. Come indoors, talk to a healthcare worker, and we can help.”

Duchin said there is no timeline for when the safe injection sites will open. He said officials would have liked to have them up and running “yesterday.”

Read the rest of the story here.


17 responses to “King County defends safe injection sites as a “public health service”

  1. King County government are dope-enablers.

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  2. Sorry, but I do Not have any sympathy for “Users” and even less sympathy for the dope-enablers.. Perpetuating & participating in “slow suicide” should have stiff penalties, and NOT the sympathetic nurturing by a Government Welfare System looking to perpetuate & grow itself into Big Business..

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  3. How can this even be legal? How is it that cities can enable hard core drug use, yet for most of the country, being caught with one joint will get you arrested?

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  4. No matter how we look what it, society suffers when narcotics are taken without medical oversight and for non-medical conditions.

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  5. What’s wrong with allowing idiots to kill themselves in the privacy of their own homes? Thin out the herd… clean up the DNA pool. But don’t make it easier, safer, less-stigmatized, and even state-sponsored by creating “safe injection” sites. That just draws more idiots into the crowd that may otherwise have had smarter second thoughts and thus NOT done it.


  6. When public monies are always tight, yet they find funds to start enabling people who are breaking the law . . . what kind of message does this send the public? Here we have individuals who may need help, such as the elderly, veterans . . . yet the dumbos in Seattle and King County want to “help those who have a disease.” What better way is there to break the back bone of society that to mainstream IV drug users . . . these same individuals have so many problems, they are unable to work, many do not have homes (who wants to rent to people who very well may resort to stealing from their neighbors.) This notion of providing them with safe places to shoot up is just another smoke screen for transferring wealth from some and giving to others. As DR Eowyn stated, the appropriate way to go is to put monies into those individuals who wish to enter rehabilitation. An active drug user can never be a productive member of our society, because they are not able to function . . . their entire life evolves around getting the next fix. As cruel as it may seem, I do not agree with lifting the stigma regarding drug users . . . it is a way of keeping young children, hopefully, from following that path. Look what happened when the stigma regarding “illegitimate children” was done away with . . . e now have more illegitimate births, than births to married couples; and since these children need to be supported, and there is no Daddy in sight . . . the US Taxpayer has been drafted to fill that roll. (In fact it is not the child who is illegitimate–it is the two people who created this new life, giving no thought to the well being of this child.)

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  7. Only in Seattle do they tax your soda because it is bad for you but opens up places to shoot up drugs…

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  8. We see in George W. Bush’s War in Afghanistan the duplication of the British Empire’s Opium Wars in China: Heroin addiction had been trailing off prior to 9/11; In the years that followed the Terror Attacks, the annual poppy yield in Afghanistan increased dramatically, by the hundreds of percent, and, hence, the opiod consumption in the United States has increased dramatically.

    In other words, this was a case of creating a demand where there was almost none before. Put morality to the side for the moment: This is economics, plain and simple. (From a cynical viewpoint, of course).

    They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions: Yes, heroin demand doesn’t seem to be leveling off any time soon. So some well-meaning politicians have decided to hand out sterile needles. The problem here is two-fold: First, from a strictly economic viewpoint, this will lead to more junkies in the future. Not directly, but it will: Let us say that there are, to make it simple, 100 junkies out there who want clean needles. Check. This program—tried in England back in the 1960’s to disastrous results—will invite other junkies to seek the clean needles. Now we have 110, 120 or more junkies looking for clean needles. The same can be said for food-stamps: Before Obama became President, there were some 20 million people on food-stamps. But thanks to well-meaning people (snark), by the end of his Administration, there were some 48 million people on them.
    The same will happen when the socialists institute a minimum income when the robots take our jobs. (And then the Great Culling will commence).

    But, Second, there is a FORENSIC consideration that clean needles cannot address: What is being used to cut the heroin? In pure medical theory, opiods and cocaine should be cut with MILK SUGAR, which costs about $30 an ounce. The drug peddlers aren’t concerned about purity or regulation; They’re concerned about quick profits and keeping a captive market. Hence they will cut the heroin or cocaine with chalk or even Comet Cleanser or Ajax, to keep it on the cheap. Hence the medical epidemics will return with a vengeance. (But that’s O.K.: The undertakers will profit).

    Again, what we see here is a eugenic population control program from the Oligarchs on down: Urban hipster entrepreneurs don’t have the brains to engineer the Grand Scheme of things. That’s what Oligarchs are for. (As they laugh all the way to the bank). Hence we have yet another EXTINCTION PROTOCOL.

    WHY can’t ordinary people understand that these billionaire oligarchs want the human race, minus them, EXTINCT?

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    • Those poppy fields in Afghanistan have been funding some CIA black operations for decades.


      • That’s absolutely right, Greenworxx: The CIA is the PERSONIFICATION OF EVIL in the United States today.
        The CIA’s founding charter specifically states that it exists to “further protect the interests of the British Crown.” This, following the 1871 treaty with Britain that makes the United States a “corporation.”
        We must examine, in its full grotesquery, the “legacy” of Harry S Truman, the little British agent worm!


  9. More proof that the state of Washington has become a Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show!

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  10. Goobermint wants them dead before they can collect SS.

    I would never make it as a hard core druggie.

    LOL – I get the willies just giving myself insulin injections.

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  11. Safe injection site, what in the heck is safe about it? You have people doing drugs and many are committing suicide. Why should the taxpayer become guilty of enabling something that is illegal?
    We have Denver with their now legal pot and in many places they now have hundreds of people laying around on sidewalks becoming zombies. That certainly has worked well. Many that have no medical needs for it are obtaining it freely.
    Holland us now admitted their free society of drugs did not work so well. It was polluting the streets.
    Now we have a drug called “gray death” that is fatal by even touching it. The concern for first responders coming upon it is very concerning.
    Now, we have a President wanting to do all that is possible to shut the drugs entering our country down and the left is fighting him all the way. What is wrong with that? I suspect the CIA and their drugs will soon be short lived.

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  12. Great idea! Why not provide free needles and drugs while they’re at it. Every drug addict in America should move there.


  13. Whenever they choose to involve themselves, there is a covert reason for doing so. The “Government” loves to involve itself in all manner of things they have no business in and to totally ignore their responsibilities in areas that they clearly do.

    Personally, outside of providing some counseling or other assistance to get clean, I see no obligation whatsoever for this. How about simply leaving them alone? There’s a thought.

    If they commit crimes, arrest them. Otherwise, leave them alone. The less government we have, the better. There are people starving on the streets and you don’t see them rushing to their aid.

    Seattle has a mayor that would make Joe Stalin blush. There is no limit to what they’ll spend supporting perverts and criminals. Those who are actual victims of their policies and practices go wanting.

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  14. the most emancipated snowflake

    “safe injection sites as a public health service” what a disgusting load of newspeak! There’s nothing safe about those injections, nor does it have anything to do with “health”, “care” and “service” (unless they mean service to Satan) in a positive sense of these words.


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