President Trump needs to protect Christians

The Devil’s work in Michigan

The linked article is shocking, and shows how much reform is needed in our system. The idea of sending Iraqi Christians back to to Iraq, some of whom have lived here 40+ years, only makes sense to Lefists and jihadists.  These actions by ICE look eerily like the dark forebodings many expressed about the actions of an out-of-control government imposing martial law under Obama. President Trump needs to take action here.


‘We are deporting them literally into a lake of fire’


Like many Iraqi Christians, Nahren Anweya’s family fled Iraq in 1989 after being decimated by the Muslim community there. More came after the fall of Saddam Hussein made life even more difficult for Christians.

More than 100 Iraqi Christians were rounded up Sunday evening in federal raids in Michigan and will soon be deported back to their native land, where they face an uncertain fate in a country where Christians are marked for death in a genocide being carried out by ISIS and other Islamic groups.

The raids were conducted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. The ICE agents showed up without warning at the homes of Chaldean Christians and at a popular restaurant called Ishtar’s in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Those detained were mostly legal residents of the U.S., some having spent the majority of their lives here, but have had felonies on their records…


6 responses to “President Trump needs to protect Christians

  1. ManCavePatriot

    Does this action fall under the authority of John Kelly? If so, he needs to be apprised of this ICE action immediately. Remember, this administration is still fighting to seat Trump appointees into position. Many of these Obama holdovers would love to cause chaos before being shown the door.

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  2. the goal should be to deport islam, not Christianity.

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  3. Gee what’s a felony or two between friends?


    • I had the same reaction at first. Felonies? Who cares? But when you read a 20 year old man in a bar fight over his girlfriend and the fact that these people don’t even speak Arabic? This is a hideous miscarriage of justice if allowed to proceed.

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  4. Sessions should look into this……oh wait, he’s busy getting interrogated by Congress.

    Obama made it so every Christian is a refugee.

    “Detained”, “unannounced raid”, “mostly residents”.

    Very disturbing and incomplete story.

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  5. Trump needs to get the Ogooma homies out of goobermint ASAP.


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