Children are harvested for black-market organ transplant

This distressing information was published in 1998-1999, but I just discovered it.

In 1998, the refereed journal Nursing Ethics (vol. 5, 6) published “Children Sold for Transplants: medical and legal aspects,” which was co-authored by:

  • Ulla Fasting, Nurse Clinical Development Coordinator, Viborg Hospital, Viborg, Denmark.
  • Jan Christensen, Danish Working Group for Children, Amnesty International.
  • Suzanne Glending, Save the Children, Denmark.

18 years after the article was published, its “Abstract” was posted online on August 19, 2016 (source: Sage Journals):

Over the last few decades there has been a substantially higher percentage of successful organ transplants but also a significant imbalance between the demand for and the supply of organs, creating the basis for a highly profitable black market trade in human organs. Sometimes there are reports that children have been kidnapped, only to reappear later lacking one kidney, or that they simply disappear and are subsequently killed to have all their transplantable organs removed for profit. The European Union feels that there is a need for action and that it has a duty to act in this field, especially for ethical reasons. There is now established close co-operation between the various European transplant organizations. The legal protection of children with regard to organ transplantation is not specifically mentioned in the existing conventions because this issue was not foreseen at the time of their preparation. However, the issue is covered in a broader sense by more general provisions. There are endless rumours surrounding this area. Members of various organizations who travel in the suspected countries say that the trafficking in children who are sold for transplantation is well known, but it is too difficult and very dangerous to catch the people involved. We have to conclude that it has been impossible to prove or disprove the rumours, but they are consistent and we all, especially in the health care professions, have an obligation to be keenly aware of how and where organs are obtained.

The next year, on March 17, 1999, the UK paper The Guardian has this report by Mona Eltahawy on homeless children in a shelter in Menoufiya, Egypt, who were killed for their organs in a very lucrative organ-transplant black market:

Egypt‘s prosecutor-general has launched an investigation into claims that 25 children were killed at a shelter for the homeless over a three-month period and their body parts sold to wealthy transplant patients in private hospitals.

The inquiry follows allegations from members of parliament that officials in the Nile delta town of Menoufiya knew of the illicit trade and aided the shelter’s administrators. The children, many of them illegitimate, had been abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

In a report, the MPs suggest the organs were sold for between $9,000 and $330,000 each.

Egypt’s Middle East news agency said the minister of social affairs, Mervat El Tellawi, told parliament on Sunday that a panel set up in June to investigate the allegations found evidence of ‘financial and administrative irregularities and that the children’s deaths were the result of gross negligence’ by those who ran the shelter. Officials there were not available for comment.

‘If these allegations are true, this is the most dangerous manifestation of the violation of the right to life,’ said Yosri Mostafa of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights. ‘The number of street children is increasing every day and we can’t allow their bodies to become a new source of trade.’ […]

Organ transplants from living donors must be authorised by the Medical Syndicate, which usually only gives the go-ahead when the operation involves relatives. Rich Egyptians generally travel abroad when they need transplants.

That children’s organs are illicitly harvested and sold for transplants certainly adds credibility to the speculation that very wealthy global élites may also be using children for their blood because young blood has been shown to have rejuvenating qualities.

See also “Dutch banker Ronald Bernard blows the whistle on world’s satanic elite”.


21 responses to “Children are harvested for black-market organ transplant

  1. The depravity of “humanity” never ceases to amaze me.

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  2. traildustfotm

    This is one of the sins that brought the wrath of God down on the people of Israel. The unimaginable cruelty of sacrificing children breaks my heart. Can we imagine how our Lord felt, who said “the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

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  3. that’s what satanists do….everything they do to children is against God’s Word.
    Unfortunately, I believe this is also part of the reason CPS in usa (and other countries….it’s like the wolf guarding the sheep) is so popular and many children “disappear” whether their removal from their homes is substantiated or simply based upon more false allegations….everyone should know where children are located.
    Also there is a story of missing DC girls that the media is claiming to be fake news…I’m certain involves satanism including sacrifice/organ transplant/sex market. Of course, some kids run away, but not in these numbers.
    For any child to go missing should be very alarming.

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  4. Ah so this might be where the 31 kids killary’s state dept fiend I mean friend tried to smuggle/kidnap out of Haiti were destined for.

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  5. I can only surmise that the Heavens weep over this horrific and vile practice. Those who have participated in this trade, or been recipients of the organs of these young ones will stand to be judged; I literally shudder to think about it. We know that The Lord has said, “better that a mill stone be hanged around the neck of one who would offend one of His little ones, and be flung into the depths of the Sea . . . If that is The Lord saying that the better of the two choices due someone who has participated in “offending little ones,” then I think we can all imagine that the sentence which will be meted out will be worse than being flung into the Sea with a weight on a cord would be. I should imagine that the Eternal consequence of having to “remember one’s sin for Eternity”, will be a pain that will be exquisite, and profoundly excruciating, without end. I cannot even hardly imagine having little ones put through such evilness, it literally sickens me.

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  6. The depths of abject depravity are bottomless. Even as we speak, children are being abducted or sold. There can be no mercy for people who traffic in children. They are well aware of the fate these little ones face. When caught, they should be executed.

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    • filia.aurea . . . . . . . Amen and amen! Any one who would traffic in little children for any reason must have a heart that is as black as coal! THE VERY THOUGHT OF SUCH DEPRAVITY is beyond comprehension.

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  7. Hmmmmmm….in this country these debase people who sell the body parts of murdered children are called “Planned Parenthood” and they yearly receive support from the US Gov’t tax coffers (that means from YOU, the provider of the tax coffer) in the amount of millions and billions over the years of operations .

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  8. At the ripe age of Heinz-57, I’ve been around the block more than a few times — there’s nothing naïve about me — and yet in just the last few years I’ve discovered that “this world” is even more evil than I’d known. And I already knew it was “anti-Christ evil”. But now…

    With all the recent revelations about children being used and abused by the wealthy elites — The Wizards Behind The Curtain — I am more convinced than ever that the time of His return is near. VERY near.

    The study of Biblical prophecy has led me to conclude that 2029 is the big year many of us have been awaiting. If I miss my guess, I don’t think I’m going to miss it by much.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  9. Police are investigating a claim by a Los Angeles County coroner’s investigator that an anesthesiologist used a painkiller to hasten the death of a gravely injured boy to increase the likelihood his organs could be harvested without deterioration, a newspaper reported Monday.

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    • What is happening in this country is frightening.
      How did everything go to Hell so quickly?

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      • This is like the Franklin cover up on steroids.
        I think the Satanists are impatient….ugh.


      • I agree, although this is a global phenomenon. In every country there are agents of “The Controllers” who ensure that The Plan is carried out.

        I remember when “Roe v Wade” occurred and “Planned Parenthood” first made their pitch. Needless to say what was promised is far from today’s reality. In the early years a woman had to get a clergyman’s counsel and show that due consideration was given before she was “allowed” an abortion.

        This is such a racket on so many levels. Profiting from dead baby parts is hideous. Most think of this as “secondary birth control”. Every sin adds to the weight of sin in our world. There is so much now that life is like swimming in gravy.

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    • When I was in holdovers, our one DS told us about ‘organ donation’. He and his wife were in an accident (she died). He woke up as they were starting to saw his chest open to harvest his organs- he was an ‘organ donor’. There was a book about the seedy side of organ donation but I forget the title.

      I had seen a few mentions last year that homeless people in the US were disappearing, the one guy (homeless allegedly) said that the local govt would outlaw the feeding of homeless (like by churches). Then he said soon after they would have a soup kitchen open up. He said guys in jumpsuits would come and interview the homeless and ask them questions. White vans were there and then he said after a few days some of the homeless would disappear. He said some of them just left all their stuff, which was not ‘normal’ or usual for them to do.

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  11. Lord Jesus Christ put an end to this madness.

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  12. China has harvesting all age groups for Harvested organ transplant.Some Chinese citizens,in jails.

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