Swedish women have sex with ‘refugees’ in the name of giving them comfort

Now we know why thoroughly cucked Swedish men wear pink pussy-hats.

Board of directors of Byggnads, a construction workers trade union in Stockholm.

Swedish women are demonstrating their “tolerance” and “inclusivity” by having sex with so-called “refugee children” who are actually grown adult men.

The Swedish alternate news and media website FriaTider (Free Times) reports on June 4, 2017, that the trial of a woman from Arboga, a quiet town in Sweden with a population of about 12,000, has drawn attention to how middle-aged women in the political asylum industry take “refugee children” into their homes and have intercourse with them.

Note: The defendant, Johanna Möller, is accused of having a young male Afghan refugee, with whom she’s had sex, kill her father and mother.

The Swedish blog Blankspot published a comment by an anonymous woman who claims sexual relations between Swedish women and so-called refugee children are “extensive”.

As recounted by Ann Heberlein, an author and lecturer in ethics at Sweden’s Lund University, in a post for the blog Ledarsidona, the anonymous woman describes how she took a “traumatized, anxious and barely speaking” “unaccompanied refugee child” from the Migration Board to her home for a one-nighter. There she gave the “boy” a sandwich and let him sleep on her couch. The woman writes (via Google Translate):

“There will be more visits, he is located at the Migration Board’s accommodation, but I will have one night at my home. Now the sofa does not work anymore, he can bring to my bed. I text a friend, help – I have to have him in my bed! Get answers: We do it all, take it easy. It’s so, give him close proximity, that’s what you can do. I give him close proximity, he stays in a screwdriver so hard that hurts.”

Heberlein calls the anonymous woman’s account “nothing but” a description of how an adult woman uses a vulnerable, traumatized, and lonely boy or young man in a foreign country by taking him to bed to “give him close proximity.” It is a textbook example of how a sexual predator of young victims work — she seeks vulnerable, single children; connects with them emotionally; breaks down the child’s resistance by showing she cares; and becomes so important in the child’s life that he dares not protest or resist, and succumbs to her sexual demands.

Heberlein writes (she provided the bold emphasis):

“I fear that these accounts are just the tip of the iceberg. The inside stories I’ve received from acquaintances who work with unaccompanied refugees are deeply worrisome. I have heard of no less than three cases where a (female) employee resigned after marrying and / or relocating with one of the young men she’d met in her work at a HVB home. Several have told me about sexual relations between residents and employees.

‘It’s pure frame brothels,’ as someone familiar with the situation expressed it.”

Note: HVB roughly translates to Special Residential Homes for Young People.

Paul Joseph Watson reports for InfoWars, June 5, 2017, that a recent Swedish government study found that “extensive medical tests” show that at least 75% of so-called child refugees actually are adults. Nor are Möller and the anonymous woman isolated cases of leftist “refugees welcome” activists and volunteers having sex with migrants (not counting the ones who are raped).

Watson writes:

“In a related story, another Swedish woman has been exposed as performing lap dances for ‘child refugees’ (migrants in their 20’s and 30’s) and having ‘intimate relationships’ with them at an asylum centre in Åmål.

Volunteers working at the Calais migrant camp in France before it was demolished were also accused of having sex with migrants by other charity workers.

A whistleblower who worked at the Calais camp said women were having sex with ‘boys believed to be under the age of consent,’ as well as prostituting themselves out to several different sexual partners every day.

The founder of CareForCalais, a volunteer charity, also left her husband for a relationship with a Tunisian migrant who later ripped her off for thousands of pounds.

Clare Moseley began a relationship with the migrant after she had ‘promoted her charity’s no sex with migrants policy’.”


40 responses to “Swedish women have sex with ‘refugees’ in the name of giving them comfort

  1. This is reprehensible on so many levels! It sickens me.

    Remember what the Swedes (or Norwegians) did during and after WWII to women who had collaborated with the enemy . . . their heads were shaved and they were ostracized by society at large. I would say that might be a great idea as treatment for these women If someone actually had intimate relations with a male who truly was underage . . . she should find her skagy bones in jail. If members of a society simply choose to discontinue talking to, or socializing with in any way a member of their society due to this person’s indulging in this behavior . . . I rather doubt the government could do anything about it. Society at large needs to find a simple, non-illegal way of punishing these nut jobs.

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  2. The little sparrow was perched on a tree, minding its own business, when the snake slithered up the nooks and crags in the bark of the tree. The snake spied the sparrow, and the sparrow beheld the snake. Instantly the sparrow was hypnotized and could not move: The paralysis the sparrow was not in its wings, but in its will.
    The sparrow wound up inside the snake.

    What we are witnessing with Sweden—and the rest of Europe and the rest of the World to follow—is a barbarian invasion, by a barbarian political ideology. (Actually, this is a sort of insult to the original barbarians or Barbary Pirates: These “barbarians” are FAR WORSE!) Sweden is the sparrow, Islam the snake. And what we are witnessing is the sparrow feeling the coils constricting upon it, as it tries—in Vain!—to fill its lungs with another little bit of air! Sweden is not inside of the snake yet—but it soon will be!
    And then the Kalergi Plan will work its magic over the next three generations, of inter-marrying with these marauding invaders, and bearing their children!
    And WHAT made this possible? Some alien and enemy ideology moved in and corrupted Sweden’s morals, its very thinking, and twisted their morality with a political correctness that masqueraded with fairness and tolerance, but was nothing but a suicide pact! This alien ideology PRECEDED the Muslim invasion, and the rape and pillage of it was mental and psychological, and conditioned its host to the Muslim invasion that has followed!
    Dr. Henry Makow has documented this ideology with agility and force, and his scope has been nothing short of encyclopedic and colossal. And historian Michael Hoffman has identified this cult as being fundamentally anti-Logos, Anti-Christ in the New Testament sense of the term. (Even Marcus Eli Ravage laid bare his cult’s secret, in writing, in 1928).
    But Hush, Hush, My Darling: We must not speak this Cult’s name or lay bare its secrets, lest we be labeled by them as being against them!
    This is the Kabuki dance we are stuck in. Many of us have had more than enough of it. So has God! Right now we seem to be inbetween the acts in this morose play. But the curtain on Act III shall rise shortly. And the bloodshed and conflagration shall commence!

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  3. Why do all these refugee women and children have beards?

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  4. ALL of europe are finished,THE MEN ARE now JUST QUEERS AND GIRLYMEN,WITH NO BACKBONE TO STAND UP AND FIGHT,THEY WENT DOWN WITH OUT EVEN A WIMPER,and their grand parents are rolling over in their graves,WHO STOOD UP TO ADOLF HITLER and won,and now their grandsons have fallen to their women without a sign of a fight,their finished..WHEN the muzzies attack ,and they will,the girlymen will be slaughtered…..

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  5. Pussies one and all.

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  6. I guess there simply aren’t any men left in Sweden ever since the “post-modern, leftist intellectuals” took over the country after World War II — you know, like this one, for example:

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  7. What a bunch of whores and sluts. Sweden deserves what ever comes its way. These women will screw the scum whose goal it is to destroy Sweden and the west. How utterly disgusting. These women are literal pigs.

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  8. Looks like it’s fun being an unaccompanied migrant. So the cat is out the bag, the real reason why those organizations want to help migrants is because that want a sex slave. Given that most who do volunteer work or even professional work are more likely to be females. What does this say about how lonely or lack of companionship that these women have. Swedish men wearing pussy hats and not acting like men. Swedish woman look elsewhere for someone who acts like a man. What about the viking image, Ragnar lofbrook and other Viking warriors turning in their graves……….

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  9. This ‘woman’ Jessica said: To us, enforcing modesty standards is about controlling people and we have found that is counterproductive and undermines our commitment to respecting bodily autonomy,” she writes.
    Uh, what friggin planet is she living on? Ok, so if ‘enforcing modesty standards’ is about controlling people, then dear Jessica, explain pimps. They make the women they control (and they do control them, and abuse them and sometimes murder them or disfigure them) make them wear revealing clothes too. So, you want your girls to dress like hookers? Then men will treat them like objects, to be used and abused. Sort of the thing you’re trying to avoid, right? Gender ‘roles’?
    What a dummy.

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  10. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Sweden since 1944….just sayin’ .

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  11. Since the women of Sweden are now offering their bodies for free to muslim savages, maybe rape statistics will go down. Yep, the globalist agenda is continuing to make good progress in Sweden.

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  12. Progressivism is a mental illness, if not psychological cancer.

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  13. The Swedish people have become DEGENERATES that can no longer defend their heritage and morals, let alone their women.

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  14. Liberalism is a disorder that heralds self-annihilation. History is full of examples —-like the Germanic hordes who were welcomed into the Roman Empire and given full rights without reciprocating any allegiance or adopting the language and customs…..BYE BYE NOW…..History is as History does.

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  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Isn’t this called “aiding and abettting the enemy?” And, in the end called “treason?”

    All I can say is – “That’s about as useful as tits on a bull.”


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  16. Sweden has surrendered, classic sign…

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  17. Soon it will be animal sex. And then, diseased animal sex. Hey, when one is trying to prove one’s devotion to the destruction of Western values, one should be willing to go the extra mile. Won’t they be proud when they catch something that’s incurable?

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  18. This has happened before. The Swedish women should be reminded of history. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/78558.html.


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  19. Sounds to me like wussified Swedish men can no-longer get the job done. 😉

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  20. Ezekiel 23 comes to once-Christian Europe. May it be reversed and never again cross the waters, and may it be rejected here, a Christian nation.

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