Instagram can’t handle Amber Rose’s racy ‘feminist post’


Another example of Amber’s “feminist” posts…

Call it what you want, Amber. It’s not a “feminist” post (Google it), it’s a porn post. But that’s to be expected from one who enthusiastically supports the “Slut Walk.”

P.S.: Why is Amber still in the U.S.? She, along with a bunch of other Hollyweird hypocrites, said she’d leave the U.S. if Trump was elected.

From NY Post: Amber Rose flashed her naked crotch in her most shocking Instagram picture ever today. The 33-year-old model decided to post a picture reclining on a wooden staircase in a black triangle bikini top and diamond choker.

But no one was looking at her breasts or jewellery as Amber had opted to go without any knickers, showing off her unshaven private parts for everyone to see.

Amber covered her eyes with a pair of large square sunglasses and lay on a black furry coat, while her skin shone with body oil.

The explicit picture was removed by Instagram within two hours, leading Amber to post a video of herself rolling her eyes. She captioned it: “When IG deletes ur fire a** feminist post but you really don’t give a f*** because everyone picked it up already”.

Despite Amber’s career being built on her risque outfits and endlessly flashing the flesh, her fans were still shocked by her latest antics, especially as her four-year-old son Sebastian could one day discover the image.

One wrote: “Feel sorry for her son!” while another said: “Her son will see this one day!”

However Amber has been far from apologetic about her pictures in the past, hitting back at her critics last month. She wrote: “RAISE YOUR OWN KIDS!!! Stop looking for famous people to influence your children. I am not a role model to ur kids. I would never have my kid (even as a teenager) follow a 33-year-old grown woman on social media.”

Also last month, Amber showed off her incredible cleavage while testing out “magic” strapless and backless bras on Instagram. The star practically busted out of the tiny wardrobe contraption in her video, which put her alluring poses on display as well as her incredible curves.

Amber looked seductively at the camera in her video as she undressed and adjusted her giant breasts. She captioned her video: “we might be a lil NSFW, but I’m not at work am I?

“Girls night just got even hotter, and you rosebuds can join.”


16 responses to “Instagram can’t handle Amber Rose’s racy ‘feminist post’

  1. Amber Rose, fake name (she was born Amber Levonchuck) and fake feminist.

    The real feminists who fought so hard for women’s right to vote must be spinning in their graves at women like Levonchuck who use “feminism” to justify their tasteless narcissistic exhibitionism.

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  2. It’s all about celebrity and ad-clicks. Otherwise these people would actually have to get jobs and lead responsible lives. Meanwhile they are destroying femininity and leading young girls to ruin.

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    • Paul . . . I think you have really hit on something . . . “Meanwhile they are destroying femininity and leading young women to ruin.” It is easy to see why many times . . . “less is more!” Less nudity, less vulgarity is actually far and away more enticing, more beautiful, than just lettin’ it all hang out!

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      • I agree, Auntie Lulu. I’m as red blooded as anyone, but I cannot stand, for instance, the beauty contests any more. They are nothing less than soft porn. At my stage of life I have really seen that sensuality really dehumanizes others by turning them into objects. If we indulge, we lose the ability to relate to people in loving, genuine and healthy ways. And that is precisely where we are as a society. The garbage we see being acted out in the streets had its beginnings in the breakdown of the family, which in turn stems from rejecting God’s word. Women like this Amber Rose act like Democrats – they seek their own aggrandizement at the expense of the common good.

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  3. Disgusting pic. What happen to modesty?

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    • Decency, morals, respect for oneself, promiscuity. It was so nice the way we were brought up, and none questioned our parents. I cry for the coming generations and their empty existence.

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    • Alma . . . Amen to that! In my mind the greatest message of this picture is that Amber is enthralled with the look of her own nearly nude body. I see an extremely narcissistic woman, who has little common sense.

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      • Auntie Lulu, agree w/U. In my years on this planet this is the lowest I have seen a woman descend. Doesn’t she have a bit of love for herself?

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        • By the way, lets give her time and see if anyone dares publish a BEFORE/AFTER pic . hahaha!!!

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          • Alma . . . when and if a Before/After picture presents itself . . . that’s when the “rubber really meets the road.” Yes she has a good looking body today at the age of 33 . . . just wait a few decades. I doubt that she will be quite so eager to flaunt it all. It truly is a affront to her Creator to cavort around like this . . . regardless of how impressed she is with her body.

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  5. I’m happy to say that I don’t even know who she is or what she does. Where’s her hair?

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  6. very sad….another brainwashed lost soul searching for affirrmation from other brainwashed lost souls on instagram…the blind leading the blind off the cliff to hell.
    she has “hollywood” tattooed on her arm…explains a lot.

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  7. Some people are so starved for attention it seems they’ll do ANYTHING to get it. But the thing is that they attract more flies than anything else.

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