57 y.o. mentally-ill woman sentenced to 5 mos. for Sandy Hook death threats & belief in conspiracy theories

James Tracy, a former tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University, received many vicious death threats for simply exercising his First Amendment right of free speech on Sandy Hook. (See “Hate mail, death threats sent to Prof. James Tracy for being a Sandy Hook skeptic“)

Not only was nothing done about the death threats Dr. Tracy received to both himself and his young children, FAU saw fit to fire this tenured professor for a trivial administrative reason — that of not filing a piece of paperwork in a timely manner.

Contrast Tracy to the case of Lucy Richards, a 57-year-old mentally-ill, wheelchair-bound woman. Two days ago in Florida, Richards was sentenced to 5 months in prison for issuing death threats by voice- and e-mail to Lenny Pozner, father of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah.

Even more troubling is that in sentencing Lucy Richards, U.S. District Judge James I. Cohn, a George W. Bush nominee, pronounced that “no one should cite a conspiracy theory or belief in a hoax in the deaths of 20 children and six adults that occurred at the school,” thereby implicitly criminalizing belief in conspiracy theories.

As if the U.S. government had not been proven to engage in conspiracies again and again. (See Nixon’s Watergate and the Kennedy Administration’s stunning Operation Northwoods as examples.)

Professor James Fetzer received a phone call that Richards had attempted to commit suicide. See his post “CBS NEWS: Woman who threatened parent of Sandy Hook victim sent to jail“.

See also “Sandy Hook hoax: 6 signs that school was closed before massacre“.

By the way, did you know that it was the CIA who, in 1967, coined the term “conspiracy theories” and recommended its use to the media for the express purpose to discredit speculations about the Kennedy assassination? (ZeroHedge)

Cinderella's Broom

A study in contrasts.

In June 2016, three boys, all Muslim migrants,  rape a developmentally disabled five-year-old girl, Jayla Peterson, in Twin Falls, Idaho. The oldest boy films the entire incident.

Months later, it’s as if an actual rape had never happened. The boys are found guilty not of rape, but of lewd sexual conduct. And the proceedings, which were said to involve five hours of commiserating with the boys’ “post-traumatic stress disorder,” are kept secret.

After the sentencing, also kept secret, the judge forbids the family to talk about why they are grievously unhappy with his decision, threatening to jail them if they do. They are treated as if they are the criminals.

Jayla Peterson’s  emotional turmoil is a footnote; not even that, it is as if she never suffered, never experienced pain, will not be changed forever by the terror and humiliation she was forced to endure by…

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11 responses to “57 y.o. mentally-ill woman sentenced to 5 mos. for Sandy Hook death threats & belief in conspiracy theories

  1. We’ve been on a very well-worn path to corporate fascism for decades –General Smedley Butler would be sentenced to life in solitay today!– so we shouldn’t be surprised. There are important resistance efforts, but they’re usually squashed very early on. The Bottom’s nearly here, most of us may live to be in it, how we deal with it will be the main issue.

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  2. Professor Jordan Peterson at Ryerson Univ.
    If you don’t have time to watch the 90 minute video, go to his youtube channel and pick and choose from a lengthy list of videos.

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  3. All you need to watch on sandy hoax is this;

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    • Thanks for this. How any ‘average’ 100 IQ person can claim that this set-up is anything but false after seeing such proof as this video is beyond me, but P T Barnum may have been correct: a greater fool is born every minute.

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      • I had a lib I’d pointed this vid out to tell me it’s common for parents to laugh and smile and make jokes the day their child is executed along with dozens of classmates.


  4. Hey James I. Cohn, show us all of the documents that Connecticut is hiding, publicly exhume all of the graves and perform DNA tests on the remains, and subpoena all of the media corporations to release all raw footage, as well as all of the police dash cam videos. Without full disclosure and corroboration of the actual evidence, then you cannot say anyone was shot and killed in Sandy Hook in 2012.

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  5. Looks like Ms.Richards isn’t the one that should be behind bars.

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  6. Miss Richards should do time for issuing the death threats, but what she wants to believe is up to her. As for the judge….
    Something really is rotten in the State of Connecticut, and it’s not the nutmeg.

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  7. I don’t have to say that there is no explicit or implicit requirement for citizens to “believe” the media. Likewise, it does not imply insanity to call “hoax” on obvious lies in the “news”.

    I think most of us know what is wrong with these people’s logic. They have only to wait us out. Soon us geezers will be gone and all that will remain will have been carefully cultivated to accept this drivel.

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  8. The ‘citing a conspiracy theory’ statement from the judge is very arbitrary and has no clear definition outside of the Sandy Hook incident. ‘It’s against the law to threaten to kill someone because of a conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook’??? In case this becomes a common motive?
    Just don’t cite a theory about it and there is no problem. In court, just go with ‘she’s crazy’, and no explanations. What kind of defense is this woman getting?

    What exactly were the death threats from this woman? I have not read the real story anywhere, if there is actually a real story…. I must have missed the details.

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    • I suspect the judge is trying to pass along the idea if one is not inclined to believe the official narrative the court will be employed against them, justified or not.


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