NY insurers want double-digit hikes for ObamaCare policies

O laughs

Surprise, surprise!

From NY Post: New York health insurers requested double-digit increases as high as 47 percent for ObamaCare policies next year as the debate rages in Washington on how to overhaul the law.

The average proposed increase for individual policies for 2018 is 16.6 percent, the state Department of Financial Services said in a report released late Wednesday.

But some consumers would get whacked with much higher increases, if approved by Albany.

HealthNow New York is seeking a 47 percent boost in premiums, United Healthcare of New York a 38 percent hike, and Care Connect wants 30 percent more. Emblem Health/HIP has filed for a 25 percent hike and Healthfirst PHSOP 22 percent.

MetroPlus, the health insurer run by New York City’s municipal health system, Health+Hospitals, has proposed a more modest 7.9 percent increase.

“MetroPlus has made every effort to keep its rates affordable for 2018. We believe that affordable rates combined with a strong network of high quality providers and caring service make MetroPlus a clear choice for New Yorkers,” the company said in a statement.

For the small group market, insurers requested an average increase of 11.5 percent.

Last year, insurers sought an average 19.3 percent increase and the state approved 16.6 percent. DFS will decide the 2018 rates following a 30-day public comment period.


11 responses to “NY insurers want double-digit hikes for ObamaCare policies

  1. But but, didn’t Obama promise us that our medical insurance premiums would actually go DOWN with ObamaCare?

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    • Biggest LIE Evah! My insurance premiums went up 80% this year. Hope and change…


      • DCG . . . I am sickened and disgusted to learn that your premiums have almost doubled in ONE YEAR, How many real people can sustain these kinds of increases year after year? If we just didn’t have so many liberal thumb suckin’ folks on the dole . . . perhaps they could see the wisdom of doing a different deal! But since they are not being gouged, they could care less.

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        • And to top it off, I have a $6,000/yr deductible. Nothing is covered. Costs $112 just to walk through the doctor’s office door. And just had my women’s checkup – nada was covered (labs, mammogram, etc.). Argh…


  2. Well THIS is no surprise,since the ACA is,and has repeatedly been proven since its very start,UNSUSTAINABLE. Why do Liberals not GET that?

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    • Look what CA is trying to do with SB 562 (“Healthy Californians” my hat!). What a nightmare. “Healthcare, free for all,” they say, and they include illegals in “all”. I’ve emailed all my representatives for all the good that’ll do.

      Skyrocketing rates, and people in pain can’t get opioid pain relief. Heaven help you if you actually NEED it.

      What a world we live in: I can find a doctor to scrape out an unwanted baby, help me kill myself upon request, give me hormones to make me look like a man, or remove perfectly healthy breasts…but if I’m in chronic pain, I can’t get Vicodin. Makes perfect sense.

      Yeah, MORE government intervention, THAT’S what we need. Grrrrr…

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  3. I’m more than ok with every 0bama/killary/Bernie supporter being taxed up to 99 percent for any reason, not just to finance 0bamneycare. I mean, they should be grateful for the opportunity to pay for someone less fortunate to receive that eternal human right known as healthcare. Spread the wealth!


  4. I’m watching Sid Roth now on Daystar


  5. A major part of the AHCA scheme is to be able to track and trace your every medical move and to make you pay through the nose for it. Everything you purchase, everything you use is to be tracked, traced and cataloged. You are a unit of energy. The Department of Defense and the Department of Energy work hand in glove. The minute you are no longer a “producer” but only a “consumer” – in other words, you consume more than you produce, no matter whether you are old or young, you become useless.

    Rick Perry (former Gov. of TX, and current Secy. of the Dept of Energy), Creepy Uncle Joe Biden, and the Department of Defense, and IBM Research and Cognitive Solutions, (Watson) are involved with the big data machine learning project—so I’m sure we can all rest easy at night.

    For the ‘end game’, think Twilight Zone, “The Obsolete Man”.


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