Hollyweird hypocrites make a “glamorous” stand against gun violence at gala

hollywood hypocrites

Apparently guns are only cool when used in make believe Hollyweird acting gigs.

From Daily Mail: They are using their fame to raise awareness of gun violence. Kristen Stewart, Chelsea Handler and January Jones all turned up at the Brady Center’s Bear Awards Gala at NeueHouse Hollywood on Wednesday to support its fight to end the tragic deaths.

Kristen, 27, was co-chair of the starry event that honored the 42-year-old comedienne for speaking out against the issue, while Chelsea’s friend January, 39, presented the award.

The Twilight star showed off her slender figure in a black crop top that gave a glimpse of her tummy paired with an elegant white, tea length skirt with a colorful flower pattern and a ruched pink netting overlay. And the beautiful blonde posed happily with January and Chelsea.

The comedienne, dressed in a shimmering gold strapless dress, was typically frank in her acceptance speech, telling the audience to get over their ‘f*****g fatigue’ about shooting deaths and take responsibility, according to People.

‘I’m not married, I don’t have kids, because I’m smart, I don’t owe anybody anything,’ she joked.  ‘Finally I’m at a place in my life where I can stop bitching and moaning for myself and I can start bitching and moaning for other people. I feel really good about that, I do.’ 

And she added: ‘I don’t ever want to look back at this time and think, “Why the f**k was I sitting there on my bed? Why didn’t I do anything?” ‘

January, best known for her role in Mad Men, donned a red satin dress emblazoned with white stars with a black, statement necklace and matching black shoes.

Kristen explained that one of the reasons she had joined up with the Brady Center was because she wanted to ‘shatter the idea that it’s cool [for children] to play with toy guns.’

‘Little kids grow up thinking that’s going to protect and empower them,’ she added.

The Bear Awards are given in memory of Jim ‘Bear’ Brady to honor those who carry on his legacy in the fight against gun violence. He was in President Ronald Reagan’s administration and was disabled from a gunshot wound during the attempted assassination of Reagan in 1981. He devoted the rest of his life to gun control advocacy, before his death in August 2014 age 73.


16 responses to “Hollyweird hypocrites make a “glamorous” stand against gun violence at gala


    From the Commonwealth of Virginia:

    Yesterday, federal prosecutors filed charges against Andrew Spieles, a political operative who attempted to register 18 dead voters in Harrisonburg. Spieles used real names and addresses from walksheets, but then falsified the birthdays. He was only caught because a deputy registrar recognized one of the names. Spieles signed his plea agreement on May 22 — you can see the TV report here.

    This case follows the Alexandria case where a canvasser for a Democratic-aligned group pled guilty to 2 counts of forging a public document and 1 count of election fraud.

    Want more evidence? A recent election audit in North Carolina found 508 unlawful votes in 2016, including felons, noncitizens, and voters who voted twice.

    Each conviction and audit demonstrates that voter fraud does occur and undermines our elections. Over the last four years, the General Assembly has passed numerous bills to support honest elections, but they were vetoed by Governor McAuliffe. (These included my bill to help registrars identify voters who are registered in multiple states.) We will surely carry on the fight next year

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  2. Call these actresses on their hypocrisy. Here are their respective Twitter accounts:


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  3. Hypocrisy in the extreme. The Daily Mail seems more interested in what these three self-absorbed witches are wearing than the fact that they want to disarm the average citizens and leave them defenseless. Not one of those three women are anywhere close to being attractive, and their clothes look like they shopped at the local five and dime.I

    I’ve decided to start a group to bring awareness to Hollywood hypocrits who like to wave guns around on the big screen and have personal bodyguards to protect them, while trying to shame people who believe in the second amendment. We will hand out awards and honor each other in order to make ourselves feel important. Also, in case it matters, I’m wearing a sleeveless pink nightgown, underwear, and no shoes. 🐥 Happy Friday everyone!

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  4. Humbly, here is how I would state that:

    “Apparently guns are only cool when used in lucrative, career-enhancing Hollywood acting gigs.”

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  5. If they are so anti-gun , why do they need armed body guards ?
    If they are worried about their own safety , have the nads to carry yourself .

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  6. “Little kids grow up thinking that’s going to protect and empower them,’ she added.”
    Okay-so what WILL protect and empower them? Lace underwear?

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  8. Privately owned firearms represent independence from goobermint.

    Commie-libs hate that.

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  9. A public forum hosted by a misinformed egomaniacal ignoramus is as deadly as any gun. Celebrities should stick to what they know best….rehab and spreading venereal diseases.

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