Choose Your Revolution

Choose Your Revolution: 1776 vs 1917

The election of Donald Trump has torn the mask off our real enemies

June 8, 2017: Former FBI Director James Comey was going to put the nail in President Trump’s coffin. Unexpectedly, divine justice caused Comey’s testimony to undermine the charge of “obstruction of justice” against Trump, and bring it even more powerfully against Bill and Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

But relief for the American people isn’t yet gained, due to the will of CNN and other Fake News media. The “5th Estate” as the Fake News likes to call itself is now spinning lies at a pace that would embarrass even George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.”

And it’s not just CNN. It’s the deep state, non-elected career employees embedded throughout our government, who share the monolithic ideology of the Left. And it’s also embedded Leftists in academia, responsible for the riots on many campuses. It’s Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, twin Marxist children of George Soros.

And there is without question a “Neo-Bolshevik” movement coming into view in America, driven by the same demonic principality that murdered countless millions in the 20th century in Europe, Asia and Latin America. It’s being facilitated by the false narratives of people like Bernie Sanders, the Clintons and Obamas, and money form the likes of George Soros and other puppeteers of the New World Order.

We won an election and now may need to defeat a revolution

There is much planning afoot to cause riots and bloodshed in our cities in the summer of 2017 and beyond. It will be falsely reported of course on by CNN and others as the voice of the people. Plus, there is the invading army of military aged men from radical islamic countries. And as much as radical islamists seem to be odd bedfellows with campus Leftists, there seems to be a growing sense of common cause. The unseen hands of the globalists have left fingerprints all over this situation.

If revolution is comes we must decide how it ends 

In 1776 there was a revolution in America that gave birth to a nation with noble ideals, undergirded by faith in the God of the Bible. Although its history has been both good and bad, America has largely been good for the world. And it is in truth Freedom’s last safe place on Earth. If America falls, who will stand up? Europe? (sarc)

In 1917 there was a revolution in Russia claiming noble ideals, but driven not by ethnic Russians but by atheistic Jews from neighboring countries. Like a howling tornado of demons, the Bolsheviks decimated ethnic Russians, the Christian Church and religious Jews of Russia, committing genocides so severe that they became a playbook for Adolph Hitler, and duplicating their atrocities in China, Cuba and Cambodia. The current working model of the 1917 revolution is the once beautiful country of Venezuela, which has descended into bloodshed and famine.

In October 2017, we will arrive at the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. If we think this is insignificant, we are fooling ourselves. 

I am not calling for revolution, but if one comes this year, it will be of the 1917 variety.  And if this happens we must meet it head on, with all our might and courage and willingness to sacrifice. And we must do it in the spirit of  1776.

Fight like a Christian.

“Let courage rise with danger,
and strength to strength oppose”
– Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus 

PS: In pointing out the fact of the atheistic jews who did so much harm to the Russian people in the 1917 Bolshevick revolution, pretending to be the “voice of the people,” I am not speaking against the many noble jews I know personally. Rather, I am speaking of the “Synagog of Satan.” The difference is critical.

“I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.”
– Revelation 3:9

Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul) was himself of the “Synagog of Satan” until the true Jewish Messiah, the resurrected Jesus encountered him on the road to Damascus. Paul was as cruel to the sect called “Christians” in his days as the ISIS terrorists we see today. But when he saw the truth and repented, he became one of the greatest apostles.

I thank God for the jews of noble character it has been my pleasure to know. Instead, I am speaking of the people I have also known who are constantly harming any society they are a part of. Think of Saul Alinsky.

~ TD


23 responses to “Choose Your Revolution

  1. Do you believe the deep state is surprised by Comey’s testimony? Do you really think that his testimony was not completely scripted?
    Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. At least that’s the way I see it.


  2. There is no doubt that Comey came off looking like the thug that he is. He sided with the Dems no matter what criminal activity they wandered into, yet defended Killary, and refused to prosecute. You spoke true words when you indicated that “divine justice” played a part in unmasking Comey for the criminal that he is. I have no doubt that summer which will be shortly upon us will rack eve those with the steadiest of nerves. It is high time to continue sending our prayers Heavenward that divine intervention on the part of the righteous people in this nation will continue to rein.

    God Bless the United States of America, and Our President, Donald J Trump.

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    • traildustfotm

      Amen, Auntie Lulu. Our prayers are the key. Whenever I read Psalm 31 and come to the psalmist’s lament that his enemies are plotting to kill him, I pray for the safety of President Trump, his loved ones, and his inner circle.

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  3. Good article Traildust, but not everyone has the same assessment of Comey’s testimony. The people in this country are split and living in two alternate universes. I might venture the Dems are living in a Neptune like world known in astrological terms as an archetype for illusion and delusion, but just because they are delusional does not make them any less dangerous, in fact that delusion makes them even more so. I got on to my reps website last night and was shocked to read this:

    “Under oath and with America watching, Director Comey was delivered an honest, credible, and rational explanation of the unprecedented nine private interactions he had with President Trump. He built a strong case for possible collusion, and clearly exposed that the President lied about the motives behind his firing. He also confirmed that Russia launched a ‘massive effort’ to interfere with the United States election and advised ‘they’ll be back.’ We are at a critical point in history in which Congress has a moral authority to thoroughly investigate and get to the truth to both protect the American people and our Constitution,” said Congressman ———–.

    I wanted to vomit. Can anyone guess that my congressrat is a Dem?

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  5. I believe the Obama administration put the wheels in motion on most of the uprisings we have witnessed so far this year. It’s all been funded by the globalists who have way too much to hide to let anyone undo their massive spider web. The Obama administration was perfect for them, and they were willing to do the bidding of the globalists, no matter how evil or twisted their bidding was. Obama may have dropped out of sight for the moment, but the cronies working behind the scenes are still at it. And not all of them are Democrats.

    If things continue as they have, especially with the black people behaving as they have been, I believe there will be a civil war before too long. And they are going to find out the hard way what happens when the patriots, the hardworking, family men and women of this country get fed up with this nonsense. The blacks may have their thugs, but they will be no match for the disciplined and vigilant former military men, construction workers, farmers and ranchers, and just plain old good ole boys that have been shooting since they were old enough to hold a gun and go duck hunting with daddy. Where I live, everyone has guns! And I know that’s true for much of this country, whether the gun grabbers like it or not.

    The one thing that bothers me though, is the fact that during the Obama years, the government was furiously stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and I still wonder what that was all about. Were they arming an army to fight a war with us? Where are all those supplies now?

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    • traildustfotm

      Excellent question about the gun and ammo purchase by Obama’s government. How can we not wonder if the guns are for the invading islamists?


  6. We have to clear up a common misunderstanding about our Founding Fathers. Many politicians (e.g., Sarah Palin) are enamored of saying they were Christians. Yes, some of them were Christians (none, to my knowledge, were Roman Catholics—and that makes all the difference in the world). But many of the Founders were Freemasons. This is an established and conveniently overlooked historical FACT. And this, too, makes all the difference in the world, for Freemasonry, which will accept Christians (and now even Catholics and Catholic Popes and Cardinals!), while it goes about its own Anti-Christ agenda.

    Yes, I absolutely agree that we must choose the 1776 model. But we must also look at other historical facts and demographic trends. Lenin and his cohorts were Freemasons, also. Freemasonry grew out of the Illuminati, and the directions the Masons took in America were qualitatively different from those taken in Europe.
    But interesting—and devastating—demographic and sociological changes have been happening, both here and in Europe. Liberals have moved and populated states and areas in America where they were not living 40 to 60 years ago. (They’ve devastated Vermont, Florida and Pennsylvania, as examples). So it’s no wonder the quality of our elected officials have gone down the tubes since Nixon was President!
    But something else has been going on, also, and this one’s the clincher: America’s demographics have been qualitatively changing: Whites are in decline, and “minorities” are on the demographic ascendancy. This is not bigotry; It is fact.
    And as a nation’s or a culture’s demographics change beyond a certain point, the past is simply, NOT RECOVERABLE. (I blame contraception and abortion as the ENEMY # 1 to be blamed for this). So immigration may solve our NUMBERS problem, but it can only AGGRAVATE our philosophical problem. For immigrants coming to the United States now Simply. Don’t. Care. They could not care less about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, or even Bill Clinton, at this point: They want economic opportunity.
    Given these things, and the fact that as a population changes, demographic change gives way to political change (and no politician can stop that Tide) means, simply and terribly, that the old America we remember is gone FOREVER. Yes, I insist on 1776, as do many of us. It may be that even Donald Trump insists upon it also—I certainly hope he does.

    But sometime around 2030 to 2040, the Muslim population of the world will DOUBLE. The white population of the world will DECLINE, by some estimates by 10%, by others, even more. So we need to define what we believe in, “codify” it to the best of our ability (in other words, write it down), and disseminate it over the internet and other media to the best of our ability.
    I very much fear that we have entered Those Times that the Book of Revelation says must happen. I believe the Anti-Christ of Revelation is alive NOW. I believe the Great Tribulation has begun: Look at the wholesale genocidal slaughter of Christians in the Middle East—which the second Bush Administration mid-wifed through its mentally poisoned foreign policy.
    In other words, we’re in that “Caine Mutiny” in which the ship actually SINKS.

    The world is going to enter a period of rapid and radical qualitative change, and I’m very pessimistic about it. (I believe the population of the world, which has more than doubled in my lifetime, will actually be cut by more than half by war. I really think things are that bad.)
    Oh for 1776! But we must remember that Freemasonry is an Anti-Christ system.

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    • Good points all, Steven. Freemasonry is an awful threat. And the layout of Washington DC is like a Freemason’s wet dream. It makes me want to puke.

      On the subject of no Catholic founders, I discovered to my surprise when researching Maryland for a historic illustration in 1995, that it was a Roman Catholic colony, a real anomaly. Bishop John Carroll may have been considered a founding father, although I’m not sure.

      And on the rising demographic tide, I know that neither of us are troubled by the skin color of the majority. We “white” Americans were totally suckered by the lies we were indoctrinated into. Remember that popular book, “The Population Bomb,” by Paul Ehrlich? That was practically forced on us like the Apostles’ Creed when we were in college. What we are concerned with is concepts, ideals and prevailing world views. And on that point may our prayers and communications be effective and powerful.


  7. I think I’m more inclined to believe that all of this, including the “election” of Trump, is part of the same script. Individually I think we must learn to unhook from this. Treating it as though its a Chinese menu with no substitutions is not the answer. If empowers those controlling the script to define our choices.

    I don’t want any part of what they’re selling. I don’t have to “choose” between Frick and Frack. It is impossible to live an honest life within their constructs. These creatures are users and manipulators. They are totally unnecessary.

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  8. Mark Taylor prophesied the election of Trump five years before it happened, in amazing detail. He said immediately after the election that it would be a very rough ride for a number of months. Then he added that civil unrest would possibly break out ~when the arrests started~. According to that, we should expect that Trump will once again be true to his word and his promises, and drain the swamp by bringing the evildoers to justice.

    This means that the evil opposition, such as the Clintons and much of the Democrat party elite, know they are in a battle for survival itself, and will do anything, including further destroying the nation, to avoid that eventuality. But hang on in faith, because they will not succeed. Many big names are going to go to prison. My prayer is that this difficult, painful purge acts to remove deeply institutionalized evil from our midst, and reverse decades of tragic decline and destruction.

    Keep praying for Trump, for wisdom and protection, as well as courage. There is no one else who could do what he is called to do for the nation. The Lord knows exactly what He is doing, and just as He promised, has not abandoned us. But let us be faithful as this unfolds.


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  9. I prefer this one– better motives and ended better.

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  10. Dr. Jordan Peterson at Harvard speaking on post modernism and “leftist” intellectuals. (12 min. video)

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